1. Because she cheated on him, but don't worry she still wants to tell you about what it means to be a strong christian family.

  2. The man must be a saint!!! Sticking with your wife when you watch her growing deranged and then growing into a combination of deranged and hostile ... that's devotion and commitment to family values. And an impossible feat. The divorce was inevitable.

  3. It would be very nice of him to come out before midterms with some receipts. Pictures, texts, photos, videos. I’m sure it wouldn’t be enough for her hypocritical Maga Christian nationals to not vote for her but it sure would be nice to get her the hell out of office.

  4. I actually feel kind of bad for her. It must be terribly frustrating to live right on the edge of sentience and yet never really experiencing it.

  5. Dumb bitch had the nerve to ask people to “respect her privacy during this difficult time” after she heckled shooting survivors.

  6. Is this one of those strategic divorces where he wins all the assets in a windfall conveniently before she gets sued out the wazoo?

  7. I'm sure he's as big of Trumper as she is. I'm thinking he be wanting to tap some strange now that they got some dough.

  8. Could be a move to split assets. When all is said and done she could go down hard for Jan 6. She already cheated on him and he stayed, what changed now?

  9. I won’t shame her for getting divorced, half of mariages end up in divorce. I will shame her for requesting the privacy she denies everybody else, including school shooting victims.

  10. A frequent contributor on Twitter asked the question : "Now that she is free, what would you rather do then marry MTG ?" My answer was "Eat Draino". That rather reasonable response got me suspended for 1 day...they claimed I was encouraging suicide. go figger...

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