1. There's not a single band that is worth overpaying thousands to a greedy monopoly. There's nothing cute or funny about it. Give us normal priced concerts again instead.

  2. Agree. The problem now is the model has been flipped. In the day of reasonable ticket prices, bands made most of their money from album sales, and tours were done to promote the album. Once you could buy a single song for .99 from iTunes or pay an artist a fraction of a penny for a stream, album sales stopped being the primary source of income. Now artists make most of their money from tours and merch so concerts just aren't subsidized by labels any longer unfortunately. And the monopoly that has the majority of venues locked into contracts is also a huge part of the problem as you note.

  3. Exactly. If I was a millionaire? Sure. I’d maybe drop 10k on a show. But as a low thousandaire? Heeelllllll no. I need to get my muffler fixed.

  4. Id go back to the first show i went to. March of 96’ Omaha, NE. I had never heard TOOL before and was basically dragged there by a friend. That show changed my life. I wish i would have known then how important this band and this music would be in my life. 3’ from the stage… Maynard painted BLUE. Life changing night!

  5. That's funny, my first Tool show was Aug 2009 in Kingston ON, I'm from the states and went to visit some extended family for a week before I started college. Knew we were all getting tickets to a Tool show and thought "oh that's the band my older brother has a sticker of on his jeep, so I'll probably like the show". Tried to listen to some of their stuff before the trip and nothing really grabbed me. Figured I usually like live versions of songs more than studio so maybe I'll like the show. I was so goddamn bored the entire show. Mostly because I didn't know the music/ lyrics, and it felt like they just had extended, droning jam sessions (which were just the songs being played haha). Couldn't wait for the concert to be over and get back to where we were staying cause I was tired. Fast forward 3 weeks and I decided to give them one last chance, listened to Hooker With a Penis cause I thought the name was strange and intriguing, then listened to Vicarious and I was hooked immediately, became my favorite band of all time where they've sat now for over 12 years. Wouldn't pay $10k to go back to that show, but wish I could appreciate it more now that I "get" Tool.

  6. Yeah, asking price and actual purchase are two different things. The Swifties are mad though and calling for the breakup of Ticketmaster. Short of Elon buying it, they may be our best hope to break the TM/Stubhub model.

  7. I saw them in Hamilton in August 2002. Bought my ticket (general admission) the morning of for $70 and was in the front row for the whole show 😊

  8. Saw the back to back shows in Berkeley CA that tour. Paid about $250 total 😎. Otherworldly...

  9. No. Well maybe. If it was a trip I was already doing and the concert was something I'd do while there, then maybe. e.g. Traveling to Europe and taking in a Tool concert somewhere interesting. But I wouldn't spend 10k on any concert. Hell, I saw Elton John last weekend and bought nosebleed tickets for < $100. Luckily was able to join some friends in the $300 seats midway thru the concert.

  10. I want to see the show where Justin mimed like he was playing and Paul played for real backstage and no one knew until later. It was an aenima song he helped write.

  11. Man. I love Tool. And I love music. Deeply. But I don’t think there’s a concert on Earth I’d pay $10,000 - $20,000 for. I could buy a car for that. Or go on an absolutely kick ass vacation out of country. Also on the Taylor Swift note, you’d have to pay ME to go to one of her shows lmao.

  12. Eh, I'm no Swifty, or enjoy any single one of her songs, but I'd go on a free ticket. I bet she's hired some amazing stage producers for her shows and at they very least would probably be visually interesting.

  13. I’d go back to the first time I saw them for sure. Early undertow era was unmatched. Yes todays shows are absolutely incredible but the things Maynard did, the sheer energy that came out of that guy can never be duplicated. To go back nearly 30 years to see that again, up close and personal…yeah I’d drop 10k on that.

  14. Similar here. I had an epic night hanging out with one band member in particular after the show too. Having said that, I’d pay a lot of money to repeat the experience and record some of it so I’d never forget, because smart phones weren’t a thing back then.

  15. Not to say I'd pay that much. But the Tool show in Panama City I went to in 2006 that had ISIS open for them was fucking fantastic. Simpler times.

  16. Lolla 93 when PEAK Alice in Chains was there, and Layne did Opiate with Tool. I can see my favourite band (AIC) and Tool (top 5) the same day that way. Easily spend $10k on that

  17. I would pay that amount to go back and switch places with the guy from Hooker with a penis. So I could tell Maynard I thought he was selling out. Then be immortalized in a song.

  18. I’d go back to the first show my older brother went to so that I could go with him, unfortunately it was an 18+ show and I was only 16. I would give a lot to experience them in concert for the first time with my brother.

  19. Ive paid a grand for a single ticket on a few different occasions to see Tool front row. Thats my limit tho. Wont pay that all the time but a couple times a tour i like to buy good seats

  20. JC Dobbs 1992 in Philadelphia. I was 11 at the time and still into Def Leppard so I missed that one but would love to have seen in. A few buddies of mine went and im jealous.

  21. 12/10/2007… Nokia theater LA. One of the last of the 10k days tour.. Had dead center behind the sound board.. Rosetta-flood-WFM/10K days-Lateralus consecutive = My best hour of concert in my life. It was expensive, as I flew from NYC to see that show- but no where near 10k… Besides that, I wish I could have caught that last lateralus show……… But only if money wasn’t an issue.

  22. I’d go to Red Rocks 2023 and see the Fear Inoculum Tour where they also film the show for Blu-ray 8k and give all attendees a copy. It’s the show where they encore with Pushit into 7empest.

  23. Red Rocks. Can't believe I didn't go to that show, can't remember why but whatever it was, not a good enough reason.

  24. Yup I would pay 10k to go back in time to re-see the show they played in Memphis that tour right before they got yuuge

  25. Tool has never been better than now. Dont worry about the time machine. Buy VIP through Tool Army. It's good advice. Give that $ to the band - you'll get some cool swag and a seat up front. Start saving now for the next tour.

  26. Nope, paid $100 to see them at The Tower Theatre in Upper Darby PA for the 10’000 days tour. Already won the lottery.

  27. No band is worth that much for idc if you stuck me on the stage and let me hang out with the band all day I still wouldn't pay that much

  28. I’ve spent that to go to carious tool shows, with flights, hotel, and a week of eating and drinking There. But fuck paying more than a few hundred for a ticket to a concert.

  29. No but I'd spend $100 or more for a 3 hour, pro-shot, live PPV stream. You think Maynard's voice could hold up for three hours? I'd be totally content watching them do an hour of instrumentals so Maynard can save his voice for the other two hours. C'mon, seriously, how sick would a 2 or 3 hour TV special be?

  30. Using the loopring protocol any band can make NFTs from thier tickets and sell them directly to the buyer from the bands wallet. I assume Ticketmaster will be done in 10 years or less because why in the fuck would people use this service if it wasnt the easiest way.

  31. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to spend that much, but I would be tempted if they played Lateralus in the Holy Gift order.

  32. Not at all. It was really to start the conversation around moments people would like to have experienced in Tool's history with a topical ticket price as a barometer for the value proposition.

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