1. The racist motherfucker chose Buffalo because that was the closest city with the highest concentration of black people.

  2. Local Binghamtonian here. Activists around the community are holding a vigil soon for Buffalo. With a large asian college student population and a large black population in general its undeniable that if Gendron didn't have the money for gas, one of our local markets would've been the site of this atrocity

  3. Binghamton is filled with too many upper middle class white kids for it to be a target for anyone other than an overripened school shooter.

  4. Crowder says this as the “good guy with a gun” was unfortunately killed in the process, and more people still died. He’s a disgusting human being

  5. Here the good guy with the gun couldn't stop the bad guy with the gun and for killed. In another instance the good guy with the gun was too scared to shoot. And in another instance the good guy with the gun was killed by the police.

  6. I agree that not having guns would solve the issue, but at this point we are so saturated with guns there is not really any point,

  7. Yeah that's a good point, I have to admit I'm biased too because I was in a shooting recently too and I was never a huge gun in the first place

  8. The guy literally killed a trained man with a gun because handgun bullets bounced off his body armor. Facts never get in the way of right wing talking points, it’s why they have to find morons like Crowder to repeat them.

  9. Unlike that loser cop I play Call of Duty and EAT liberals for dinner. I would have destroyed that shooter with one hand behind my back. Don't fuck with this angry old man.

  10. Strongly agree. And with how interlinked cops are with the far right, I don't want to discuss gun control until the police have been reformed and demilitarized, and white nationalist terrorist groups have been rooted out. Until those conditions are met, I'm staying as armed as I can.

  11. this shouldn't even be fucking needed. you shouldn't need weapons to protect yourself from hate crimes. the state of america is so fucking infuriating.

  12. The United States has more registered firearms than people. Disarming the entire populace is not a viable solution, and is logistically impossible.

  13. I think that there is no overnight solution. The situation is dire, but good policies and an effort to change culture could theoretically resolve the issue. Do I think it will be done? Hell no.

  14. I really don’t like this “take the guns away” thing from the liberal side. No fucking way am I comfortable with the police exclusively having firearms. The threat of violence from the proletariat keeps the bourgeoisie at bay at times

  15. "Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary."

  16. I wish you could edit titles because then I wouldn't have to reply to every comment saying this but yeah after reading some comments I agree. I realize taking everyone's guns isn't the solution, but stricter gun control is

  17. Bullshit. You know what law-abiding, responsible gun owners do when there's an active shooter situation? They run the other way, just like everyone else.

  18. 17 January 1989, 24 year old Patrick Purdy went to his old elementary school shot 106 rounds with an AK-47, killing 5 children died with 30 more people hospitalized. He killed himself.

  19. 90% of gun violence is committed with handguns, vs rifles of all kinds not just AR/AKs at 4-5%. Provided an AWB prevented 100% of rifle murders the impact on total murders would be too small to reliably measure.

  20. I’m about as far left as you can possibly be without being a full blown communist and I think gun rights are super important. You’re never gonna convince assholes like dog fucker here to give up their guns or even vote for come sense gun reform. When the inevitable civil war does break out do you really want these fascists to be the only ones armed to the teeth?

  21. yes leftists are for gun rights. so are most leftist groups (Marxists, communists, socialists etc). these people get leftists and liberals confused.

  22. "Gun laws" aren't why the shooter chose that specific area you racist, dog whistling piece of shit stain on the planet.

  23. More guns didn’t help the kids at Parkland High School in Florida(the armed security guard fled the building when he heard shots). More guns didn’t help the people in the Wal-Mart in El Paso either(8 other patrons in the store that day were all armed and all of them fled). Everyone talks big until the shooting starts.

  24. Mass shootings are one of, if not the rarest forms of violence, responsible for less than 1% of murders.

  25. I'm sure dog cum guzzler has some great evidence that Ricky Hitler chose as black a neighborhood as he could target because of their StRiCt GuN LaWs, and it's not just something he pulled out of his unwashed ass.

  26. Fuck those who use a tragedy for there own political gain. Fuck those using it to blame the other instead of trying to improve on the obvious problem


  28. Well, someone needs to tell Crowder that there WAS a "good guy with a gun" there, the security guard who DID shoot at this racist maniac. The maniac though had body armor on so it didn't do anything, and the guard lost his life anyway.

  29. I think there has been a few examples of this happening, but in most of the examples even when there are good guys with guns(i.e parkland high school) they run away

  30. “John Donohue, a law professor at Stanford University, was a co-author of a National Bureau of Economic Research study that examined how gun violence coincides with the ability for individuals to carry concealed weapons, known as Right To Carry (RTC) laws. The NBER study discredited the idea of the “good guy with a gun” as a possible solution to gun violence.

  31. Some of the safest states in the country have permitless carry laws. Also since 1986 more and more states have legalized constitutional carry, yet murder rates are down since 86.

  32. He is literally sponsored by a gun manufacturer. As though you needed more reason to take everything this motherfucker says about guns with a HUGE grain of salt.

  33. If we could get rid of all of them with a snap of a fingers I’d be down. But how do we make everyone get rid of their guns? Buy backs don’t work and I don’t think the good ol boys and people that don’t give a shit about laws will follow the rule.

  34. So im all for hating Crowder and anti-racism (I view it as primitive myself) Can someone give me a decent arguement on why we shouldnt be able to have guns?

  35. First of all keep in mind I'm not really versed in guns as I am not American, I only live in the US plus I'm biased as I recently was in a shooting but when I made this post I thought banning guns means no more violence because no one will need them for self defense from evil fuckers like the bufallo shooter, but now I realize it's not that simple. People will still have guns illegally and the government can't just take everyone's guns plus I understand hunting and shit is a hobby for people. After thinking about it, people should have guns just laws should be WAAY stricter, but also there's the thing about alot of school shooters getting guns from their parents who are usally innocent and didn't do anything. It's a very complicated issue

  36. Has “the left” ever actually passed any meaningful legislation around gun control after a mass shooting? The only thing in recent memory was the bump stock ban, and I can’t recall under which administration that took place 🤔

  37. Ok Crowder, the right is pushing that he did this because he played video games. I mean between the two I did read about a gun being used to commit the murders and no mention of a Tarnished to be seen anywhere.

  38. At this point alot of the like big names and faces for the right genuinely seem like troll accounts at this point.

  39. It doesn't matter how many guns are out there and how lax the guns are, there will always be soft targets. Unless they want to start mandating carrying a gun (not outside of the realm of possibility for them) there's always going to be people who just choose not to carry a weapon or who can't. I don't really know the laws in Buffalo but I can tell you from watching the video that 4 of those people almost certainly would have been shot even if they had guns. One of the people who was killed WAS armed with decades of training. Unfortunately he was completely outgunned so it didn't matter.

  40. The security guard tried to, but the shooter had body armor and it deflected so the shooter killed him. Why would a regular citizen need body armor anyway? Genuine question

  41. The armed security (good guy with a gun) got blasted because the shooter wore body armour and had a bigger gun...

  42. He thinks the shooter chose buffalo and drove 3 hours because strict gun laws? Good guys with guns protect people? Tell that to the security guard that was killed after he shot the fucker and did nothing because all the body armour. Jeezus fucking Christ fuck you crowder

  43. It wouldnt. Guy had lv4 body armor on. That would have protect him from almost all guns and even take several direct hits from a ar. He was even shot at by a officer with no effect.

  44. Not to mention there was a guard who was armed but got shot anyway because the gun man had body armor. Conservatives just ignore everything and make points that only make sense in a vacuum. So tired of trying to make sense of it and argue lol

  45. Whoever controls everyone not having guns has all the guns though, and that doesn't sound very Gucci to me.

  46. i don't want a gun, i truly think if i had a gun i'd be a danger to myself but i truly don't feel safe being empty handed anymore.

  47. I was under the impression that he chose the spot because of all the black people there but hey Steven Crowder believes it so it must be true

  48. So much fear being served on a platter. If you live somewhere where you fear gun violence it’s most likely a large city run by liberals. If you’re so scared move away, just leave your liberal bs behind. It’s not gonna work somewhere else.

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