1. Since your submission is flaired as REAL, please reply to this comment with the link to the original, or else Ben Shapiro will steal your feet pics and remove this post.

  2. This reminds me of that Fox News bit where they said people aren't really in poverty because they have microwaves and refrigerators

  3. On a global scale, a piss poor American is just sort of average. But that's a stupid scale to use.

  4. You mean they’re just rebranding unequal power and wealth distributions as new overlords take control…. No no no no no - this can’t be happening?!?!?

  5. Depends on how broad a definition we are working with, but we have almost always had hierarchies where those at the top were exploiting those at the bottom for material gain.

  6. I’m very sure there were not abstractions of capital pre like 700s AD and that’s if you really want to extend the definition of capitalism. If you don’t count psuedo joint-stock companies in the tang dynasty you would probably pin the start to the North Sea in like the 1400s or Italian city states in the 1300s.

  7. Ever heard of feudalism? Capitalism is relatively recent in human history. Just maybe 3-400 years old. There were proto capitalist systems in certain parts for some periods before that but capitalism only started becoming a proper system in the 17th/18th century. Before capitalism was a system of feudalism. Read a book.

  8. About 8% of the world population lives in extreme poverty at the moment. However a majority live under the Upper-middle income poverty line. You might be confusing these two figures.

  9. Was it really poverty when everyone’s standard of living was pretty much the same, there were no billionaires and everyone work together for the good of the community?

  10. Yes it was really poverty. Many of the things associated with poverty such as high susceptibility to various diseases existed in the past. Just because there was no billionaires doesn’t mean people weren’t on the border of starvation.

  11. Bobo is too stupid to know that capitalism existed before this country’s founding, but that would require her to read a history textbook

  12. Yeah, her "extensive study" (She looked at a graph of extreme poverty (Which is defined as $1.90 a day, an arbitrary number) over time from OurWorldinData).

  13. On par for this idiot, who during a church speech (in Texas to a group of women) indirectly refered to McCarthy as a "demon" and cited a Bible verse used to pray for the death of ones enemies (referring to Biden).

  14. She doesn’t even know American history, how the fuck can she extend that out to world history!?!

  15. Extreme poverty is no longer the standard. She is technically correct, though it would be better to add that extreme poverty was the standard until like 30 years ago and so it’s misleading. However capitalism/liberalization in china was a driving force for a lot of that.

  16. The easiest way into politic nowadays is to be uneducated, stupid and republican. Guarantied entrance!

  17. My favorite right wing talking point is when they talk about how capitalism lifted “billions” out of poverty in the past 30-40 years they NEVER bring up that is was in China because of the reforms of Deng Xiaoping.

  18. This reminds me of when someone tweeted “the solution to Black poverty is Black capitalism” to which someone replied “capitalism hasn’t solved white poverty, why would it be any different for Black people?”

  19. Not saying that I agree with Marx's theory, but most Marxists would argue that a communist society needs to be based on a capitalist one. She's just assuming everyone who's against capitalism wants to revert back to a Rousseaunian pastoral

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