1. Depending on what’s least popular for measuring height where you are, respond in meters or feet and see if she can convert

  2. I had a guy tell me he was 9 penis lengths tall, and to do with that information what I would. I won't lie, I had my fingers crossed for 6'6" lol

  3. It's like a college girl thing, I've seen it in other contexts but it's mostly younger girls or older busted girls. I seldom see an attractive woman over 25 bring this up in their bio or in conversations.

  4. Nope. It's the same Thing in Austria as well. Being tall is the most important personality trait for many women.

  5. I'm an american living overseas and dated a few non americans... they dont give a shit how tall you are...

  6. Oh, the same applies to germany. I read quite often "Looking for 1,80 m upwards" (6 feet). So it seems to be an international thing

  7. Nah, "you first", and when she replies say "sorry", and then unmatch her. Leave her wondering what's wrong with aspects of her physique that she can't change.

  8. Is this an american thing or something? I have been on tinder for a while in Europe but nobody ever asked me this. It's so weird seeing it this much on this subreddit.

  9. Height is a big topic on german tinder as well, in my expirience it just takes a little longer until it gets brought up in a conversation after a match. I've even had girls tell me "you should add your height in your bio, your pictures make you look smaller than you are" (1,88m)

  10. It's a dating thing in general and everywhere, I had to put my height in the bio (5"7") to stop getting it and my matches dropped 5-10 times after I did so but at least now I know from the start she won't mind it.

  11. Confirmation bias maybe. You see all the times it does happen, because they get posted on this sub. All the normal and respectful interactions don't get posted.

  12. As a Swede I can chime in with that I quite often do see women having a preference of tall men written in their bio.

  13. Its a new world thing. Low context cultures are all about quantity, measurability. Old world cultures are about quality.

  14. Maybe because American height usually varied, while in most countries with the native population most males have a similar height

  15. I feel the same. My very first boyfriend was probably 5’4 to 5’5. My current boyfriend is I’d say 5’7 to 5’8, I’m 5’5 and some change. Ive also dated men who are 6’1 to 6’4. I honestly don’t care. Like just treat me well, have good chemistry, and don’t have the Napoleon Complex if your short.

  16. I’m 5’5, my bf is 5’7 and I think he’s the perfect height difference to hug/kiss 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s great

  17. I genuinely don't mind people asking about height. If height is important to you, it's important to you. There's zero shame in that. I've got my preferences too and I won't compromise on them.

  18. I’m with you. It sucks that people are shallow but it’s a dating app. It’s whole purpose is to let people sift through unlimited options to find their preference. If you’re ugly you won’t even match in the first place. We just see a lot of these threads because you can capture the vetting process for height, unlike some other things . Also just in general lots of guys who wouldn’t give an ugly or overweight girl the time of day get so upset by being judged by similar standards. Also I’m 5’9” and very average looking lol

  19. We all have preferences, but it's one thing to look for a girl with a good looking figure, while it's quite bizarre to straight up ask someone for their precise anatomic measurements.

  20. Why don't guys just put it in their bio? A lot of women clearly want to know so just suck it up and avoid the awkward conversation.

  21. What's also done is most of these chick's will see a 5'10" guy irl and believe he's 6'3". They don't actually like insanely tall guys, they like average sized guys but have a completely skewed view of what that is.

  22. Like less than 20% of men in the US are over 6 ft tall, if women only want guys who are 6 ft tall, then in 100 years or so the average height is going to be closer to 6 ft tall for men because of selective breeding, then what is going to be considered tall then at that point?

  23. And a lot of women don't even know the average height for men in their own country. In US average height for men is 5'9" and for women is 5'4".

  24. It's always (below)average looking men and women who have a laundry list of boxes they need checked before they'll even pretend to engage in a conversation.

  25. As someone who’s 6’4 I just want to go on record and say when girls ask me this I instantly call them shallow and unmatch. I got your back short homies

  26. Any girl who cares more about that than what else you have on your profile showing you’d be a match isn’t worth your time. Delete and move on, engaging further won’t change anything so may as well focus your time on finding the right one

  27. When they ask about my height I like to ask about their weight. It's funny when they get offended, but I'm like "I can't physically change my height, but you can do something about your weight".

  28. Proper response is to reply with asking her about a physical, unchangeable feature of her that is within your sexual preference, considering we're doing tit for tat now

  29. Hurts the vulnerable narcissists who can't accept that it's okay for women to be selective. Apparently OP swiped right because of what she wrote in her profile.

  30. It's putting the cart before the horse. How tall you perceive someone is influenced by how confident they portray themselves and how you feel about that person. You can't really answer that over chat... You have to meet to find out.

  31. I can’t believe women/girls are like this. My bf is 5’6” juicy and muscular - he’s really hot! Glad so many women probably filtered him away

  32. As a guy yeah, just tell them your height, people are allowed preferences. If your short why would you want someone who wants a tall person. These girls on tinder have a lot of options and your expecting them to settle for someone shorter for no reason than your own insecurity.

  33. It's not that she has a preference, of course she is allowed to have some. It's the way she communicates that preference, it's really shallow. Imagine a guy ignoring the conversation and just bluntly asking these kind of questions, he would be shamed to the ground (for a reason).

  34. Then we’d get no matches at all. I did this experiment, I spent about a week showing my actual height (5’6) and got three matches that whole week. I showed a fake height for another week (6’2). Same area, same pictures, and i got like 30 that week.

  35. Ladies what’s the actual bad answer to this? Like Under 5’ 6 or something? I’m 5’ 9, am I fine or is that bad? If so, how bad?

  36. I'm 5'7 and my boyfriend is 5'9. In heels I'm as tall or taller than him. 5'9 is not bad at all! I am above average in height where I am from and he is about average.

  37. It's strange how this outdated question keeps popping up its ugly head, especially with college age women, who are generally on the forefront of promoting progressive social movements.

  38. Just put your height in profile, put 2 inches less than what you actually are this weeds out the superficial skanks and the ones who don't care are pleasantly surprised when you go on a date "you're taller than I thought you were" fool proof.

  39. I don’t get this site and height. If the chick likes tall dudes then so what? “Ask HoW mUcH sHe WeIgHs” you can SEE her weight and determine if you’re attracted to her, no? Is that not what she’s doing here? Is height not a factor of attraction or what?

  40. They are honestly very insecure, but most men are with their heights especially today with social media or online dating. It’s that we do learn about evolution in our high school but never in the detail that explains why certain traits are favoured over others, if they did this then things would have been a whole lot better

  41. its funny how petty you are to only partially block her name so it's still visible and also not even bother with the profile picture anyway because who cares.

  42. When height is the first filter, it shows she prioritize looks over everything else. Only fair if we ask weight and breast size questions back?

  43. She might be asking because she's quite tall and doesn't wanna date anyone shorter than her? Just answer and move on with the conversation, it isn't a big deal

  44. I know it sucks for extra short guys if they are ridiculed or rejected for their size, but people are allowed to have preferences.

  45. The question is reasonable, although mostly irrelevant. And wasn't asked at an appropriate moment. The correct response to polite conversation is always polite conversation in return!

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