1. It was honestly shocking as a viewer to see her go from “what kind of person would I be if I accepted a proposal from him? How much self respect would I have?” To fast forward 24 hours when she’s literally accepting his proposal.

  2. I never liked Colby, and my friend could NOT understand why. He gives me creep vibes. He says things like "I know you would be a great mom, I could get you there" to a woman who doesn't want kids. He just said weird shit that made me cringe. He's cute, but in a fuck boi kinda way. I mostly don't like him because he reminds me of a fuck boi I once fell for..

  3. I actually don’t think Colby is a narcissist. I think more than anything he’s not the brightest. He’s probably used to always being wanted by women, so when the one woman he actually wants for once didn’t want him in return, he spiraled (speaking from my experience of dating someone exactly like Colby)

  4. I agree. It was such a huge change. Go from I don't want to be with him, walking out on him....to saying yes to marrying him. I think she found out she was pregnant during the filming of the show and decided to say yes to marrying him knowing she was pregnant with his baby. In the reunion she was 7-8 months pregnant and it was stated that filming wrapped up 6 months ago. (I also wouldn't put it past Colby to try and get Madelyn pregnant to keep her in his life.)

  5. I don't feel for her, she chose him, so on some level she's a jerk like him. They're both narcissistic and clearly came on the show as a stunt, they both acted (poorly) during the entire process and we're just hoping for a free 15 minutes of fame and maybe an endorsement or two.

  6. About the timeline of her having a baby— there’s no way she would have been pregnant during the show (although that would have made more sense). April just posted for her birthday - and her birthday was towards the end of the show. That means they filmed at least 11 months ago. That means Madelyn got pregnant 2 months after the show finished.

  7. I think she found out she was pregnant during the show and that's why she stayed with Colby. It was probably pretty awkward when everyone watched the show and found out how much she hated him lol

  8. LOL, I hated Madlyn on the show. She and Colby deserve each other. I understand they went soft on her at the R-Un because she was preggers. But still yuck.

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