1. I think he mentioned once something about using an injury or faking one to score some opioids or something, but I can’t remember. Someone here probably has it in their archive though.

  2. If my wife saw me getting blackout drunk every night, she'd probably try to get me to stop, but then again, my wife loves me...

  3. His wife can barely look in his direction without cringing, you think she would even be aware of his drunken antics? She’s too busy getting banged by her male co-workers.

  4. Or she would probably go out all night long "to get pizza with her friends" *wink wink* while you're crying and pissing your basement lol

  5. We should all collectively try to get him to run for office. If he gets depressed and has drunk ranting livestreams from doing his cushy job of sitting in front of a camera spouting bullshit, I can only imagine how much running for office would ruin him.

  6. If you know how the American right wing works then you knew this already, plus it’s public knowledge that she sued people in the past for being racist against her but essentially now works for people that see her as 3/5 of a person but us her as a shield when someone points out that they’re racist pieces of shit.

  7. Funny how he throws support behind all these people for years then suddenly admits he knew they were grifters the whole time. Really makes you think.

  8. I’m still betting money he won’t see 2030, he has a strong of health issues and doesn’t everything to make them even worse.

  9. A common argument I've seen in defense of this guy is "he's just a conservative, not a Nazi" but like, if you're right of Candace Owens and think mainstream conservatives are grifters because they're not right wing enough, like.. what else are you but a fascist?

  10. The best part is when people call Jeremy a right winger he will hop on Twitter and say he's not even a conservative. Then he'll go on rants like in this video on the regular.

  11. heh. I like how he thinks he's spilling the tea in a major way, yet anyone further left than hunting the homeless for sport would hear this and think "Yea no shit Jeremy. It's pretty obvious."

  12. He was complaining the other day that his audience isn't receptive to him "calling out grifters on the right" like yeah no shit Jeremy why do you think that is?

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