1. Will forever be Cutty. Just like the rest of the cast will always be their character. Yes Michael B Jordan, you still Wallace to me.

  2. I agree as he redeemed himself well. However, rewatching the series (on Disney+ for those season 4 numbers) and watching 'About A Girl' again, knowing what happens, leaves a little bad taste in my mouth. You could argue the humans kept pushing Bortus, but he truly believed Topa should have remained a girl and that would be the best thing for her. After going through a trial and the public scrutiny that would entail, he was mature enough to (eventually) forgive Kylden and just focus on loving his kid.

  3. It speaks to his skill as an actor too. I still think Klyden is a huge POS, but I have to begrudgingly admit that I can see where he is coming from...

  4. I miss Sarah conner chronicles another fine sci-fi tv show cancelled before its time. Just one more season would have been awesome, showing John Conner defeating Skynet by forming an alliance with the rogue T1000.

  5. Best Terminator content we'd got since the original two movies so of course they cancelled it to focus on the terrible bullshit movies instead. :(

  6. Absolutely! The cast was superb and it definitely fit with the vibe or the original movies. Way better than most of the newer sequels.

  7. Such an underrated show with a great cast. I wish that it was out now because I feel like it would've got a better reception.

  8. What else can be said, everyone here is correct. It’s such a shame we didn’t get more. it was a serious loss. In my mind it’s the follow-on after T2. Then nothing else exists. I’ve made up cool scenarios in my head. It lets me imagine lots of cool things. But another season or two would have been awesome.

  9. It was up and down (not unlike S1 of The Orville) but the second season showed that they were really hitting their stride, I would have loved more of it.

  10. I love the fact that you have this amazing actor who portrays almost entirely bad asses, and then there is klyden, a stay at home nagging turned super supportive spouse. And he KILLS it in the final episodes.

  11. I understand for some his change in character felt rushed. But for Me an entire year and losing everything he loved put things into perspective. I loved that we got to see a whole new side of him emerge. I loved him in that last episode.

  12. That is a testament to his acting and the prosthetics. I would never in a million years have thought that Fred Johnson and Klyden were the same actor! Super impressed.

  13. He's a wonderful actor fsure, but also a great voice actor too as Coach from Left 4 Dead 2. I imagine I was one of many who had to do a double take at how much Coach and Klyden contrast each other, dude has impressive range.

  14. I love that scene with Klyden eating the rocky road ice cream and watching that silly movie while giving Bortus that frustrated look. I loved their bickering.

  15. He’s got some serious range- and he’s built like a NFL Running Back so he can play various physical roles. Glad to see him getting good work- my wife and I loved him in The Wire and The Walking Dead.

  16. In the comics, I think Tyreese was literally a former NFL player? I don't remember it coming up on the show and I may be confusing comics Tyreese with someone else, it's been a while since I read them

  17. He is a really great actor, but also notably a very BRAVE actor. Big guys like him usually play heavies and bad asses. chad plays those but also incredibly vulnerable, flawed, soft and tragic too. Klyden is a character you would read the script and just know fans are going to hate your guts. Tyreese from TWD is an incredible badass in the comics but the show reimagined him (for better or worse) as a tragic lost soul and Chad knocked it absolutely out of the park with absolutely heartbreaking emotion.

  18. I remember him on T:tSCC! He played a T-800 series (probably the 888 variant) who was reprogrammed for the resistance and gave a noble but futile sacrifice trying to keep an emotionally compromised human from sabotaging a vitally important mission. It was a minor role but it left an impression, he had an almost Data-like understated compassion and concern to him despite not being conventionally emotive which takes real subtle and nuanced acting to pull off.

  19. Man's a legend. I went from quite liking Klyden, to absolutely hating his guts by early S3 and then to absolutely loving him and wanting him to succeed at everything by season finale.

  20. I was watching Orville and expanse side by side and when i came to know klyden is Fred Johnson it blew my mind. I mena now I can see it but klyden is like totally 180 from Fred Johnson. Such versatile actor

  21. They should, he has had pivotal roles on different shows, (The Wire/The Expanse). I would love to hear him talk about playing murderers trying to do better.

  22. The character is a necessary character to the story though. And he’s played absolutely fantastically by Coleman.

  23. He's also Z from It's always sunny! I just found that out the other day lol he's one hell of an actor!

  24. Queeg? Is he an artificial intelligence? because Queeg was an 'artificial intelligence' on red dwarf scifi series created by the artificial intelligence to make people think there had been an uprising and a new, more efficient AI was now in charge... just to screw with the humans.

  25. When he raised his voice somewhat in one episode, I thought, 'Holy shit, that sounds like Steve Smith' then I realised that he is indeed the voice of American Dad's most disappointing child.

  26. Chad L Coleman has slowly become one of my favorite actors. I just decided to start watching The Walking Dead and was ecstatic to see him show up.

  27. Even though his apperance is not that different in his roles, besides Klyden, he really does disappear into the characters. I think I have only seen Gary Oldman, embody a character to such a degree, that I no longer see the actor anymore.

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