1. The earlier line in the episode of 'If you wanna watch me have a wank, that'll cost ya a tenner' from Butcher to Homelander is golden to me.

  2. “I’ll tell you what. When we’re all done here, I’ll buy you a nice, big, family-size bottle of top-shelf lube and I’ll tickle your balls till you beg me to stop and even then I won’t. I just won’t do it."

  3. Going back and rewatching for season 3 I totally forgot about that scene and almost choked on my food💀

  4. Loved that. My other favorite from this season. “Of course, it doesn't hurt that the show's judge used to get cum-drunk on your chorizo picante.”

  5. I completely forgot about Translucent when I started the third season. He’s just never mentioned again and it’s hilarious.

  6. I didn't stop to think how hilarious that line was the first time due to the shock of the previous part. I die laughing everytime I hear it now.

  7. Best part is, that was improvised by her! Incredible everyone else in the scene kept it together

  8. “As the old saying goes: With great power comes the total fuckin' certainty that you're gonna turn into a right cunt.”

  9. Of all the shit that goes on in this show, this is the closest I got to looking away from the screen

  10. Jensen Ackles really did get all the best comedic lines this season, and man, did he ever make the most of them.

  11. "I beat my meat into a cup", "the older they get the more delicious but the dryer", "How good did Butcher suck your dick that you miss him that bad", "theyre coming for us everyone everyday!", "Your a fucking dissapointment", "I will slap you like im Connery", "Buddy, you think your tough, yout wearing a cape, your just a cheap fuckin knockoff" and "nno no no, im the upgrade"

  12. I’m not sure why, but referring to himself as “The Homelander” is extra menacing to me. Like he’s some kind of entity or creature.

  13. “He’s praying! He’s praying…” when Deep is shoving Timothy into his mouth gets me every time. To me, it’s one of the most hilariously fucked up moments in the show.

  14. Deep is one of my favourite characters because of this. From his perspective, every day he watches people kill and eat human-level sentient beings crying out for help. To him, everyone is a murderer. And bc of social norms he can’t stop it. So it makes sense he has no sense of morality or boundaries or respect; everyone has violated the most universal standard of morality to him. There is no morality, just the pecking order, intelligent creatures killing other intelligent creatures to continue living. Of course he sides with homelander, he does not want to be the octopus being eaten, and he doesn’t think it is wrong bc he sees octopus get eaten by conventionally moral characters. His whole reality is traversing a genocide, with no focus but being on the surviving side.

  15. Frenchie saying "Girls do get it done" always gets a laugh out of me considering all the god awful branding Vought does throughout S2.

  16. Everyone’s going with the funny lines, but my favorites are some that are more weighted down by their scenes and the characters in the scenes:

  17. I think that was one of the funniest moment of the entire series for me, because it followed up the actual clip of him killing the innocent which was incredible by itself. He just did not give a shit, with his « oooh » and « terrific », it was hysterical.

  18. That one was great but my favourite one was when Black noir says "it's noirin time" and killed Homelander and Soldier boy

  19. "After the PR hole you dug for yourself this year, I'd say that you're lucky we're putting this farce on at all. But hey, it's your party, you can cry if you want to."

  20. “That’s how we won the D-Day, you know. We were wired to the fucking gills”. God this scene kinda triggered me.

  21. The word PTSD was first used in 1980 and soldier boy “died” in 1983/4. So there’s a chance he learned of it before disappearing

  22. It’s just a guess, but it’s probably the first thing he googled when he found out google was a thing. “What’s up with these black outs after being a tortured POW for 30+ years.”

  23. "Yeah. He's got a hard on for mass murder and giving kids cancer. and his big old answer to the existential clusterfuck that is humanity is to nail his own bleeding son to a plank. That is a cunt move, even you gotta agree with that."

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