1. Love, he's provoking them on purpose for the drama. He's the host of a reality TV show, not your best mate giving advice.

  2. honestly Scotty I feel like Hes lost touch. between him & many contestants drama even more Sarah jane trashing her partner on tv & always dissing on Sharon I am just over it. even more with the boys. I only watch for the other 2 teams

  3. T&SJ have confronting verbal interactions but behind it they seem to be the most stable couple on the show at the end of the day. The truth in the matter is they're honest with their emotions and that's how they communicate. People don't realise how many couples appear fine from the outside but have poor communication and toxic issues that are hidden behind the facade.

  4. Scott Cam has the worst poker face in the history of the world. He hates them, and I’m okay with that because they shit me to tears, but it’s as clear as dog’s balls 😆

  5. You can tell he's angry, he made the point about their spending being even worse than the previous season because they're not the only team that's way into the red and not even trying to curb their spending.

  6. Yeah the wine challenge annoyed me so much. The whole "we drank it every day, we're just wine connoisseurs" really pissed me off. And yes I agree with the last point too.

  7. I think A&S have got up his nose due to the wine challenge. Had they just come clean and gone 'Well it's not in the rules that we couldn't do it' he'd go fair enough. I think there's 2 issues. One is the rules of the Block, and the other is the spirit of the game. Also the budgets are ridiculous and should be set by the square metre of the rooms.

  8. If you have ever dealt with older blokes like Scotty, you'd know that they are usually wysiwyg types that appreciate things like hard work, abiding rules, honesty and integrity. Now if A&S had done as much work as some of the contestants (like Scotty's perceived favourites), they would have earned a lot more respect in his eyes. Instead though, they have repeatedly left the site together for long periods and certainly have not done as much as they could have, despite their lack of skills. Having skills isn't what makes someone appealing to Scotty, it is more about just getting stuck in and doing everything you are capable of doing. Honesty is another aspect A&S have been bad with as they will say one thing to someone and turn around to say the complete opposite once they are out of earshot. This part alone will instantly make Scotty dislike someone, just as it should be I reckon. If you have something to say, just say it straight away! As far as integrity goes, these two are just the worst. Scotty more than anything wants people to appreciate the opportunity they have been given and to make the most of it. How many times in your life will you get the chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars whilst potentially making a name (and new career) for yourself in the process? Not many ever will, so either put your head down and get to work or just piss off and go home. This is most likely how Scotty really feels, imo.

  9. Well said. As someone that is certain I would get into it with both Scotty and Keith, if I went on the show, I completely agree with everything you said.

  10. I get a little frustrated when A and S keep saying that it is so hard as they don't have any experience. Why apply if you didn't think you could do it? And as A is an accountant at least you would imagine that the financial side of things would be well sorted...I am just over them really.

  11. Personal opinion - Scotty is an old(er), straight, white guy who has expressed micro-aggressions to various teams for years now. He's a terrible actor (look 'shocked', 'how did this happen', 'Scotty to the rescue'), and has zero poker face when teams actually push back on him.

  12. Yeah Scotty seems like he's headed for mid-to-late life crisis after this season. Plus he loves Jenny (who I admittedly quite like) but stay off the record with it

  13. Yeah I’m not Shelley’s biggest fan usually (I think probably because she used to only be present at challenges which I hate) but there’s no denying over the last few years that she has the people skills and emotional intelligence. She can push people a bit when it’s needed, offer a point of view, but also leave them with their self esteem intact and a bit of encouragement to keep going.

  14. Like others, I was happy to see some non-white teams on the block this year. O+O have done pretty well for themselves; their attitude and behaviour is different, but that’s got to be expected. A+S though? It’s been whine whine whine look at moi since day one. Honestly wish they would quit and walk away, and save us all the pain of having to listen to them for the next few weeks.

  15. Scotty has become more and more of a curmudgeon as the seasons have gone by, but when it comes to Ankur and Sharon, I get why he has an attitude with them.

  16. I mean, he is the host but he is still likely being directed by producers and directors and other crew as to what to say and how.

  17. I can't remember where I heard it, so it may be completely wrong, but I've been told that Scotty has a significant financial interest in the backend business side of The Block (ie. the purchasing, development and selling of the properties used in the show). It might explain why he's pretty pissed when teams go over budget. Spending too much on trades is probably not an expense that can be offset by generous sponsorship agreements.

  18. Yeah he can definitely be harsh. I wonder if he felt it was necessary because the friendlier chats weren’t getting through to them? It’s great to have Shelley there for some compassion but I wish Scotty wouldn’t undermine her when she’s trying to be nice like we saw in the scene.

  19. It definitely seems like when the showrunners have been blunt S&A have taken it really hard and threatened to leave, so they've tried a gentler approach and have been ignored.

  20. I get why he'd be done with them, I most likely would be too. That's what I was talking about in the post, just that he had to get a dig in after Shelly tried to cheer them up a bit, came off as weird.

  21. He has his favourites, he loves Jenny and Dylan (particularly Jenny), and it’s obvious he can’t stand certain contestants like A&S. I think hosts should be more impartial. Also, the size of the block is out of control for contestants. There’s no transparency in terms of spending. Sizes of each property don’t seem to be fairly comparable. The block is so far removed from its original concept now. Needs an overhaul!

  22. I agree. Someone suggested in another thread that they need to recieve an upfront calculation of what the budget is for each room. You don't need to tell them what is happening each week, but let them know when we do hallways you'll recieve 30K, guest bedroom 1 will be 15K etc. That way when they know the budget won't be enough for that week, eg hallways, they know they need to be saving in cheaper rooms, perhaps less decor in a bedroom etc. It's almost like they set them up to fail unless they're a- a trade or b- regularly winning rooms and challenges or c-willing to pay trades at significantly reduced rates

  23. Yes for sure, I've noticed that, probably because they're a chippy and a builder I guess. If they weren't all about the inevitable budget drama that happens near the end of every season, maybe they'd have a mini audit after every week to make sure everyone was on the level. Which I guess must kind of happen anyway because Scotty always knows when people are spending too much. I think there has to be something scalable in terms of house sizes. It would be hard to work out in a fair way for everyone though. It does need an overhaul for sure, but if they're not going bigger every year where would they go? Maybe more teams and more smaller houses? I'm not a marketing guy and I hate going bigger all the time but I dunno if doing something manageable is good tv for them.

  24. He decided to take the doctor approach. Honest truth nothing more nothing less. Definitely no hope that could result in false hope.

  25. He hasn’t liked A&S since they lied to his face in the wine comp. They’re dead to him and he’ll use any opportunity to rub salt in it.

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