1. So 9 is ok with Ryan talking down to his wife like that? Needs to be told to pull his head in. That shit is not on.

  2. what do you think is going on in Ryans head when he is looking at his wife during the interviews for ages…? He seems rather irritated

  3. I’m watching a bit late. I’m really going off O&O. I was a big fan but they’re just not coming across very well any more..

  4. I love that SJ went to Aldi to “shop for the winners & grinners dinner”… that SCOTTY HOSTED! Seriously just put on an ad and stop this dodgy product placement BS

  5. If I had a gram of salt for every time a couple had a fight or there was producer fuelled drama in this season, I would have very salty popcorn

  6. I love the mirror tv in the kitchen at Scotty’s. Thank refectory placement to watch the news or kids cartoons while eating at the breakfast bar

  7. I know I keep seeing people call Rachel a sook, like no she had zero notice or time to organise her children let alone to plan a fkn block house plus hundreds of trades and budgets

  8. It is amazing... amazing how much advertising you can fit into one episode. But just where is Scotty's Maccas consult?

  9. great insight into bad communication there, she just wanted to be heard and he just wanted her to stop making him recognise she was upset. the grin at the camera is a huge fucking tell, it's all a big joke to him

  10. Nah. I don't defend his behavior at all, it was bad, but it is easy to explain. He doesn't want them to look bad in front of the cameras. To him, that whole conversation was going real far south really quick. In his embarrassment he tried to point out to her that they would get really bad screen time, and he did it in the worst way possible. But he was also under the false impression that he was the one that looked good in this exchange because he saw himself as the "rational" one. After she rightfully flipped out and left, he turned to the camera as if the camera (the viewer) was on his side. His smile wasn't that it was "a joke" to him, but rather that he and us agree that she looked silly. What he doesn't/didnt understand is that we think he's a dick for talking to her that way.

  11. I’m 100% convinced by the theory that Keith and Scotty hate each other. They are never seen together and they had a real opportunity for Keith to hand the stuff to Scott or something but they kept them totally separate

  12. ..... I don't want to stereotype, but tradies aren't generally known as progressive. Everyone is also under alot of stress which brings out the worst in anyone.

  13. I don’t think anything in Shazs house is and original idea coming from her, honestly think she has copied lots of different thing from different teams even Scotty’s house, idk what h1 & h4 are doing but the boys are doing brick I think

  14. D&J seem determined to make a house that looks like it was made for someones rich, dead, grandfather

  15. Rachel seems so empathetic and respectful when she talks about Tyler and Tim, and is referring to them as men not boys

  16. I swear I have a memory of a piano going in on another season and the judges loved it, but at the same time thought it was a waste of money.

  17. Kerri and Spence put a grand piano in the Gatwick challenge apartment where they won money off their reserve prices.

  18. Nah, my main gripe is that she’s obviously still on the show. Id only listen to a podcast run by a couple of (slight disgruntled) ex-staff of ex-contestants, who would actually spill the beans

  19. I actually believe So Dramtics report that their cheating scandal has been heavily edited out to avoid the backlash. It’s so obvious that they are “allegedly” getting more than 50% off on a lot of things. People who think villain edits don’t exist only need to check Facebook where hundreds of housewives are abusing Sharon because she took out the mirror stand while defending the boys

  20. They are definitely building up a story about their questionable budget. Though they are going for a very slow burn on it so far, I suspect it'll be at least another week before anything comes of it.

  21. Wait for real? I missed that! First Sharon and Ankur, now Oz and Omar? But also it sorta makes sense with their tradies cost (allegedly). I guess the rules are out of the picture this year.

  22. Tom is the kind of husband who would go to a strip joint and when you ask if he went to a strip joint he’d say nah it was just a bar. Then you’d find out later it was a strip joint and he’d say well yeah there were naked dancers but it was just a bar.

  23. i can't tell if you're channelling some personal experience or if you've just perfectly keyed into his whole vibe

  24. I think a lot of it is just played up for the camera. I don't think they actually are like that normally.

  25. I miss the grand renovations of Glasshouse, Blocktagon, Gatwick, etc 😩 I'm tired of these lil separate houses.

  26. they're obsessed with doing bigger each year, and i don't think anyone cares. nobody sees an ad and goes "oh its marginally smaller than last year? won't tune in"

  27. R&R very much had a chat in bed that night like "if we complain we're gonna cop the villain edit and we cannot have that"

  28. Either that or the producers talked to them. They can't get the villain edit with the rumours with O&O hovering overhead, so the producers probably want to set them up for their 'turn to win'.

  29. Love that they've shaken off the bad week without as much drama as A&S. Rachel had a little meltdown but it wasn't as overly dramatic.

  30. They've updated all of the flying intro shots to actually match where the construction is up to. I like it. Much better than Bronty Court's increasingly incorrect ones.

  31. They thought they had the win in the bag with the $250k of appliances. Past seasons whoever won whatever kitchen pack they gave generally won the week (Kerrie and Spence, Jimmy and Tam, Kirsty and Jesse).

  32. I wasn't that impressed by any of the kitchens, but I do think Dylan and Jenny's kitchen was better than Tom and SJs

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