1. Attacked? Dude. Gtfo. They're being slaughtered, raped, burned with hot irons, thrown with boiling kettle water, kids are hanged naked in the fields on a fkng cross after being hit until they die, kids throats are slit open, 89 year olds are gang raped, womans feet are drilled holes in. Google South-African farm murders.

  2. This is horrible. But blacks were treated like this and much worse for decades. I sympathize with these white farmers, but it gives you a sense of terror black people were forced to endure.

  3. Dude that’s like saying modern white people are responsible for slavery. They didn’t do the crime that was 100 years ago.

  4. Look it up it’s an ongoing issue of the last couple decades. It’s common racially motivated attacks on white rural people in South Africa.

  5. So that justifies abusing and hurting people who may not even have done anything wrong in their lifetime?

  6. None of the people in this video are the natives of South Africa, neither the white people being wiped, or the black people doing the whipping.

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