1. With a beast like that, the only choice is to fight back, those dudes watched that mole bringing punches everywhere and no one wanted to deal with it

  2. \Cause a guy dancing on the dancefloor bumped him and "Bro that's gay, better fight this whole club to prove I'm still a man" almost killed a bunch of people that had nothing to do with anything. The guy deserves his 8 years.

  3. These summaries always remind me of Rick and Morty “fast solved crimes” in multi dimensional TV 😂

  4. Dude. That was some solid paraphrasing with a followup link on top. Thank you for being one of honorable redditors who save the rest of us the trouble.

  5. Dude probably was or is about to get voluntary enlisted in rusky army, maybe he is already a sunflower by now.

  6. Imagine knocking out 8 guys because they are simply trying to calm you down. What a prick. Sad they didn’t jump him all together.

  7. In the states your hands get registered as weapons if you get trained to a certain skill of fighting, and then any fight they get into could be counted as attempted murder.

  8. Best you can do with a drunk big fella like that is sleeper hold, definitely not gonna go toe to toe with him

  9. I hope they nail that asshole with a long jail term. Jason Bourne shit right there!!! Damn that guy can throw hands! All the other guys look like children fighting a roid raging asshole. Hopefully guys in jail return the favor.

  10. right, bro started fully swinging on people holding drinks and facing away from him. as well as starting the fight over himself dancing backwards into a crowd even though he had a whole area in front of him to himself.

  11. That dude is an unhinged, violent psychopath. He was just looking for anyone to hurt with next to no excuse. Usually when you get a rabid hippo rampaging like that you put it down.

  12. The very last dude that got punched so hard and his head snapped back before he fell definitely had AT LEAST a concussion from the way he locked up like the tonic phase of a seizure. Called fencing stance

  13. Shit man, that's bad! I noticed the bizarre movements as well and immediately thought that there was some sort of misfiring going on in the brain that was causing them.😳Thanks so much for sharing this knowledge, it's so interesting.

  14. Oh damn I think you might even be right. Don’t have a problem with it at all but after seeing this video so many times I’m realizing there’s a lot of dudes holding their mans and taking them to safety. Seems like the big dude has a lot of insecurities tho lol

  15. Yeah, I really wonder what happened after the video cut. The second I saw him go down I knew he was seriously fucked.

  16. Going rigid means definitely not dead. It’s common in boxers—I’ve had it once, during a rugby game. It’s fuckin scary. I was still basically conscious, but couldn’t move for several seconds and my arms were just locked like that by my sides

  17. I remember listening to a Crime in Sports episode about an MMA fighter from Russia and one of the hosts said that "Russia is if 4chan was a country." After watching this, I'm thinking they may have been on to something there.

  18. Last time I saw this posted it was labeled a hate crime/intentional. This Russian guy went into a gay bar to intentionally start a fight and beat up gay dudes. Haven’t seen in mentioned in this thread though so now I’m not 100%

  19. What the HELL?!? I'm dumbfounded! That one guy toward the end who fell and was laying on his back with his legs sticking out straight! And his arms are bent at a weird angle as well! It literally looks like he's having a seizure or has brain damage. I actually thought to myself, "Oh, my god. He killed that guy!😳"

  20. Dudes either got a drinking problem, an anger issue, or both. Seriously needs a few chicklets knocked out either way.

  21. If you look closely near the end you can notice his “bro” or “homie” starts tossing people around too … these 2 are devious and malicious

  22. Why was nobody jumping in on this guy? Yes might seem dumb but idk how people can stand by and not instinctively try to stop him... I work at a bar and I have to do this sometimes.

  23. Too much bullshit involved? You're such a pussy, If you think knocking someone out is too much trouble than stabbing someone and killing them and catching a murder charge you're a dipshit.

  24. This is one of those rare cases in which it's actually perfectly acceptable to kick a guy in the balls as hard as you can from behind. Break balls in case of emergency.

  25. This is like a bad 70's martial arts mo ie fight scene. There are at least ten of them and they just stand around and watch or go at him one at a time.

  26. 20 cowards standing there doing nothing while some asshole potentially kills people. I know, nobody died but damn. Just go for is neck and eyes we he turns his back to you or take 1 or 2 bottles to he’s head.

  27. That last dude looks like he suffered a severe brain injury- look how tensed up he was after he dropped. That’s really bad. First guy was out for long enough I’d be concerned, too.

  28. Of you’re that much of a pussy when he’s beating the fuck out of someone even a 5’5 160lb guy can’t get you in a choke hold and it’s curtains

  29. You never take on someone like this one-on-one. Dude was looking to kill someone. You get four or five guys and subdue him while others call the cops.

  30. Seems like this was part of a plan. Intentional. The way he backs into the first victim to kick start the incident is sus af.

  31. People see spiders and say "kill it with fire". This dude is worse than a Spider. Spiders are cool they eat mosquitoes. This dude is an asshole. Fire his ass

  32. I’ll probably get downvotes, but honestly the number of comments of people delusional enough to think they could actually overpower this man is embarrassing .

  33. I was worried when people started moving the heads and necks of those knocked out. I realize they were in harm's way still, but it made me grimace.

  34. This is why you carry guns, any guy willing to knock out numerous people basically risking numerous lives deserves atleast some lead in the knee cap

  35. If I had a gun, shoot him. If I didn’t, use a knife or whatever I could get my hands on and everyone jump on him. Dude just knocking folks out left and right and people are still trying to stop/calm him down after others that tried the same thing got assaulted/ktfo as well. F that.

  36. A room full of people that can’t fight, they didnt even stay out of reach. Don’t just wait to get hit in the face… it was like an all you can punch buffet there

  37. Buried, but chop/punch the throat, gouge eyes, slap/box ears, last choice break nose. At least disorient the big bastard long enough for help to rally.

  38. I usually have a gun on me even while I'm hanging out in the club unless I know it's a place where I'll be frisked which obviously I wouldn't have it on me there. Having said that, I would leave. I wouldn't pull my weapon and shoot him I wouldn't try to fight him I'd walk or run the fuck out of there. The only time I even consider pulling my weapon is if someone would have a weapon that requires me to fight for my life with a gun. It's not worth killing someone when the option to escape with your life is available.

  39. The guy who was happily dancing got knocked out first :( I feel so bad... I would be like that guy. I would always try to help but I think I should start thinking twice.

  40. This dude deserves everything he has coming to him. Especially after the last dude goes down his body is posturing which indicates severe brain injury.

  41. Yea the guy in the white shirt who was downed who curled his hands up and legs sticking out in the air had brain damage. Also I noticed more people on the ground the more I watched it. I didnt even see him hitting half those people.

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