1. I bet Kimmie walked out of there reenacting one of the punching circus acts like I reenacted fight scenes when I walked out of 3 Ninjas Kick Back

  2. as someone who has never been in the military or being interested in combat stuff, what does it look like "combat readiness"?

  3. Well if youre actually lay on broken glass with milion pieces its not as bad if there was few... you most likely wont get cut.

  4. Given the thickness of the concrete block and the fact that 223/5.56 has difficulty breaking bricks of similar size, I believe those sledge hammer strikes require much greater kenetic energy (except if those concrete blocks were made in China, of course)

  5. Ahh shit they’re making them immune to the West’s classic torture technique of making them lay on an evenly distributed bed of nails and then hitting bricks on their chest with sledgehammers. Someone tell NATO there’s a mole!

  6. And they figured out the old “put a brick on someone’s head and hit it with a sledgehammer” trick?! They know too much!

  7. There’s the comment I was looking for! lol. I’ve also seen people do these things during physics demonstrations and explain the science behind it. The glass laying is similar to the bed of nails or fire walking tricks.

  8. militaries that do demonstrations like this are always pasting this sort of thing over horrendous or nonexistent operational history, its like a prerequisite

  9. Bad armies prepare for the wars of the past, good armies prepare for the wars of the future. Those stuck-up imperialist Americans will learn the hard way.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed that one guy who ran through the stone block with his face. That was some Kool aid man shit right there.

  11. I’ve always thought these were kind of funny coz it’s like, what country is attacking you with sledgehammers? Show me them doing this with a .50 cal and if they can just hop back up and street fighter pose after that, well then I’ll be like “oh damn that’s a pretty tough soldier right there” otherwise. What a circus.

  12. You just witnessed all 14 of his special ops troops either bullshit blackmagic their way through that with parlor tricks, sugar glass, sawed chains and precut granite or put on the most public display of what a medical retirement is.

  13. This is fucking stupid. Simply weight dispersion parlor tricks for the nails and glass. This is right there with the Ringling Brothers cacamamie circus acts. Are they practicing to get the shit beat out of them and lay on nails and glass? Bricks and sledgehammers and adrenaline don’t stop bullets, artillery, nerve agents, drone strikes, grenades, incendiary devices, or any other weaponry used on a modern battlefield. Hell, a can of tear gas would shut that hooting and hollering shit down immediately. This is simply nut flexing and aggressive pageantry. Little dick energy.

  14. Little Rocket Man is really enjoying the show. Those goofs are some of his elite, well fed, given PEDs for muscle growth etc. What a waste.

  15. i guess they’ll be well defended from sledgehammers and concrete… too bad we use bullets and bombs

  16. I was waiting for them to start punching each other in the balls but now I'm not so sure I can trust reddit anymore

  17. I'm not saying that this stuff doesn't hurt or isnt dangerous.... but most of this is just old street performer and and circus tricks.

  18. Considering that they said things like "Country's leader doesn't need to poop because he uses so much energy of his body.", should i really be surprised?

  19. They wouldn't train like this anyway, this is straight up a magic show. There's very little in here you couldn't replicate with totally untrained slobs off reddit, the wrist breaker being the obvious exception. Guessing those guys had their wrists broken either way though.

  20. People should be terrified if we (USA) should ever go to war with China. This is nothing- I’ve heard these men/women are trained like non stop fighting machines- trained so different than our now snowflake military

  21. video is from North Korea. China is actually a more relevant military threat than this, and they generally don't do silly things like this.

  22. Uh show them the training navy seals go through for the US. This would be listed as cute and a seal is gonna wonder when the boy scouts are gonna leave so the military can demonstrate

  23. The seals train to 1 be ready for anything and 2 how to survive extreme things. Like sitting in freezing water for example. That is actually useful, it teaches them the ability to do that and so they can now swim in freezing water to complete missions. Smashing random blocks of concrete on top of yourself and getting concussed and fracturing your hands does not do anything but make you look silly.

  24. Pretty sure they have them specifically picked out for "shirtless" demonstrations. I guess in a sense they are lucky to get food, just sucks to have a brick smashed over your head.

  25. It’s just for show folks… don’t worry, none of us tough guys on Reddit will have to fight em. But if we do, don’t use any 2x4s or bricks.

  26. Those people must applaud everything, by the time they're five or six years old their palms are just one big callus I'm slapping together.

  27. As impressive as this is. Life must be hell, they have endure this shit for show while training for this prob against their will. Fuck Kim Jong Un and whoever support the real life equivalent of Eric Cartman

  28. Good thing Kim Jong Un granted them a bit of his immeasurable power so they could put on this show for him it could've ended badly otherwise

  29. I'd like to see any of the bemedaled yes-men surrounding the HMFIC do anything half as impressive... or footage of them ever having done so.

  30. This just reminds me of the absolutely fantastic movie with Kurt Russell called Soldier. Gary Busey has a line in it about the supposed superior version of the soldier after Kurt Russell owns them. He says "Maybe you should've made them smarter."

  31. All the men here seem like they didn't get any love from their mothers or their mothers were made to not love them for patriotic reasons.

  32. Hittem with a 5.56 or a 7.62 and see what happens. This is just more war glorifying. Blow a limb off one of their best friends and see the reaction. That would be far more accurate than this horse shit.

  33. If he didn’t break that bottle on the first try, we would have gotten a first hand look at how they do with bullets.

  34. I like how they're doing all this crazy nonsense but still feel the need to put protective boards in front of the recipients faces so they don't get injured.

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