1. She did everything right told him no told her supervisors this pathetic fuck was harassing her and nothing got done about it. This is why I hate when people say 'well just tell him no' or 'you should have told someone' because women can do everything right say no call the cops let people know what's happening and people will still never take them seriously and because of that this girl who so much life ahead of her was murdered by a sick fuck.

  2. And then it goes to: yeah so maybe she said something but what was she wearing and how was she behaving? Why didn’t she get a different job? Why didn’t she do this or that or jump through hoops so some POS wouldn’t target and kill her? She should have known better.

  3. And the saddest part is that stupid f*cks will still blame her for everything that happened to her even after death... ;-;

  4. There were 3 times in my 20s where I legit feared for my life when I politely refused advances from men at bars. Got called nasty names and 2 of those times they followed me out to my car. You can't win. Women don't get violent when men turn them down, men sure as hell do.

  5. Right? Usually when someone says “just tell him no” the response is “I DID.” It’s unfortunate that people always assume that a girl didn’t say/do anything and it’s somehow her fault.

  6. Many women even after calling the police they are told "he hasn't done anything yet so we can't intervene"....like seriously, do we really need to reach the stage of being dead so anything can be done? Also if you look at most of the new laws you'll see they were adopted after a woman was brutally murdered and the case got public traction, otherwise nobody would give a damn or try to change anything.

  7. Sorry to say, but this is a popular myth. Statistically molesters/rapists are less likely to be killed in prison than outside of it.

  8. I really hope the parents sue the hell out of the company. Way too many stories about coworkers and even managers acting inappropriately but the company doesn't take the reports seriously.

  9. We don't have a link to the article, just the headline; it's possible that managerial action is what finally "provoked" this guy

  10. I hope his fat fucking face gets violated in prison. This sweet girl shouldn’t have had to pass like this. If only her supervisors wasn’t a bitch and took her seriously. I hope she’s resting easily.

  11. I sincerely hope a lawsuit is forthcoming. Won't bring her back of course, but corporations might take reports of sexual harassment more seriously from now on.

  12. And in this case what could a company of done ,at the most sack the person ,I'm not sure this would help the situation,and if they reported it to the police I'm not sure they would do anything

  13. this is far from the first time this has happened, and nothing’s changed. They won’t start taking this more seriously until it becomes more profitable to do so

  14. i lost my daughter to sids a long time ago. I've learned pretty early that I'm lucky to have to not protect her from creeps like this... and the worrying would've made me feel 25 years older. Seriously fuck dudes like this.

  15. Absolutely. I don't have children but I have a strong desire for daughters, and yet I think about the stressors when it comes to predatory males and it makes me sick.

  16. Shouldn't it be scarier to raise a son? Because you have to worry if he will be another one of the many men who sexually assault others? I see people express concern about raising a daughter like you do... but the world has always been like this for us women. It makes me feel like we are a burden. Sorry we are targets in this world. Sorry we are victims. Sorry for our existence making it hard for you. I guess it would be easier to raise a boy bcuz he's less likely to be a victim. I feel like I'm alone in feeling like it would be worse to worry about your child being a perpetrator than a victim

  17. As a dude, after reading so many cases like this, I make sure to try and flirt with women very much in a public open space with plenty of people around so she feels a bit safer and, if she turns me down, I go "Alright, no problem-o! Have a nice day and sorry if I made you uncomfortable." Because I do NOT need to add to women's fear

  18. Yeah, that’s what people like that guy deserve but the amount of people out here like “BuT nO hUmAn DeSeRvEs To DiE” makes actual justice kind of impossible

  19. Every time I see these sexless idiots, they all look the same: pissed and smelly. Yet they want to snag the I.G. model, or expect all women to throw some cooch at them because they were "nice".

  20. Incels have always preferred kids and young women if you read their gross posts (would not recommend) they will literally go on rants upon rants about how once a women hits a certain age they are no longer 'in their prime' because 'chad' used her up.

  21. Supervisors should all be held accountable in this situation. All fired never allowed to be in a role again in society in which people report to you for their concerns of well-being.

  22. I don’t understand how not a single employee or customer didn’t hear her scream & call 911?? Walgreens are not that big!? You would DEFINITELY be able to hear something like this- I question the manager who was also on duty ?!

  23. I had a dude harass me at my workplace when I was 19. He was socially awkward and unattractive but he had a crush on me. People pressured me to go out with him and said he was a “nice guy”. I gave in and spoke to him and he seemed sweet. I went on a couple of dates and he started acting weird and obsessive. I dumped him by text because I didn’t want to see him again.

  24. I was so pissed when I worked for Regal theaters (yeah I’ll name and shame). I was an adult at the time but there was one 17 yo that harassed every teenage girl for sex. Not even joking he’d just flat out ask them to hook up and when they said no called them a bitch and continued to call them a bitch from then on. Even yanked on one girls pony tail so hard some of her hair ripped out. These girls all reported him to corporate and the manager. It took a few weeks before anything was done and what was done? He just couldn’t share a station with them. They were at concessions, he was in box etc. it’s not like he was a good worker who deserved the position. We literally had one coworker who would ask him to go do something that coworker just did and then would time how long he was gone. He hated me cause I called him out for never doing his job. Yet they still never fired him. It was mind boggling.

  25. There really needs to be a deep exploration of the mentality of young men who behave like this. This kind of thing happens so often that there has to be some predictors.

  26. I know there is too much litigation in this country, but I hope to God this family sues Walgreens and it hurts them bad. She had lodged several complaints. The first complaint should have got him severely disciplined or fired. She was 16 at the time, so, he must have been 27. That is grossly inappropriate. It is was downhill from there.

  27. That’s actually terrifying. A man recently made me feel uncomfortable at the train station, he works there, and I am about to go to the police station tomorrow to complain about him being a creep to girls/women and hoping he loses his job.

  28. Why do so many people feel the need to kill? Seems like it’s way too common to see this type of stuff anymore..

  29. remember stories like this next time you think women “are too nice to not be flirting”. especially when you’re a completely stranger. we just don’t want to fucking die

  30. This is sad to read because not only was she harassed by this man, but she was also not protected by her co-workers and company. There are too many of these creeps at work that are not taken seriously. You shouldn’t have to die in order for your voice to be heard.

  31. She seems like a happy soul... Pretty fking cruel of this asshole. Can't imagine how helpless she must've felt after fighting so much.

  32. Castrate and stone him. Really good way to vent the frustration and anger plus a really good example for any one thinking of rape or stuff like that.

  33. I heard another story like this. A guy working at a fast food place asked out his coworker and she said no. He freaked out and chased her to the parking lot of another restaurant and stabbed her 30 times with a hunting knife.

  34. i got guys that are fucking creepos like this at work. I fucking hate them with a burning passion because I’m afraid they’d try some shit like this one day

  35. The parents of the young woman should sue the company for negligence and for not investigating the situation. In my opinion, that company put her in danger by not taking her complaints seriously. And let this be a fucking lesson for all companies. If someone complains about another employee, don't just fucking sit there with your thumbs up your ass, investigate the damn situation, unless you're willing to go to court and getting sued into the ground 6 feet under.

  36. When my I was 12, my much older 30+ yo neighbor would talk nasty to me and touch me over my clothes. I even told my parents and they told me I was a liar. I can totally see a manager not taking this seriously.

  37. My deepest and most heartfelt condolences go out to this poor girls family. This is a tragedy. No parent should need to bury their child. There are not words to convey the sorrow I feel for their loss.

  38. Wish her mom or dad would have told her to quit that no job is worth harassment. Poor thing… precious young life, it’s heart wrenching.

  39. Male/female/other, we all deserve the right to say no to advances and feel safe. This is disgusting that someone felt entitled to another’s being. It doesn’t matter how much you think the world owes you, you are never entitled to another being and their autonomy.

  40. yes. U can have a gun in ur car. Thank u. And then have whatever else on ur person. STOP ACTING LIKE WOMEN HAVE TO BE VICTIMS WE DON'T

  41. Yall blaming the incels, which is an understandable view. I'm blaming psychopaths in general. It would not surprise me at all if there turns out to be a much higher than average rate of psychopaths found among incels.

  42. Literally the ugliest most disgusting person I’ve ever seen in my life. PLEASE kill yourself if you look and act like this man.

  43. If my daughter tells me “dad there’s a guy I work wit who is really creeping and he keeps asking me out even though I tell him I’m not interested and my manager just thinks am complaining for nothing” I’m removing my child from that job and I’m sueing Walgreens for unsafe work environment for women.

  44. That is the face of a molester if I ever saw one. He needs to rot in prison in the general population. And Walgreens needs to fire the idiots that didn't take her seriously, they are at minimum partially responsible

  45. I hate seeing these. You kids have to get these laws changed. Get rid of the crusty old republicans. Their sick argument is we can't make any money off murderers and rapists, so why bother prosecuting. We can rehabilitate drug users and make money doing it but not the others. Sick world only you millenniums can fix.

  46. I hope hes locked away in a white room with all white jumpsuit, all white food, all white furniture and made to sit in that room 22hours a day for the rest of his life

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