1. It's easy man just spam buttons and hope for the best! I have been doing this for years and worked well for me. What I mean well is that I didn't get completely destroyed and managed to deal some dmg.

  2. I said something like this in another post, but that picture makes me smile like an idiot, also the bishoujo Christie, I love it

  3. I haven't seen anybody say it yet, but fans like you, those that make fanfics (yes I said it) and fan art; are just as great as pro/semi-pro players in my eyes!

  4. If u mean smaller ones - try looking for Totaku Tekken. They are available on ebay/amazon. Personally I found Jin/Heihachi in the clearance bin of gamestop stores for about 4.99.

  5. It’s a plastic piggybank from street fighter x tekken special edition (top right box near art books)

  6. I’d say rushdown chars. When u can’t just realize what’s happening and react accordingly. And the match is over, no rematch, you’ve learned nothing 😀

  7. Oh shoot by the way, those three big books in the back are concept art books, right? I got "The art of tekken" from the collector's edition, thinking that's what would be inside, but I was incorrect 😔

  8. Complete visual history is really thick one in the middle. You can find one on the amazon. “Art of tekken hybrid” comes with tekken hybrid limited edition. Tekken 6 limited edition comes with left one. TTT2 “we are tekken edition” comes with small yellow one.

  9. You can always donate it to someone more deserving. I'm sure a lot of people think they'd deserve that christie statue.

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