1. For me it's "I am only me when I am with you", it's just a sweet song and it's dedicated to Abigail and it reminds me of my relationship with my best friend!

  2. Idk how I got this far without knowing it’d about Abigail but that makes so much sense and makes me love it even more

  3. Gorgeous! Its not even a bad song but it was still seen as a “stay stay stay” of reputation. I just think its crazy relatable when you have someone in your life that is just so good looking they make your knees weak. I think the simplistic lyrics really fit with the superficialness of the experience.

  4. I love Gorgeous. Not just like “oh its fun but not a good song,” no, i LOVE it. It might be my most played Reputation song.

  5. It was the most perfect album rollout she has ever done. The song was the perfect choice for a first single, something she has never managed to do since. And the video was killer!! When it first came out and had all the different Taylor versions talking at the end... genius!! It shifted the whole narrative.

  6. The video is one of the best ever. Lyrically, I think it slays. My disappointment is the chorus beat. I feel like it builds for this really grandiose, high energy chorus that never truly comes. I think they could have layered more sounds onto it too to make it more complex. It’s just that one sort of siren sound.

  7. LWYMMD was very personal to me. I left an abusive 12 year relationship and jumped into a new HEALTHY relationship. Been with him for 5.5 years.

  8. I relistened to rep yesterday (I desperately try to love that album every so often even though some parts are just… not it for me lol) and lwymmd came on and I was like… ok I was too hard on this song, this is fun. so this is so valid it is not as bad as many people (myself included!) made it out to be!!

  9. My favorite lyric of the song is “Light pink sky up on the roof. Sun sinks down, no curfew. 20 questions, we tell the truth. You’ve been stressed out lately, yeah me too.” It so sweet. The whole song is beautiful.

  10. When people rank it low, I get almost personally offended. I can’t relate to the song, but it’s cute, sweet, tells a story, has a trumpet solo….what else could you want?

  11. YES!!! THIS IS THE ANSWER. I didn't know this song was hated till I got onto this sub and now I'm like WHAT? I DONT WANNA HURT YOU I JUST WANNA BE SIPPING ON A BEACH WITH YOU ALL OVER MEEEE

  12. End game rocks overall - but idk how people don’t like it with Taylor’s verse. “I can’t let you go, your handprints on my soul. It’s like your eyes are liquor, it’s like your body is gold” alone is incredible

  13. One of my faves from Reputation 😍 When I became a swiftie, I was in an utter shock when i realised the fandom disliked it! I was sure it would people's favourite. I'm still disappointed by this turn of events to be honest.

  14. This song tells the exact story of me and my partner - we got together on the Fourth of July and it had rained the night before, we had both heard a lot of bad things about each other before we met, etc

  15. I always see people saying Welcome to New York is her worst opener and cringy, or that Blank Space should have been the first track. I love Welcome to New York! It's so fun, especially when I'm walking downtown or running errands. Is it a bit cheesy? Yes, absolutely. I don't care though.

  16. I played Welcome to New York as I landed in NY for the first time over the summer and I got CHILLS lol. It was a song I didn’t listen to much but that experience changed it for me

  17. I think it’s one of the best openers tbh. The little whirr noise at the beginning gives me chills and the song in general is fun. It’s not my favorite song by any means, but I think it’s a solid opener.

  18. i love welcome to new york! the perfect opener for 1989. and every time i hear it, i picture her singing it in times square on NYE which was iconic imo. edit: spelling

  19. Oh welcome to New York is absolutely loved by gp, I think some swifties are too critical of Taylor’s track listing on 1989 but I think it’s perfect.

  20. Are you kidding me?? WTNY is such a bop I can't help but clap and dance whenever the song starts 🌟 it sets the tone for the album so well, I can't believe ppl actually dislike it..

  21. “I forgot that you existed” always gets me going when I’m getting ready for girls night. It gets so much flak on here but I blimmin love it.

  22. It’s been on my getting ready playlist since it came out. I don’t see it moving from daily play anytime soon. It can relate to so many things, plus it’s a great bop!

  23. Yep it’s so high school so it doesn’t bother me. I was definitely like that back in the day, just shows how much we’ve grown

  24. this song is BRILLIANT. same as tolerate it, it’s in 5/4 time signature and i absolutely adore the fact Taylor wasn’t afraid to make such an unconventional move for a major pop star. Aaron’s production does a number on me for sure

  25. This!!! I love that it’s just this cheesy, sarcastic song where she’s basically saying fuck you to everyone who shits on her and her life

  26. Gorgeous. She really captured the feeling of going absolutely feral when you have a huge crush on someone. Taylor definitely understood the assignment on that one.

  27. There are people who love Stay Stay Stay and people who hate it. I am one that loves it. It’s one of my favorites of hers honestly

  28. DO PEOPLE NOT LIKE SO IT GOES??? That’s crazy it’s such a charming track 😭 it’s my favorite from rep too, i can’t believe there’s people who hate it

  29. idk if i’m ‘not supposed to like it’ but Picture to burn (homophobic version) will always slap hardest

  30. London Boy is a fuckin bop and I can't believe people hate it. It's a goofy, fun song! There's nothing wrong with that!

  31. i love London Boy. it’s so fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. also as someone who has a lot of celeb crushes that are english, i instantly loved it.

  32. I guess from reading this thread, I’d say This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. I just found out today that people hate that song? I love it. So fun, playful and industrial. And the lyrics are sassy without being too serious. I have lots of fun with it!

  33. I fell in love with it when I saw the live version on the Netflix tour video. Love how much fun they were all having with it.

  34. I don’t know if it’s about others disliking it, I think it’s more of the fact that people didn’t expect themselves to like these songs. Like most people are answering with just simple pop songs rather than something which is lyrically superior and I think that’s the point. Sometimes we just wanna listen to bops.

  35. Okay, Message In A Bottle. It sounds so Disney-like! I laughed at it when I heard it for the first time, and then I started listening to it ironically when I was in the mood for a light-hearted pop... and now whenever I listen to pop Taylor I put that song on queue lol

  36. I understand London Boy is a divisive song, but after coming back from London (I just flew in last night), I am happy to report that I love it a lot now. I know it’s a bit campy, but I don’t care. It hits differently now that I went here, and listening to it will always give me those warm and fuzzy feelings of my time in London.

  37. My 3 year old is a major swiftie and I legitimately don’t care that this song gets stuck on repeat at my house. I bop along every. single. time.

  38. Omg I love London boy!! Honestly lover is one of my favorites, I never understood the hate for that album. I get that it was a little over the top with how sickeningly poppy it is but that was the point.

  39. I will die defending “You need to calm down”. Is it deep and poetic? No. But it’s fun! I love to put it on while I do chores. Some people really DO need to calm down.

  40. THE MAN SLAPSSSS and also people expect too much when they criticize the song’s political statement. Like it’s not meant to be that deep to me - it’s not apolitical but it’s also not a manifesto about society. It’s a song about how Taylor swift doesn’t get enough credit for being a fucking baller bc of misogyny, not a guide to solving intersectional feminist issues 🤷‍♀️

  41. i agree! there is a time and place for ME! it is the prefect feel good & pick me up song! yeah it’s bubblegum pop but so what??? it’s FUN & ENJOYABLE! i plan to put the lyrics in my future speech room - “You're the only one of you, that's the fun of you” bc i think that’s a great line to build confidence!!

  42. I adore Superman. I remember listening to it on my way to school every day. That was 12 years ago 🥲

  43. I still love WANGBT (original version). I feel like it got a lot of hate for being cheesy, but it came out right before I got divorced, so I blasted it in my car ALL the time.

  44. I remember being 13 at the time of its release and I was still not over the songs on speak now, so when I first heard it I thought “what shitty lyrics!” But then it grew on me as every album does. But yeah the WANEGBT (tv) doesn’t hit the same.

  45. I love all of the soundtrack songs. Beautiful ghosts, Carolina, even eyes open all deserve more hype. When I say I love them people are always like yeah no I skip

  46. ME! has lyrics that I actually relate to very hard -- "I know I was a psycho on the phone / I never leave well enough alone" -- because I'm a very impulsive texter.

  47. I agree with post. Me! Is my favorite song off of lover. I’ve never understood the hate. I think it’s just a fun song.. maybe my girlfriend and I elevate it because of Brandon Urie. I’m a big fan of Panic, and he’s my woman’s favorite artist, much like Taylor being mine.

  48. Gorgeous is such a fun song and so relatable to anyone who’s ever had a completely overwhelming crush on someone. “If you’ve got a girlfriend I’m jealous of her, but if your single that’s honestly worse” “I can’t say anything to your face, cause look at your face” “I’m so furious at you for making me feel this way” relatable.

  49. When I think about all the things I like about Taylor and her music, I theoretically should dislike …Ready For It? but god damn I love that song

  50. I absolutely love ME! when I’m feeling really down about myself I put that on and it just makes me feel so much better

  51. we are never ever getting back together. i’m not even sure if this is a universally hated or loved song in this fan base lol but it’s one of her least deep / lyrical songs and i just love it 😭 it’s fun and dumb and also kinda nostalgic because that was the era that i was first properly introduced to taylor.

  52. i was obsessed w stay stay stay and girl at home as a kid and i still enjoy them. Also LWYMMD, TIWWCHNT, and inthaf

  53. The same, actually! I love Better Than Revenge even if it would be somehow wrong 🙈 I just relate to it very strongly bcs of dumbass ex and his ”just friends” … person.

  54. Not necessarily that it gets hate, or I'm not supposed to like it, but I just never hear anyone talk about I Think He Knows and it is one of my favorites. Also, I loved most of Reputation, it's probably my second favorite of her albums.

  55. I feel like WANEGBT is super under appreciated within the fandom but it’s easily in my top 5– if not top 3– favorite songs for Red

  56. What’s wrong with y’all hating shake it off like that’s literally the song that made me a swiftie …..

  57. A Perfectly Good Heart. I dont know why it's so disliked, i understand that it is simple but not every song has to be a poetry. And then the melody is so pleasent for my ears.

  58. I think most Taylor’s heartfelt songs are the simplest. Just look at Soon you’ll get better or It’s nice to have a friend. Pure that’s what they are.

  59. There’s generally very few songs of Taylor’s I don’t actually like, so for the ones I’m not “supposed to”: Me!, Better Than Revenge (apparently), IKYWT, 22, WANEGBT, SIO, Bad Blood, End Game, Gorgeous, TIWWCHNT, London Boy, The Man, YNTCD.

  60. I love WANEGBT(TV). Specifically the "weeeeeee"s. They do sound like people on a rollercoaster, and the song is about a rollercoaster relationship, and it fills me with such joy.

  61. Only the Young isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It isn’t her most complex song but it’s a good beat and the verses are interesting, I listen to it semi frequently

  62. So sad people aren’t talking about this song… but INNOCENT is one of her best songs ever, it’s my 3rd favorite Speak Now song, and the meaning behind it… woah, so mature for a 19 year old girl I’d say. And the bridge reminds me of folklore, the add lips are sooooo magical, and then the guitar drop?? Come on 💀

  63. I actually enjoy The Man. Not every song has to be a lyrical genius of poetry writing, some can be straight forward and I enjoyed the message behind the lyrics. Plus I like the boppy sound with it.

  64. it’s nice to have a friend. i was stunned to learn most people aren’t fond of it, it’s one of my favorites from lover. i adore how simple and sugary sweet it is.

  65. i have so many bc I genuinely like all of her songs. ME! is a bop and brings me back to a very happy time in life. girl at home (Taylor’s version) kinda slaps. i love every cheesy song off reputation, 1989, and lover that get hate.

  66. It’s Nice to Have a Friend is so nice. I don’t understand the backlash. I’m not a Lover stan at ALL, but it’s one of my faves from that album.

  67. Probably Gorgeous, Paper Rings, and Starlight fall into this category! Also a lot of Debut fall into this like Tied together with a smile and Place in this world. And closure for sure!

  68. On the topic of Better than Revenged, I recently went to a Taylor swift event night at a house of blues and the whole crowd absolutely rocked out to Better than Revenge. To be fair, we rocked out to every single song but BTR was one of the higher energy ones.

  69. For me it’s innocent. Top 5 songs for me solely for the combination of the background vocals and the bridge. Young Tay had a wisdom that still finds home for me.

  70. Closure: I think that the "pots and pans" sound is really cool, and I like the beat and melody. The lyrical message is also really good.

  71. i forgot that you existed for me. i think its such a great song to open a lighthearted album like lover and close off a dark era like reputation. i might get death threats by saying this, but as much as i love state of grace, mine, the 1, and other great openers, iftye is my favorite opener.

  72. You are in love im sure people like it but I feel like it’s very underrated and it’s just a perfect song and explains the feeling of love in the most perfect way especially the bridge where she says you understand now why their lost their minds and fought the wars

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