1. It's also what Bugs Bunny says instead of calling someone a moron. Unlikely, but you never know.

  2. She can’t miss with track 2s, considering she has given us: Picture to Burn, Fifteen, Sparks Fly, Red, Blank Space, End Game, Cruel Summer, cardigan, and champagne problems!!!!

  3. Literally the only one of these that isn’t that good (imo) is end game so yeaaa track 2 supremacy.

  4. Came here to see if others thought the same! I wholeheartedly think this is it. “Red” and “blue” as emotions made sense, but maroon feels hard to pin down. But “to abandon”…absolutely can see it as a theme.

  5. The track is explicit because she's gonna start it with her voice recordings from a phone going "holy fuckingfuck. That body of yours is absurd."

  6. That possibly fake TikTok account that was releasing info about the tracks, got taken down. Funny enough, they mentioned Track 2 is the first single, and that’s the track name that was released tonight.

  7. But you guys don't get it! She released track 8, 7, and 6 consecutively and now, because she didn't want to release track 5, she said I THINK IT'S THE FIFTH ONE I'm announcing.

  8. Someone shazam’d the songs and they’re all from other artists so the snippets weren’t real but maybe the info was 👀

  9. I think Maroon probably the other perspective of Taylor regarding the Red Era since the hit is there, she is wearing the red ring!!! What if it is her midnight thinking about her relationship with Jake or the frustration she felt during those times in Red era????? RED-MAROON!

  10. No one’s talking about being marooned or marooning someone or being the one left marooned - or a maroon - like being deceived? Someone’s maroon ways…..

  11. I’m hoping for this honestly as a nautical sciences student. We’ve already got lanterns burning at sea, salt air, boats in the water, message in a bottle…now let’s get a marooned ship metaphor! Sailor Taylor let’s go

  12. First thought was the parallel with Red.1 But my second thought was the idea of being marooned -- stranded somewhere alone, like being marooned on a deserted island. Which could be a really interesting idea for a song. "Don't maroon me here alone, I'm afraid". "It's my fault I drove everyone away, leaving me here, marooned." "Sorry to walk away and maroon you in the middle of nowhere but maybe it's for the best." (Obviously she's a better writer than I am but you get the thematic ideas.) I'm really intrigued.2

  13. I wish I had my free award because I love everything about this comment. If you’re not a writer already, you should be.

  14. Sarah at TaylorSwiftStyled posted on IG that she wore these to the 2021 iHeart music awards. They're called Olivia Button earrings 😻

  15. I’m absolutely living for these titles so far, they’re so mysterious and could tell so many different stories! This one might even be my favorite for as simple as it seems it could have several meanings.

  16. Ok every single one of the titles announced so far have been super intriguing. None of these are generic song titles like “last night” or “I love you” 💀 obviously we don’t know the songwriting process but these titles are so intriguing and unique, she must’ve started with the title and built a song around that.

  17. Idc what others think about these announcements, I AM FUCKING LOVING THEM! It's so much content and it keeps me excited!!! Also we get to see her more often which is amazing!

  18. Yall maroon is not just a color it can also mean "to place or leave in isolation or without hope of ready escape". OMG THIS ALBUM GONNA HURT

  19. I'm seriously tickled pink with this. I love the aesthetic, the music, the fun of getting track titles slowly revealed to the fans. It's a different way to promote an album which I can appreciate. (As opposed to a standard rollout of one or two singles and interviews with show hosts and maybe a performance.) The game show element makes it enjoyable to guess and speculate. And I can't help but think that Swift really has thought ahead to which track titles to reveal, and if after the release of the album, can we look back at these videos with a better understanding of some of these elements. So cool!

  20. Okay hear me out. The curtain is pulled in the background of this video (as it has been before). To pull a curtain means to reveal how a public person has acted privately. She’s wearing Mirrorball earrings, last line of mirror ball is “and I’ll show you every version of yourself tonight”. This song is about discovering or revealing someone’s secrets. Taylor is Adam Levine’s second mistress.

  21. I feel like track 1 will be the single cos track 1 always gets the most streams. The 1 had almost the same debut streams as cardigan but it was cardigan that went #1 with the help of vinyl. Willow was track 1 and went #1 too. Then again, ATW10 was literally track 30 hahahaha so who knows

  22. Also I find it interesting how she noticed this is the 5th one so far. They’re obviously prerecorded before they’re posted but in the past I had noticed people thinking she did them all at once and chose the order each video is released. So maybe it really is just fate?

  23. Omg wait also I have another note: this album has so many M names. First there’s Midnights Mayhem, this series, then there’s Mastermind and Midnight Rain and now Maroon. Interesting

  24. theres no way its fate when she wears the red ring during the announcement of maroon. it’s taylor, she just planned this well. its possible all the balls in there are all 2’s. maybe she has so many ping pong balls. many more than 13.

  25. First you hate it then you love it. The song is about unconditional love that some of us realise a bit too late. You know, growth 💫

  26. I saw (episode) 5 Maroon, my mind blanked out episode, and 2 so I thought she named track 5 Maroon

  27. I know Maroon probably refers to the colour but I can’t help but think that it could also refer to the meaning of being stranded/left alone somewhere as in ‘marooned on an island’

  28. Maroon is one of my favorite colors I am LIVINGGG it’s going to be perfect. A full autumn slay and I’m here for it

  29. why does MMWM reminds me of Fun with Flags by Sheldon?? 😭😭 I've been getting that feeling since taylor started with mastermind

  30. Can we not put the track titles in the title of posts please? Some of us want to find out FROM the video itself 👎🏻

  31. Omg I saw a tik tok saying that track 2 would be released today and they had a theory that it would be called “tik tok” because of an Easter egg which ended up being wrong but I went back to look at the tik tok and I can’t find it so if anyone else saw that please send it to me

  32. She mentions 5th one cause some people were doubting that she recorded them one by one and is releasing them in whatever order she likes

  33. Definitely thought she meant the color at first! Now I’m convinced she’s talked about “being marooned” as in isolated and left to drown

  34. Dunno if anyone's mentioned this yet, but this track is listed as explicit on iTunes so maybe it is quoting Adam Levine's DMs after all 🤪

  35. I don’t get all the defensive replies to your comment. It’s just considerate not to post spoilers…. and a very simple thing to do.

  36. The more time that passes where we don’t get a lead single the more anxious I’m getting that we’re not getting a lead single😭

  37. It seemed akward when she said "Track 2 is... called..." as if she almost forgot that she was supposed to say "called". I had to rewatch the episodes, but sure enough the only time she didn't say "called" was when she held the phone upside down when announcing Vigilante Shit (Episode 2/Track 8).

  38. So, I’m excited for the track, but all I can think of is that she’s giving me Jungle Cruise skipper vibes, lolol.

  39. Ok I’m thinking that Taylor left little “nods” to her other songs in each of these videos. I’m just noticing some things that totally could be coincidence but also could be little references.

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