1. Please stop posting the Google Midnights tracklist. It's obviously fake- Track 7 isn't even correct. We've probably had to remove it 15 times today.

  2. The only reason I can think of as to why Taylor did Amsterdam is Drake. Since he is the producer, I think Drake might have requested her to do the part and I think they are really good friends so she did it. That's the only logically explanation I can think of.

  3. It's nothing like that. She wants to get an Oscar one day and sees being in films like this as the way to be taking seriously in the acting world.

  4. Did anyone else just get an insta story notification? 👀 I know we've had this issue forever but I'm not giving up hope that it means something

  5. I think Aaron is just doing more producing work, in the last year or so he’s worked with Gracie Abrams, King Princess, and now I guess Girl in Red— he’s getting a lot from the younger indie girlies

  6. the most interesting thing to me about niceboy ed is that they know we’re gonna react like this😂 Taylor knew when she used the sound for her reel that we would be like this. And whoever it is, knows if they played the piano on live w/ a black screen that it would seem cryptic. They aren’t dumb lol and they know how we are- so that’s what makes me think something is up

  7. I love that this fandom is so dedicated they’ll know exactly when this Nice boy Ed stuff happens. Like I know everyone else is on the case so I don’t even follow the account.

  8. If you're niceboy_ed and you have over 100K monthly listeners and over 4.5K people watching a black screen of you playing piano for a few minutes, why would you ever change anything?. As soon as the mystery is solved and it's just one of Joe's friends, all the fans are gone. It's not in his best interest to reveal himself.

  9. Because 99% of us paying attention to him is because of Taylor, not because of his music/him as an artist. If he truly wants to make music, I’d think he’d want some kind of identity and not just swifties bugging him thinking he’s Taylor or Joe forever

  10. Nice boy Ed went live and didn't show his face. at first I thought he really was Joe's friend but this is really suspicious why would he do that instead of just showing himself and talking about his music or whatever..

  11. So I am very much an avid clowner, but I feel like the only person who really doesn’t believe niceboyed has anything to do with Taylor. Maybe I’m just being boring for once but it feels like a very strange way to tease things and not straight up on her main social media accounts 😹

  12. It would be really weird of a new artist to release their first song and make zero effort to have a social media presence. Then tease something and it ends up being live stream with a dark screen like a catfish? It's far too cryptic for anyone but Taylor. Unless she's nice boy Ed's manager and she's telling him to do it this way lmao

  13. Yeah this is my thing. I don't understand why Taylor would be doing this, and I'm usually conservative with my theories, but it just doesn't make any sense to me that a new artist trying to make a name for themselves would be so cryptic, drop such small hints, have no social media presence, no website, etc.

  14. the niceboy ed live was so cryptic lol but for the people who think it’s Taylor, what would be her motive to do that?? I think if they are somehow connected, it could be Joe?? Or of course could actually be joes friend

  15. WHY WAS NICEBOY ED PLAYING THE MOST TAYLOR LIKE PIANO IVE EVER HEARD ON A DARK SCREEN!??? Y'all I'm so perplexed! Why not show your face..??? This is driving me crazy Hahah Joe also plays piano ..?? Did they make a band and are hiding behind an alias??? I'm losing sleep over this

  16. Guys!!! Niceboy Ed went live on Instagram with a black screen, played a piano for a little while, and then ended the live!

  17. On track two, Maroon, she made a point to say “I believe this is the 5th track I’ve announced”… so hinting at a maroon 5 or Adam Levine colab?

  18. At the most I could just see it being a joke that the song is called Maroon and it’s the 5th video. She probably recorded these before all of that mess. I would not want an Adam Levine collab.

  19. I don’t believe she’s going to do them anymore. She might have continued doing them in the past even when she was already so incredibly huge because she didn’t want any backlash, but releasing two albums during a pandemic gave her the perfect way of weaning out the secret sessions. If she does them, she might do one at her record label or maybe London, but I don’t see her inviting fans to her houses ever again, especially after some fans had the fucking audacity to steal from her.

  20. I don't think we've heard anything yet. I wasn't following closely during Lover and before but would think we'd see at least a few people talking about it. But maybe they haven't happened yet so those who are going haven't said anything to make sure they can go. Also, I am not aware of her leaving Nashville since the VMAs which you'd expect so she could have the Secret Sessions in LA, New York, Rhode Island, etc.

  21. Somehow when the curtain is open she turns the dial before speaking on the phone, which makes her voice change, and when it’s closed she doesn’t

  22. Does Taylor release the TikToks Monday, Wednesday, Friday? I haven’t been following the release schedule closely. Thanks in advance :)

  23. Do we have any theories as to why taylor never released Bad Blood TV even though it was in the kids movie

  24. Now that we know she has an album coming up maybe she didn’t want to release it that close to the album announcement?

  25. not sure if we should believe that info or not, but I do remember a while ago he posted a pic with Taylor a bit out of nowhere and everyone started speculating about a collab, even though at the time we did not even know a new album was coming for sure

  26. I wouldn’t trust any “leakers” other than The All Knower (although they kinda flopped hard and became a live ad for that anthem app and haven’t leaked or teased anything in a LONG while).

  27. I didn’t think she’d ever work with Max again (Shellback is doing the re-recordings which is nice). Max is good for building those pop hits early in your career but Taylor learnt so much from them that she can write her own huge pop songs now without them. That’s not hate towards Max and Shellback, I say this respectfully to them and even as a major reputation stan (where they did the bulk of the songs). We’ll have to wait and see. I think the account can get banned simply just for spreading false information and creating false hype. You don’t only get banned for leaking real stuff.

  28. He did upload the single to Spotify. I thought it was okay, nothing special but the voice sounded very familiar

  29. Back when folklore came out, Taylor had mentioned that Joe sings pretty low and she really wanted Justin to sing exile because his voice was so much like Joe’s

  30. They also said there’s a track called Venom TS that was produced by shellback and max martin that is about a sleepless night from the Rep era

  31. Okay I’m not going to rule this one out yet bc when Taylornation posted the last mmwm, the caption was “the color of the year is…” and what’s the next Pantone color of the year?? LAVENDER. Plus, that account has been right about a few things and I think they are definitely right about what the lead single is gonna be called.

  32. Wait why? He did drop that single.. what were people thinking it was gonna be? I haven’t been keeping up with those theories

  33. Ok, loooong time lurker first time poster here. I stayed up late watching Hocus Pocus 1 & 2 so I might as well stay up a little longer to clown just in case 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️👀

  34. Ugh I just saw apparently nice boy Ed posted something about October 1 in pink. Can anyone confirm that really happened and people didn’t make that up?

  35. The thing is that they didn't say what time. Since it is not confirmed that it's Tayor-related, whatever surprise niceboy ed prepared, it might be dropped at any time on Oct 1, not necessarily midnight...

  36. Midnightsleaks posted some cryptic TikTok which turns out to just say something like “one sleepless night from reputation.”

  37. The full thing is “venom ts. One sleepless night from reputation. Max martin and shellback” at this point I am not taking that account seriously but since Taylor is going to slow it’s fun to hope it’s tea LOL

  38. In Twitter they're hinting at "the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now" by which I think they are saying again that the single's gonna be called dial tones but hmmm

  39. Everyone here me out: I have a theory that 1989 Taylor’s Version is the next re-record. On all of her Midnights Mayhem with Me videos on TikTok, you can see that the word May is underlined. Naturally this seems like something she wants you to pay attention to. May is the fifth month of the year. 1989 is her fifth album. If you look at the first three letters of “Midnights” and the first three letters of “Mayhem” you get “mid May”. This makes me think she will release it in mid-May of 2023. This would give her plenty of time to have Midnights out and have it run its course. She is releasing Midnights on October 21st. There are 21 letters in “Midnights Mayhem with Me.” May 21, 2023 would be EXACTLY 7 months. 7 months is how long it was between Fearless Taylor’s Version and Red Taylor’s Version. Not to mention she’s also already released “Wildest Dreams” and “This Love.” 1989 next would make sense. Thoughts?

  40. Her Easter eggs really aren’t this much of a stretch or this complex. I’d agree there’s something perhaps important about May and the choice of the word Mayhem, but when we start getting into mathematical Easter eggs, you lose me. I don’t think she sits there deciding things based off of how much the numbers will add up to.

  41. 1989 (Taylor's Version) is not coming out until the "Shake It Off" lawsuit is resolved because UMG doesn't want to be a defendant in the suit. Since the case is going to trial, I very much doubt she'd be dropping Easter eggs for a release date.

  42. Probably they are a thing partially because dumye west recorded a phone call of her remember? And there is vigilante shit in this album already haha

  43. Is she wearing the RED ring in the MMWM where she announced Maroon? 👀 i was wondering if there was going to be a parallel between those songs, but it seems like Taylor may be hinting at that

  44. niceboy ed is totally capitalizing off of TS fans and I’m sure they know that (whoever it is). They have zero info showing their identity or any marketing whatsoever. If tonight’s release/announcement is not Taylor related, I’m sure some people will be upset as they haven’t made it a point to show who they are. It would be nice to know if they are forsure a separate person/artist from Taylor and she just simply wanted to support their new single with her reel.

  45. If anything this ed is absolutely doing this after having talked to taylor. They are probably friends. I think most people will get theres nothing to spread hate for. She has supported many artists and just because he doesnt make his identity public wouldnt mean hes just trying to capitalise.

  46. Why would he do that though? Let's just say they came out and said who they are and that Taylor's just a friend. For starters alot of people wouldn't believe them and still think it's sort of sort of Easter Egg and those who do would stop showing interest in him and his music. He currently has over 100K monthly listeners, and 99.9% of those are due to Taylor. It's not in his best interest to stop being a mystery.

  47. No Jingle Ball for Taylor this year. I think it's the first she skipped in her career, she performed in '09, '12, '14, '17 and '19. Capital One s also the main sponsor so I expected her to do LA and NYC.

  48. I was totally expecting her to do it too. Maybe she’ll be announced a little later as a surprise kinda?

  49. I think that they’re going to be posting stuff on their account, I don’t think Taylor or TN are doing anything tonight

  50. I don’t believe they have any real information. Everything they said could be guessed from following this sub closely. I bet they’re referring to the niceboy ed song.

  51. Has anyone theorized that niceboy ed is simply Joe Alwyn? Like this is a no brainer to me. It sounds like him, picture on the cover of his song is him as a kid, he’s worked with Taylor on many songs already and is pursuing his own music path now but using a pseudonym so that he does it “on his own” without the clout of his name it’s association with Taylor.

  52. I mean, he didn't do with without her clout though. No one would know who this artist is if she didn't add the song to her video. Also, Swifties are notorious for assuming every thing is something more than it is, so 100% she knew we'd be intrigued by the song. If it is Joe they really meant it to be a "mystery" so that people talked about.

  53. I liked the finger theory for a bit but Oct 5th seems more likely for a release, even though its a Wednesday. The word "fifth" actually left her mouth during MMWM. I was thinking that she made a point of saying "the fifth one I'm announcing" to do either one of two things:

  54. Like I have said deeper in the thread, it is almost impossible that Taylor is going to release a LEAD single on a day that is not a Friday.

  55. Life You Lead: If you come back another day, maybe on Saturday, maybe you’ll find, that I’ll just pick up the pieces, ‘cause my mind is swinging like it’s on a vine. [1 Oct midnight is SATURDAY]

  56. I don't think that's it, but I do agree that the upside down phone MUST mean something. I've been thinking about it constantly lol. I feel like it's most likely indicating a feature.

  57. I don’t think so. I saw a TikTok where someone overlaid the titles she’s announced on the blurred out vinyls in her older TikTok showing off the variants, and the lengths of the titles match perfectly with those blurred out spots!

  58. Wait guys for the finger theory, she made a fist last night, that could count as a zero. And then Niceboy Ed posted an Instagram story which said Oct 1, which would be midnight tonight 👀

  59. Yes, it does, but at the end of the day… would you give false info while saying you are revealing the track list? For days and weeks ahead? I think that would be bad promo.

  60. I dont like the idea that the way it gets released always has to be all about streams (relating to "she wont release on saturday"). It has been about that a lot before but that doesnt mean she wont ever be able to let go off that. Maybe not now but why would someone who regularly gets called THE music industry have to be bound to a music release friday. I think shes shown us plenty times before that she can just do whatever she wants. Many of us thought she would never do a surprise release and there folklore was. Its maybe less probable but not impossible. I dont mean to hate on wanting the best for her music but it matters absolutely nothing at this point it feels like. Whether she releases friday or saturday i mean. Lets just see how it ends up turning out!

  61. I think it’s just because she does that most often. So it’s a pattern. and anything against that pattern is more Clowney by the nature of clown

  62. Realistically, I think she's going to continue to release only on Fridays except for promo singles that have no chance of charting anyway. I could see tonight being an exception, because Saturday is close enough to Friday that a #1 is still guaranteed, and she could have been specifically waiting for the Grammy eligibility period to end. But since Taylor and Taylor Nation have been quiet today, it seems unlikely at this point.

  63. Eh, I’m more skeptical of it because there wasn’t any kind of “meet me/us at midnight” post from Taylor or TikTok or whoever. Seems like she’s been teasing the stuff she has done so far but we haven’t gotten anything like that today, so I’m not expecting anything.

  64. Honestly since there weren't any huge releases today I think she could still release on Saturday and go #1. Would be kind of a flex tbh

  65. Randomly looked up the phrase “number one with a bullet” and the Free Dictionary coincidentally uses Taylor Swift in their example sentence. Just thought it was kinda funny.

  66. The leak acount (account?) says the tour will have a Capitol One pre sale, which would make sense and tie in random lady saying "AUGUST" to swiftie redditor in the street with everything else

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