1. I left after last wipe, but stick around here because I know I’m not done with the game. I saw this and thought for a second BSG had just stealth dropped Streets or something.

  2. have you considered the fact that their development goals have shifted since then and the community won't shut the fuck up for five seconds about the newest thing to complain about

  3. Putin probably sent half the staff to eat shit and die in Ukraine, im suprised they are still able to sell their game at all

  4. They had the foresight to make a London office the game is marketed through there which allows them to stay in business but I don’t doubt the war has an impact. They could not possibly recruit new devs nobody is gonna travel to Russia to start a job and any capable programmers are put to use influencing foreign elections or covering up casualty reports from Ukraine

  5. I disagree, I personally have been playing tarkov all these years because it’s fun and there’s no other experience like it, not because of some promise bsg is obligated to fulfill for me

  6. lol what kind of strawman take is this? Nobody expects Streets to be completely bug free. Most people just expect it to run at least as well as Woods or Snoreline, that's not too much of a stretch is it?

  7. Well according to Bsg streets should be out in the summer of 2017, the spring of 2018, the winter of 2018, the summer of 2019, by the end of 2020, fall of 2021 due to delays, and also fall of 2022.... so I wouldn't hold my breath. Let's not forget streets is supposed to mark the 1.0 release of the game, and that the game is supposed to be an interconnected open world on release.

  8. You'd be amazed at the things that can go wrong when shifting from a development environment to the deployment environment

  9. Wait you're telling me an overly ambitious tiny dev team localised in russia with less than a decade of experience isn't reaching MY expectations of what a game should be?

  10. They’ve only been promising and hyping it up for like 5 years at this point. If it’s not a magnum opus then any backlash is on them. It’s cyberpunk 2077 all over again

  11. True I feel like it’s go big or go home on streets and to be fair maybe it’s that exact pressure that causes streets to take so long or maybe they really want to make it this magnum opus or maybe I’m just not a game dev and don’t know why it’s taking so long all of that could be right

  12. Haha I think it’s not that we just expect no bugs, it’s that we, by this point, expect some of the glaring obvious bugs that plague this game to be fixed by now it we expect them to be compounded into new ones with a map they’ve been delayed on releasing repeatedly as well. You can love Tarkov for what it is, but also bring attention to BSGs lack of progress in these areas.

  13. OP standard for quality in gaming are lower than my ex-girlfriend standards for dating. Because of people like him is that we are in the state we are in gaming where every company releases a broken game for full price.

  14. That’s not really true some games really do well it does seem like the standard for quality has been lowering but in my opinion it’s been getting higher which is why games like the newer CODS have been failing we expect more from developers especially with a lot of really good games popping up it makes the ones that just release to release like madden, fifa , and cod look so much worse compared to them

  15. I'd rather a massive list of bug fixes, performance tweaks, ai overhaul, camera recoil removal, dynamic loot removal and a list of qol changes.

  16. Wont be able to experience any bugs when there's a 100% chance it will run at 20 fps with anything less than a 3090.

  17. I haven’t followed much on streets since i didn’t really vibe with this wipe with the minimal content changes, is streets still gonna be the biggest even though they’re releasing only part? Unless it changed I know a while back they said first release is like a 10 person portion of the map

  18. More like BSG when they realize streets flops because they’ve ignored community feedback and haven’t improved the game in years

  19. i think everyone expects it to run like shit, given the past history. Shoreline 30fps, Lighthouse currently are good examples.

  20. well, when they have enough time to make one map as other game studios have to make an ENTIRE FEATURE COMPLETE VIDEO GAME I think it's a legitimate complaint

  21. This game is dead and I’m done. I wish it wasn’t but streets will never release before the game dies.

  22. Streets has been hyped up for so long that when it actually releases I don’t think people are going to be happy with it

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