1. Seems like a flak jacket would just be heavy as hell and only protect against grenades or buckshot?

  2. A flak jacket isn't actually going to do much vs a fragmentation grenade in the Tarkov version of the kill radius, unless at the extreme edge.

  3. While I know irl it’s not the same, but surely some of the face shields and Body armours are at least normal frag resistant

  4. this is the first thing i opened on reddit today and for a second I thought it was some minion-esque type of character doing a wide-open scream.

  5. I think the current ballistic goggles should be class 1 like condors. They are specifically anti-fragmentation

  6. Am I the only one who things there should be a mechanic where you can cover your face with your arms so that fragmentation doesn’t get your head

  7. I am currently issued a "modern one" and it seems old as hell. It has pouches which we can/do insert proper ballistic plates into but other than those it's just kevlar to protect against shrapnel.

  8. Currently frag projectiles are stopped by armor in tarkov, however, the majority of deaths from grenades are because of the blast radius not because of a fragment hitting you

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