1. Free cash flow is unencumbered earnings, meaning it is the company's earnings after payments like interest and taxes are made. EBITDA is earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

  2. Dead on! I know RC and Roaring Kitty have similar mindsets, I remember that clip of DFV watching RC interviews where Ryan talks about generating FCF with Chewy and he lights up

  3. I wish I knew who were the other two people with him during that stream and if they're still around or bailed when things got tough 👑

  4. I love Larry cheng he’s like an undervalued genius in this whole GME investment. I have so much confidence in him, RC, furlong, and board. I’m so jacked we reached Free Cash Flow +

  5. Somebody explain fcf so my kid understands… cause I totally understand it, I just can’t break it down to be understood by somebody of his mental capacity. I totally get it though, it’s for my kid

  6. I think he shorted during the sneeze when the buy button got cut. I don’t think it was a position he kept for too long. Plus why would RC post a picture to promote someone that doesn’t believe in his plans. My guess is the potential for an acquisition mentioned today probably involves him. This is tinfoil though so take it with a grain of salt.

  7. Anyone have a good link on how to read a 10Q? I want to familiarize myself with all the terminology and numbers to better understand what I’m looking at and reading so I can explain it to others a bit better

  8. A big ass war chest and very little debt is the breakfast of champions in this market. They're in damn good shape with free cash flow.

  9. My only concern is whether this can be maintained. It looked to me like a temporary bump from increase in accounts payable, which they chose to mute through capex since having a non-operations related positive FCF can be weaponized by short sellers.

  10. This is a great lesson for me personally next time as well when reading a financial/annual/quarter report.

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