1. Fully it ! That's some Stephen Hawking shit right there bro. It reminds me of the time I decoded RC store front and Dave Laura tweet about wanting a tugsten cube, tugsten periodic number being 74(1), now funnily enough 3423Β°c (3423 position of boxes on shelves in store front tweet) is the melting point of pure tugsten according to science direct.com. Another name for tugsten is wolfram. Wolfram mathematica is a company that produces algorithmic trading platforms amongst other things. Citidel, BoA and Goldman Sachs use their algorithmic platforms. πŸ˜‚so much Foil, those where the dayz!! πŸ˜‚

  2. I forget which image on the gamestopnft website, I can find it if interested. Has an RSA code in it. Definitely looks like on purpose, spent have a day on it but don't know enough on it

  3. And pray πŸ™. I have been praying a lot for this Ethereum merge to go smoothly. I get adrenaline rush thinking about it.

  4. Holy hell is this isn’t simulation confirmed I don’t know what is… or the man is play 9d chess…

  5. Ya it's a bit crude. Kinda poked around on street view for a while before just packing it in and throwing it to the apes. Was really hoping for some graffiti or something

  6. the enthusiasm and pure dedication apes have, hedgies R extremely exponentially astronomically FuckD πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  7. I support you because I never posted it but I googled Bye Bye Baby a while back and a baby toy rocket ship image was one page 1 of google on Bed Bath and Beyond's store. It's sold out/gone now. I have the screenshot either way

  8. You are high. That is all the justification you need. I'm not high though, and that is a lot of B's in the NFT, almost enough to make me scratch my head...almost.

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