1. People are tired of the fed and wall st causing these situations, and the blatant lies of the greedy cowards running our government that have protected those taking the insane risks and taxpayers paying for it.

  2. This. I am tired and burnt out. But not with RC and GameStop. I'm tired of Wallstreet and the oligarchy. That's why I'm holding for as long as it takes.

  3. We need to come to grips, each of us, that this is a long game. We need to lock that float and open up the legally safe party to the squeeze.

  4. There is no way im voting out the best thing that has happened to gsmestop. Ryan cohen has vision and there isnt a single 3xecutive i would trust with the future of the company specially when his work already shkwing results. That fud needs to be shut down.

  5. Comment seems more like it’s hinting at pressure from investors to act as justification for action rather than saying it’s time to bail on board IMO

  6. It’s fun to speculate, get hype and everything. But ultimately, as an individual investor, I don’t feel the value prop behind the stock has changed. If it has, it’s only improved with the new board, new distribution hubs, US Based customer service (that I’ve seen plenty of anecdotal positive reviews on), gross sales increases, and increase of shares direct registered.

  7. I trust in the thesis. But I don’t really trust anyone with my future. I hope he comes through but we can do it on our own even if he doesn’t.

  8. Exactly. Way too many people here blindly trust/hero worship random people they've never met. I'm optimistic they will get it done, but I don't personally know any of the board members, or whether they plan on waiting 10 years to finally push the button.

  9. Well I mean I've got more faith in the current board then that guy throwing a pre-temper-tantrum. Stocks not at $0? Right? Float at 130 in a bear market on the verge of a recession? Fuck I think I had a good investment so far. I still can't find a reason not to buy more and keep on waiting.

  10. NGL, it's a fair reply. I trust in gme and am holding. But if another year goes by with no word and no action, people are justified to want to vote them out. Not that it would be the right decision

  11. I've said it before, if it was any other stock we'd be getting the pitchforks ready. The lack of any visible action to protect the investors or the company could be seen as complacency. We're lucky to have a BoD we trust but equally they're lucky that we trust them.

  12. People really think they'll be able to vote out the board by themselves against a locked float of ppl who trust Cohen lmfaooo

  13. Ops not wrong, we should be speculative of the board of companies we invest in; have we not learned anything with the bcg thing? With that said, this company is in a better place than it was; that earns them time and patience from me. If the trajectory of the company changes to the downside over the next 11 months then sure we can talk, but for now theyre good

  14. I hold out hope for some kind of crazy fast price improvement but I'm staying for RC, the board and the transformation of the company. If all I wanted was a squeeze I would have sold by now. Honestly I wish we had a sub as popular as this one that just talked about GME as an investment. Let's help the company earn a share price in the multiple thousands through our votes, suggestions and patronage.

  15. I hated that comment but I respect their right to say it. I will vote against them though because it’s very hard to fix a corrupt financial system. They act like it is some simple thing and it makes me roll my eyes.

  16. lol the people talking like this are the first to paper hand once their money doubles or triples. I for one know the majority of gme holders who are drs'n their shares are in it for more than just that. Im talking 10X and 20X our money

  17. hate it if you want but it was Ryan Cohen himself who said "talk is cheap it takes money to buy whiskey". They've done a lot for the corporation and customers but while they've said they'll fight for their investors they haven't actually DONE anything for their investors, YET that is.

  18. They wait so more people can Drs. I think they have a threshold. Then they will initiate order 66 and do the stock dividend, then sue the dtcc and then move to their own marketplace. I'm sorry if you cannot wait. For this the marketplace and wallet need to work seamlessly otherwise they propably will face lawsuits. Man get your stuff together. Chill hydrate go outside and remember to drs

  19. If they are withdrawing from the DTCC, there is no need to wait for DRS totals to reach arbitrary thresholds. The shares are leaving regardless of the amount already out of the DTCC at that point.

  20. Ignore those fools, they're almost certainly plants anyway. This will take as long as it needs to in order to ensure a successful delivery. I have complete faith in RC and his team.

  21. If someone wants to do this let them. This is no kindergarten where you can say "if you won't do this I'll won't do this" Aight mate then leave but we'll all now even if someone wouldn't vote/support the Board, they still would hold because they know it would be stupid not to.

  22. I don't blindly trust anyone. If I don't see progress by the next shareholder vote, I'm voting for members who promise to make progress.

  23. Not everyone who has an opinion contrary to your own is a shill. If 11 more months go by and the board has taken no visible action in what will be 2 complete years of their tenure, it will be very fair to question the plan. I highly doubt we will be in that situation in 11 months, but if we were, we should all be asking questions.

  24. I was thinking, couldn't we just vote in Criand or Attobit if they would volunteer? That could be a good way to secure our interests. Not that I don't trust Ryan, but just as a thought, it should be possible, or am I mistaken? I'm fully aware that anyone we vote into the board would of course not be able to tell us anything but they could be a good voice for our interests on the board.

  25. Man I wanna close the rest of my etoro and most of my other chess broker and drs my other 2 thirds of my shares with a few left in my non etoro broker.

  26. Hold on man! We still are working inside this system. Cutting off is not a solution. Apes are doing their part, and so doing communicating their will. Let the team do their work. Things are moving ver fast for all.

  27. My investment plan IS Ryan Cohen. Wherever he goes and whatever he's doing, he's got my money and support for the rest of my life.

  28. Thank you for sharing these screenshots. I'd missed Furlongs post. Makes me all warm and fuzzy reading that.

  29. Shit I buy every dip as much as I can. At this rate I will never be truly long. Why the fuck would I ever sell and give the G more tax dollars then I have to. If moass happened tomorrow I would still have to sit and wait months before I could even think about giving my tax dollar to this shit show of a Government

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