1. This sub really has everyone, mf out here casually telling everyone he's gonna meet RZA, LOL. Absolutely jokes. Tell him I love him.

  2. Came here to say this. Too many people posting stuff like it’s fact when they don’t even have all the basic info

  3. I think he means how careful RC is in addressing the apes. Not elon who doesnt give a fuck about the sec anymore.

  4. But if we all own a piece of it as an NFT, meaning we collectively own it, wouldn’t we all be able to at least listen to it??? Just speculating here

  5. Commercial Release, Commercially Released means the sound recording has been legally offered to the public for sale, download, stream, or other method of public consumption, via a music retailer or digital music service, provided that the nature of such offer is commercial, meaning that its purpose is to generate revenue of which the Artist whose performance is embodied on the sound recording is entitled to be paid a share. Physical formats of the sound recording packaging must feature a UPC barcode; each track must have been assigned an International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) number.

  6. Question though, how are people going to play the album? Like is the wallet going to act like a media player?

  7. Loopring has been busy at work developing the tech to let video/audo play as an NFT. They already have dynamic NFTs that can react to things like the moon phase and prices of crypto coins. Anything you can program, skys the limit.

  8. There could be a site that streams the album 24-7 and in order to activate the player, you connect your GameStop wallet and it validates you have the NFT

  9. The album would be available to download/stream on different music streaming platforms, but the NFT would be a GameStop exclusive. It would be a collectors item and owners of the NFT could potentially receive royalties of the album through smart contracts - just speculation.

  10. Oh and one more prediction… Ken Griffin will go down in history as the most prolific financial terrorist ever 🛏📉🫙

  11. The sign-up bonus is the album, like what Apple did with U2 putting that one album on all iTunes connected devices

  12. That was a PR disaster for U2, if I recall. Probably because of how it auto-installed itself on everyone’s phones. I bet this goes better.

  13. Uhhh… Was on my phone for years, and just tolerated it… BUT it can be removed, one song at a time from the music app that comes with the phone. One of my finest moments.

  14. The album also can’t be “exploited commercially” until 88 years from 2015. But could be released for free. I don’t know if attaching it to a crypto wallet qualifies as free or commercial exploitation

  15. The gag order did not come from the SEC. It was a contractual arrangement with Gamestop so while the hype is appreciated you”re a little off the mark imo.

  16. Mhh I'm not sure that's the best use of an NFT. If it's just to distribute an album, as soon as it's out, people will pirate it and it will be spread by other means than the NFT.

  17. Yep, this just makes OP’s idea fall apart. It would be 10x easier to get it in a million other places an hour after it was released.

  18. Imo it will be a stockholder exclusive and you can trade it back and forth. Generated money goes straight to GameStop/GMErica, Loopring and Shareholders.

  19. Disagree, although that's all an opinion right. Making something widely available doesn't lower its value. Reddit, the Bible, the Appalachian Trail - things some people may find valuable that are widely available for free.

  20. We really need to stop with the Wutang theory… it’s not RC in the pic. I can prove to mods I know someone in that pic and they told me it’s not RC

  21. Sure, if you send the proof to me through chat, I'll look into it. It will have to wait for a few hours though, cause it's already sleepy time in my German timezone

  22. That’s kinda dumb, and there’s no guarantee that it would light the fuse. Distributing it to all shareholders would definitely light the fuse, but not distributing it to everyone with a GS Wallet.

  23. I'm genuinely curious how many people will be actively interested in the album. I love the hype but for example, I really don't care about wu tang. Certainly not enough to go out of my way for an album

  24. Bruh not to be negative here but this has been predicted thousands of times. So many pop up and say I predict this when it’s thousands of posts of superstonk already talking about it months ago. Gets a little old. Then when it does happen the poster comes back and say hey I posted this and it finally happened I predicted this

  25. I really don’t understand the legitimately line from that to MOASS - there’s no function or mechanism here that would kick off MOASS.

  26. This could play into the split as well. New marketplace costumers could soon be new investors at a lower entry point.

  27. I think they could... actually do this? So wu tangs rules on the album prevent anyone from profiting off of it. But they can give it out for free I think. Wow

  28. In Astrology, Uranus rules Aquarius which is a fixed air sign. Information is stored in the cloud. It represents revolution, technology, the future, the unconventional and the collective. Power to the Players indeed. Welcome to The Age of Aquarius.

  29. i like it but giving away an NFT doesn’t equate to killing shorties when they control the price. It’s gonna take a more direct approach to force the hand (moving gme off traditional exchange… special dividend etc)

  30. I literally have an ongoing list of world changing ideas I could do after moass. There will be a need for superstonk after moass as we start building teams to focus on these projects.

  31. Not sure it'll be wu tang but I would absolutely expect an air-drop of some kind. Dream scenario the air-drop are nft shares that Kenny can't get.

  32. What they would ideally do, is do the stock split lowering the individual stock price to around 20 bucks, and then give a free copy of the Wutang album to every share holder. People would swarm in to buy shares for the price of the album, while the long time holders would already be getting it for free as a bonus. Link a copy of the album to each share, and you will drive a big demand for shares as if they were themselves a collectible product.

  33. We can do so much to change the world after MOASS. I'm all for VR school, would have made my covid experience much better. Many people have started using discord for academic purposes, and using vr would be really interesting, it would be able to connect students and researchers around the world.

  34. VR shouldn't be the primary method that young children are taught though. They need the social interaction to properly develop

  35. I don't know how ya'll see it but when it comes to the children, Wu-Tang and the apes are for the children. We teach the children. Wu-Tang is the best!

  36. I’m thinking Snoop D-O double G is going to put some free music on the Marketplace at launch, too.

  37. How does that make shorts close out? It literally has no effect. You're assuming fundamentals will boost stock price but that's not been the case for this stock or rather any other stock in the market since forever.

  38. Man...if this wasn't the plan it should be. I can't think of anything else that would be as wide reaching. I can see the headlines now.

  39. I would cry. This is too good. Forget MOASS, this move alone, just like, as a musician and lifelong fan of music, seeing this next level technology and community-focused sharing of album in a brand new way - it's all just too much.

  40. Reading these posts make me realize how braindead people are. It's like when you're standing in the shower at the end of a day thinking about all the fake scenarios you made up in your mind to live vicariously.

  41. Is this what wu tang wants? Like I don’t understand the whole thing with the album would they not want it to be released? From my understanding wu tang ain’t nothing to fuck with

  42. They should charge for it (a low reasonable amount). This gives a chance to show the general public how much potential the nft market has to offer. It can create even more value for the companies stock resulting in even more fomo.

  43. This might be a stupid question, and I guess I could just look it up for myself, but… Has any one ever heard the album outside of the physical copy?

  44. How would RC be a financial terrorist? It's not his fault Gamestop's stock shorted multiple floats, that shouldn't even happen in the first place. If NFT divident is in line with general business direction, which it is, he has all the rights to initiate that, squeeze or not. Market movements are not his responsibility, growing the business is.

  45. The end of this post. Love seeing the call to arms in fixing our world. Wealth in the right hands will transform our world into a better place.

  46. Yeah, please click on my reddit profile, look at my pinned posts, and see a message from Redman about Computershare, a featured artist on Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

  47. You forget that it doesn’t matter how much buying pressure comes in. They will reflect the buy pressure with selling pressure. That’s why we have the free float traded twice in a week.

  48. I like this theory and you may very well be correct however, in my mind the only way we get MOASS is if something FORCES the shorts to close. Call me a skeptic but unless something happens to do that (NFT dividend or directly registering the float or entire outstanding) then I truly believe they can kick this down the road ad infinitum. Increased regular demand/fomo buying does nothing if all orders are internalised/traded off exchange through dark pools unless specifically routed. Most fomo buyers don’t even know what IEX is or why they would need to do this. Prime brokers on the hook won’t margin call any of the MM’s/SHF’s at this point because it would cause them to blow up too.

  49. First person to get the Wu tang NFT will copy it for people that don't have the GME wallet. Ugh sucks.

  50. That’s okay though! I think the NFT will still be cool and potentially worth some money (like maybe there will be a limited amount like let’s say 5 million?), but i think the album should be free for everyone.

  51. Oh I have no idea! I’m just saying that if PlsrDAO (who RC is known to have connections with) and/or GameStop decide to release the album for free, for everyone using the GameStopNFT marketplace, we, as shareholders will benefit from the overall success of our company.

  52. sorry, just trying to wrap my head around fractional nft. so the nft will be divided but wouldn't that still be finite? does that mean your ownership percentage gets smaller for every new wallet created? and what exactly do you own? a song? a note? a lyric? another iou that points to the album? if an nft can be fractionalize to infinity, what makes it different to synthetic shares?

  53. I dont think so, I'll put a banna in my... nevermind. no I wont. but still doubt this will happen

  54. Tried to set up the wallet. But Chrome only shows the extension. No button to start no button to set up a wallet... Chrome noob here...

  55. The moass ruining economy is such a ridiculous idea. It's kind of opposite. It would get a lot of money into circulation and taxed as opposed to be hoarded by 1%. It's the wealth redistribution they (who own media and politicians) are afraid of. They lose power as soon as they are not seen as all-powerful and economy controlling

  56. Though I really believe that would be a good advertising structure I guess the main thing right now missing is...the marketplace.

  57. Pretty sure the album can't be commercialised at all (not just sold) so this is wrong. Nice hype tho.

  58. I fail to see how giving away a digital asset for free through a platform that is free to sign up for would be considered commercialization.

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