1. I’ve found telling people anything about your investment gets them mad. Bros need to stop being heated. But when I’m a Yacht called ‘Told you so,’ don’t ask for help

  2. As retarded as most of us are, and the force that keeps us pushing, and is also the things that pisses him off, he has to be short! He’s asked if options could be traded AH (they can’t) and other things he should know when swinging a dick that large… but nope. Ugh. It’s frustrating.

  3. He can do whatever he wants. I give ZERO Fuks… but I’ll stop taking his calls when he’s WAY too invested in what I’m holding. I’m fuk’n pissed right now.

  4. I’ll see what he comes back with, I like your reply! Honestly, I think his hearing is fucked, because he doesn’t hear anything I say… he’s also SMOOTH AF.

  5. At this point i tell everyone i exited a while ago and made a small profit. Helps avoid these issues. Also after moass, he wont be asking for money

  6. I can’t really blame someone for being concerned. It’s hard to get any reliable information outside of Reddit. It’s all msm bashing.

  7. I get it, but he’s a flip floppier… if you believe, and he knows that I do… it’s just annoying and I don’t want that in my face. I’ll help him get out of bad trades but he doesn’t listen anyway. lol

  8. Bro, he’s been getting beat for years… I understand WHY he trades and reacts to things, the way he does… he’ll find his way. His soul is good!

  9. No longer have i try to convince others, to them we are a bunch of conspiracy theorists or flat earth believers.

  10. Respond with "OK, I'll sell if you're down less than 20%. Oh you're down way more than that? Huh....maybe mind your fuckin own then huh bud?"

  11. We both, “day trade” and have passive income… but his “passion” about me selling is pissing me off. I’d be surprised if he’s not short GME. It’s one of the only stocks I’m holding, and constantly buying more of. Idk. It’s got me triggered.

  12. When you tell people you have gme. They suddenly become pro stock market trader and tell you why you should sell

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