1. They are literally screaming to sell before a dividend, who would do that? Even if it wasn't Gamestop, no one would sell right before a dividend, its crazy!

  2. Pathetic chump. How about he walks away from being a paid for hire chump. Do it quietly. Don’t tell anyone. But do it now.

  3. No kidding!! What in the galloping hell is happening that the world can’t see through this like we can? I’m a halfwit. All I did was follow along with the bouncing bullshit!

  4. So obvious that some influential people are going to take it on the chin when this blows up. The desperation smells fantastic, keep crying, it costs me nothing to hold and comparative pennies to buy.

  5. Really! Copypasta, that extra step, so good to keep unnecessary traffic from the sites that just need to STFU.

  6. There are more articles written about a "Failing Brick and Mortar, mall based, retail store" than any other stock over the last 16 months. By like 30% more. The next highest is TSLA, then APL then popcorn. Must have hit a nerve with this Buy,HODL,DRS,SHOP trading plan.

  7. This is the most desperate article I've ever seen. They want you to get out of GME now and then what... invest into the supposed bottom for all these other stocks? Yeah, I'm sure this is the real bottom. Hahah. They're just looking for more bag holders as the entire market, save GME, goes into a death spiral.

  8. Real question here. What does the author mean by “beyond a stock split that only benefits management, nothing has changed.”? I have not heard this line of thought before. Anyone have any idea what he is trying to imply?

  9. I guess they are implying the free money from a dividend will only go to management and not the share holders because...ummm... look, just sell now for some reason, please, I beg of you!

  10. If the short selling party is over I'm invested in a company which has a longterm view and is joining the digital world where you can own digital games and skins and maybe music and films which you can then trade or lend out to generate passive income for yourself. Which will drive massive profits to the company as they are offering some web 3 solution. But what do I know shorts have not covered

  11. Some guy hacked Motley Fool to see their stock tips before they got published. He made $3.9mm and his friend $3mm. The hacker got arrested.

  12. Yes, let me sell my stock right before a dividend split, sure, makes sense as being given free money is always a bad thing and you wouldn't want it.

  13. This is the first article I have seen that's worded so close to " FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST FUCKING SELL YOUR GAMESTOP ALREADY!"

  14. I didn’t see an NFA statement in the article. Does that mean if someone sold (RIP dumbass) and missed the MOASS that they could sue these chump(kumba)s?

  15. It’s been at least a decade since I listened to anyone about advice, financial or otherwise. The yellow journalism has become so obvious, I literally jumped with glee when I heard CNN+ was a failure.

  16. I got into this with the intention of never seeing my money again,here I am ,15 months later and still buying, still DRSIng. Cause,fuck em,that’s why! I’ve been borderline poor my entire life. I just happen to have a trade and an ability to make money. Gme has allowed me for the first time in my life to save, and save good. I’ve bought at any price, twenty percent of all my cash goes into GameStop and will continue to for the unforeseeable future. Shorts R fucked

  17. Lmao in the bbby article Ryan Cohen literally says he can't join the board because his focus is GameStop. And I don't think small time retail investors move prices from 25 to 483

  18. Why would I accept losses and sell when Gamestop has shown even if MOASS was never going to be a thing, it is still well worth over it's current price of $118 lol

  19. WTF PEOPLE?! Why didn’t tell me this stock wasn’t what we thought it really was?!! Now I have to sell all my shares at a loss and find a new stock? I knew this was a bad decision. Jesus I can’t do anything right!

  20. My (not financial) advice is that you go balls deep. Do it quietly. Don’t tell anyone until you’re in. But go in, now. If you came too early, enjoy the creampie. If you haven't, lets fucking go. But DRS, tho.

  21. I can’t wait to share all these links openly on their twitters etc., rubbing it in their assholes that they suck so badly at being ‘market specialists’ and are so stupid!

  22. Hahahaha. Since when has cloud gaming been the bull case? You left out the rest of the thesis mate, you know the bit where GameStop, Loopring and IMX dominate and lead the way in gaming assets based on Blockchain, re-define game and in game item ownership achievements,unlockable content, Easter eggs, contests etc.

  23. This is a game of chicken they cannot win. We have nothing to lose but everything to gain. I mean even if we do lose it all we haven’t changed positions. They have everything to lose and have already gained everything they can. Unless we fold and walk away, their positions change. Dramatically.

  24. I'm just here to talk about meme stock power. The meme stock power is so strong with gme. I bet it's gonna fly any day now. Power to the memers.

  25. Negative media sentiment is almost as bullish as a star wars tweet from RC. Smells like b*tch in here.

  26. A bullish case only presents the positive side of the company, this one was ridden with bullshit and bias it came as if they are pleading for you to sell. .. Edit: they are pleading , begging for you to sell. Fokin loosers I'm holding until everyone is sitting right next to Hwang in a cell.

  27. When they are attacking persons, mean their back is to the wall. Or as we say back home : the dance of the behaded rooster

  28. Articles like this make me think we have a day or 2 of downward price movement followed by the inevitable recovery.

  29. Disgusting piece... 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️ get fukd hedgies!! Walk the plank in them naked shorts arghhhhh sharks smell blood and you think other sharks won't attack weak shitadel?? That's why Kenny fought so hard to maintain his image of strength. They will eat him alive soon... moon soon APES n APETTES

  30. I expect half these articles are saying that an investment in GME makes no sense but they're assuming the highly manipulated and corruptmarket makes sense.

  31. Ah so we are at the hit piece part of the cycle. Should be running up in a few weeks / a month. It's almost as if the entire stock market is predicated on retail not being able to hold for more then 3 months and Gamestop has completely shattered their models.

  32. You can tell how well this article worked because of all the screenshots being posted of people selling their shares.

  33. Such desperation. There shall be many SHF tears soon. Tears and jail. So sad. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA..... ahhhh.... HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... wheeeeew!

  34. Jokes on them Ive already taken my investment as a loss. That's why it's so fucking easy to sit and wait to become rich af.

  35. 😂😂😂😂 please bring it down to 30 i beg you 😂😂😂 so i can sell my kidney and yolo everything i have left. Buy now ask questions later!

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