1. But he bashed GME and AMC like baby seals for doing exactly that….. What a true piece of liquid dog shit this MF’er is……

  2. No he didn't...he applauded them for taking advantage of absurdly overpriced shares to raise some desperately needed cash. You got your facts wrong

  3. I'm currently working on a team implementing a multi-million dollar inventory management system for JCP....

  4. I used to work for JCP when some big wig from Apple came over and was supposed to reinvent the stores. Circa 2012ish. Yeah, that didn’t work out so well for them.

  5. Dollar value doesn’t really say much at all about what the implications of this new system will be. Everything corporations of that size implement costs millions of dollars.

  6. They won’t recover if they maintain the same strategy but they’ve also made it clear they will be making changes.

  7. Won't be hard to do after they ousted the last CEO. He was a plant, Cohen has been explicit about this in his letter and on twitter.

  8. I dont think its a joke my guy. Inverse Cramer, from what I have gathered, has actually become a legitimate trading strategy. Apparently if you inverse his sell/buy recommendation, you have about a 60 to 70% chance of actually making some decent gains.

  9. I think you are missing out. Inverse Cramer is performing well. Hype and chatter affect the market. If trading was only done on fundamentals… well it might make more sense, but it’s not.

  10. As a consumer and former customer for 20+ years, BB&B as a retail store sucks. It reminds me of Kohl’s and JC Penney as far as wondering WHY anyone shops there anymore? Their ridiculous coupon games with 12,000 rules and a kazillion ‘exclusions’ are such a turn off. Their website sucks. Their in-store high pricing sucks. I 100% expect them to fail, maybe a slow death but death. ☠️

  11. Their routine seems to be buy up the cheap brands for stuff like sheets, curtains, etc and then jack up the price and stamp luxury on the package. Their 1000 thread count sheets are translucent, about the same quality as 300tc sheets elsewhere. Nobody comes back to fall for the same trick twice, so they lose most of their customers.

  12. Since about 2019 I’ve been paying attention to how many people are in the store any time I’ve gone to BBBY. When I was there last week I counted 7 customers (including myself), this was the highest count I can remember; it’s typically around 3. Several times I’ve been the only person there. This is a dying chain with low quality products, I don’t know how they’re still in business tbh.

  13. Inverse Cramer.. if I agree with him on something, means I got it wrong. His sole job is to hype people to take the losing side of every trade

  14. Ryan Cohen has taken interest in BBBY and seems to be very good at what he does. So I’m not betting against a turn around at all.

  15. I know the rule is do the opposite of Cramer, but in this case I'm not sure how BBBY has survived even this long.

  16. If I wasn’t bullish on BBBY before… I am now! I was… but reverse Cramer is confirmation it’s going ⬆️✔️

  17. Bbby did share buy backs at 20 they are not selling. Ryan Cohen has placed board members and old ceo is out. This ship is turning around. Buybuy baby valued at 1.5 billion alone. Bbby is serious value buy at these prices

  18. BBBY is to niche. The other massive players sell anything they carry. Along with anything else you could possibly want. I live near a Yuppie new development haven of a town. And my BBBY store just became a Jersey Mike's sub shop.

  19. Fuck BB&B, I ordered a knife set from their website and half the knives were missing. I’ve been trying to get what I paid for back for over a year now and they keep sending me in circles. Because of this, I wish them shitty paper hands.

  20. Anything that WSB shills as hard as they shill is a rug pull. I opened a shitload of shorts on BBBY. Edit: why do I keep seeing posts here that start with "jim Cramer says..."? Who cares? That guy is a coke rat clown. Just buy what he shills and sell it the very next morning, what the fuck people

  21. The reason bbby is so short, like AMC, is that it's a legit dog shit business that will probably be bankrupt in the next couple years. If they go into debt restructuring, and get taken private, and share holders equity is negative, the shares would be worth literally $0, and a fantastic short play.

  22. Nah they should or sell because that would help the shorts close out, by not selling it could lead an even higher stock price and the ability to sell less shares and get the same amount of money.

  23. This is another psyops to get the younger generations money into the stock market. Gme AMC bbby and hype into robbinhoods shit company. Pump it up, short it out, knock it down, repeat with other shit companies.

  24. He's probably right IMHO, this is another pump and dump. BBBY could survive, even thrive as some type of primarily online brand, but in the near term what's going to suddenly turn their sales around?

  25. If your getting your investment advice from Jim Cramer and then asking Reddit if he’s right , you need to go speak to a financial advisor and delete Reddit . Inverse Cramer is probably the better play

  26. Well it’s down on a tough comp. During the pandemic when people were working from home they were more motivated to buy home goods. Curious what sales are comped to 2019.

  27. SELL 10 MIL SHARES NOW! ASK QUESTIONS LATER! hmm wonder where he got this script PROLLY FROM CHEWCUMBA

  28. Poor jimmy.. I feel bad for the old man.. it’s something about being stupid , stubborn and old that always gets me.. NOT hahaha

  29. They can recover and make profit again like AMC. Reddit users have support to push the price higher . So recovery is looking strong . I am all in for BBBY. Let’s save this amazing company and hope they turn the business around for them self

  30. I said the same for GME, haven't been or knows anyone that goes there. I pass by this one shop by my house all the time, nobody's inside. Still open for business after 10 years. Look at GME stock price VS their evaluation? mind goggling

  31. BBBY is a has been and for once I agree with JC. My family used to shop there a lot and now no one has been in there in years. They could have tried to innovate with continually changing home products but they stuck to the same old things we can get anywhere and from the big ol' Amazon.

  32. Believe it or not but fox News is not classified as journalism its factuallyclassifiedas entertainment....and guess what else neither is Fox Business which is why they can say whatever they want with no proof of validation....now bring on the downvotes

  33. I think retail stores will be hammered till only a few have the market corners bitches love shopping.

  34. He is asking to for them to sell 10 million shares so short sellers can push price down using those as locate. duhhhhhhhhhhj🤡

  35. I just bought Bedsheets, pillows, egg slicer, and a toilet seat cover at BBBY. Doing my part to keep my company in business!

  36. BBBY should use this opportunity to sell as many shares as they can, bank as much cash as possible, shut all their physical stores, offload all their inventory onto Amazon and Shopify and become either some sort of weird holdco or an online retailer/Amazon storefront.

  37. If Cramer is talkin about it being a bust it’s probably worth opening a small position within your own personal risk tolerance. There is a inverse Cramer tracking bot for a reason.

  38. I went into our local BBBY store recently with my wife. I haven’t been in one in months. I was never a big fan because the stores always seemed so cluttered, haphazard, and no retail focus. What a change! The store was organized, uncluttered and well stocked without being crowded and hard to move around. Total turnaround from previously. I was impressed. I would think the changes will trickle down to the bottom line if the general public likes the changes as well as I did and if this wasn’t an isolated change.

  39. They still need to sell quality products at a fair price that people want. Easier to go on Amazon, Costco, Target etc to get the same products at better pricing. Last time I went in they were stocking shampoo and beauty products. That's when I knew the end was near when they tried to compete with Walmart.

  40. I mean, "almost" implies at least somebody does...or it would be "always". So it can't be "nobody". He went to Harvard?

  41. I honestly don't think he's wrong generally. It's an easy pay out for meme socks that need a cash infusion. Gme sold $1b in stock last year with a similar premise.

  42. Yes. You will lose your ass with this stock. Ask yourself, when was the last time you or anyone you know has been to that store.

  43. It was not so last year, Jim had the forsight to see the retail input was bolstering AMC for instance, and once he saw AMC mgmt reinvest, he knew AMC had already won the short battle ithHedgies. So fast forward to now, I suspect the Hedgies could not handle the direct questions from contrarians like Cramer, so they paid him off, now his tune has changed and he does sound like the same mind numbed idiots on Bloomberg and Market Watch. To point, whenever Tom Deane suggest something I literally do the opposite and make a killing, energy stocks for instance the past spring.

  44. I’m surprised if anyone listens to him anymore. His advice ages worse than milk. It’s the equivalent to dung that fossilized.

  45. Electronics are one of the only consumer items not heavily inflated. Boomers like to see and touch their electronics before buying. I’m holding.

  46. Reverse Cramer is a good strategy but he isn't wrong. Not many come back from this but since it is Cramer there is a chance they come back

  47. I honestly wasn’t gonna fuck w this but after his lil fake tweet storm, def got 20k throwin down on this tmrw.

  48. To sell the 10 million shares at this point it would be like scalping and spurning investors/gamblers who want to drive the price up 10x. Smart would be letting it run up then sell like 3 million like GME did and it barely effected the price.

  49. Cramer is a puppet for the corrupt financial industry they use him to dump stock on people that take his buy recommendations. The stock price goes up short term lure in new traders or dump money then dump the stock on you. I would touch anything he recommends. He is most likely trying to sell

  50. BBBY is were most of my family shops for presents all year round. I can only speak for my location, but business has seemed normal as it has been in my area for like 10 years

  51. Bed bath and beyond is a shitty store. Anyone that thinks otherwise is a moron. I had one near me, it closed down a couple of years ago. Prior to that I went there multiple times and left empty handed 80% of the time. Everything it sold you buy once every five to ten years. They never had sales. Anything I needed I could get from kohls or target for cheaper. There was an as seen on TV pillow I bought there once. 🤷‍♂️ Stores need to get people in there often so that a person not only buys what they need but also gets them to impulse buy. BBBY does not have that ability.

  52. Cramer lost me after he shouted inflation was transitory all of 2021. He is probably being overdramatic with this but I don't really see a reason to own this stock. Personally I'm long TJX and WMT. I wouldn't go long on a retailer where 100% of its items can be bought cheaper and easier on Amazon.

  53. They closed 2 stores in my city. I’ve gone in the store a few times and I never bought anything. The prices for what ever they sell is a lot more than what I can buy it for at Amazon. Bbby going to be the next Sears soon.

  54. Troll said JPM would give em all the cash they want… why don’t these fux just buy retail investors and other shares on the open market? Why they need a private deal to cut small investors profits against their bad bet?

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