1. Theo. I love how he's calling things out that are wrong and wholly admitting his own past faults. He knows what can happen with a bad captain and he's trying to help prevent it from happening again.

  2. It's starting to feel forced though. The actor needs to find something that actually pisses him off to give him some realism when he does these rant scenes.

  3. I’m enjoying Travis but Hughes is my main reason for even watching this at all. She is by far the best character.

  4. Normally Maya is my favorite but this season I'd have to go with Carina. I sitll love Maya but sweet big hearted Carina has really gotten to me this season! I've always adored her but this season has only made me adore her more! I've really enjoyed Andy and Theo and Vic too this season.

  5. It’s always gonna be Maya for me, and that mostly has to do with the reason of how complex of a character she is. IMO, she is the best well written character of them all. Her storylines are always the most compelling and interesting to watch and she’s the kind of character who you’ll be on the edge of your seat for because you don’t know how she will react to certain things.

  6. Same. She's being terrible right now but man is it great to watch. She’s such a complex and multilayered character that I'm always looking forward to what comes next. Mean, nice, tough, emotional, whatever she's going through, it's compleing to watch for me.

  7. Yeah I don't know, she's been treating everyone like crap, especially Carina and Carina has done nothing but try to love and care for her. I find Maya more immature than anything. But she also reminds of a lot of family members that also refuse to get help so that triggers me.

  8. I’m sooo tired of Maya. She’s a complete dick. Your trauma is not your fault but how you behave and treat others is your responsibility. She refuses to go to therapy and I’m over it.

  9. My favorite is and has always been Andy and my least favorite, at least this season, is Maya. I hate where they’re going with Maya

  10. I’m between Andy and Theo. It’s good to see Andy back again as herself, I found her a little bit out of character last season. Theo is evolving and that’s good. And then I’m a big fan of Marina but although the actresses are nailing it, I don’t like the story.

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