1. I make it my aquarium room. Aquariums fit either side of the door. Makes a nice place to show off those legendary fish.

  2. I second the garden idea. It absolutely sucks watering potted plants but once they're fully grown you can just leave them as is. There's also a few really good plant decorations already as well.

  3. It's where I display my Christmas tree all year long, nothing else in the room, except the Christmas tree.

  4. I always make it the ??? Room. Sometimes I just put a table with something ominous on it. Sometimes a kinky room. I always imagine if someone was looking for the bathroom and finds the room that makes them question the owners true identity.

  5. I made it into my "study." Where i store my swords, swag, a few bookshelves, a red chair, and a large fish tank.

  6. On my current save, I have mine as a tea room. A few tea plants in garden pots, a table and some chairs, and a couple kegs to make green tea.

  7. I have used it for a few different things: a library, a garden area (use grass, strategic pots, a tank of green fish), an aquarium, my bedroom, a keg room, basically anything your imagination can come up with.

  8. I've got 36 garden pots in there. It's enough starfruit to keep the cellar full year-round all by itself. Could fit 8 more, but 36 is 3 watering events from the iridium can.

  9. You could make it a craft room, you could have the telephone, sewing machine, the furniture and wallpaper selector. Or you could make it into an aquarium room

  10. I like that area for coffee plants and kegs. With the retaining soil that keeps it 100% watered I keep a steady supply of go-juice on hand. Couple crystallariums for rubies and I get +2 speed all day every day.

  11. It’s my “ocean room”. Ocean/blue/water themed everything with many plants & aquariums. No real use but its pretty

  12. I turned it into a dungeon like Marlons' Adventurers Guild with dark brick floors/walls, vines, thrones etc. I also put two jungle trees from the theatre in the bottom corners with stone fence accents.

  13. I use mine as my “other” room. Most of my rooms have themes so whatever doesn’t fit in one of those but I still want to display goes down there.

  14. I have a little coffee/tea room with clay pots, table, and kegs! I make tea and coffee and keep a stock of it in a chest in that room and also have a lot of plants that make it look like a relaxing sun room!

  15. Crystalarium room, grow jade, trade jade for stairs in the desert on sundays. Rapid drop levels in desert mine. Harvest hundreds of iridium. ,.,^

  16. Guest room/mini aquarium maybe? I like the idea of a guest room since if you want to you can personalize it to a different person every so often and be like "oh they're staying with me rn so that's why their room looks like that". The room for variety could be nice at least, alternatively an aquarium is always solid and can let you display the legendary fish/whatever cool and special fish you want to

  17. I’m not sure if mobile is the same, but I just go to the carpenter and it’s an option like “renovate rooms” something like that, than you can add/remove some rooms

  18. Used mine for a "D&D" room with book cases, armor, tables, etc. Will also add the arcade machines if i ever manage to get them lol

  19. Thats where my library is at, but it seems you already have a area for that, i guess you can turn it into a game room or entertainment area of some sort

  20. I put a little greenhouse sunroom there with wall papers that looks like outside or windows, and put growing pots with pineapples.

  21. I usually put bookcases on the back wall and those prehistoric/dinosaur statues on display. Like a little personal museum I guess

  22. I made mine a plant room. It has a whole bunch of plants in it. Before I redesigned it, it was a DnD room, with various different chairs around the table (couch on one side, stump chair, ice chair, dark throne or whatever it's called, etc.)

  23. I grow tea in there, it needs no water ever so I just plant it in a plant pot and leave it till it's ready to harvest.

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