1. I agree with you on that. I watched The Orville too and was so invested in all the storylines. Sure, there are some characters I don't necessarily agree with but their story writing is superior.

  2. When you say “we” in the title, it makes me think you want to be told. Watch it yourself with an open mind. Don’t be so quick to go along with others.

  3. I don't know what "we" is - really you should form your own opinion after watching. If you are asking because you don't want to pay for the subscription without a review first, at least watch the official clips and a few reviews and then decide from there.

  4. I've watched the first seven episodes (work in progress) and I like it. The show has some flaws and inconsistencies, but it's a good series.

  5. It's a decent container. They clearly tried their best to make an actual Star Trek show for a change, and the result is a pretty engaging setting that allows for good episodic storytelling. The characters work and the cast is likeable. We finally go back to an optimistic future in which people have actual lives and interests. If SNW succeeds at anything, it is at recapturing the feeling that we once again want to live in that ship and work amongst those people.

  6. I gave it a chance, watched the entire first season, and honestly, it was just meh. It is way more Star Trek than Discovery and Picard, but it very much feels like a frozen dinner version of Star Trek, it's a very bland recreation. I mean the last episode literally is just a remake of the TOS classic "Balance of Terror" right down to copying some of its music. Like seriously? And of course it's yet another prequel, but not even a prequel in an unexplored era, but one right next to TOS, so it's going to be very limited in its storytelling and potential.

  7. I get the impression that Strange New Worlds episodes are drafted by 20 year olds researching the Original series. Then, re worked by pot smoking writers who don't dare rock the Twitterati woke boat. The scripts are then, signed off by cocaine sniffing producers while they are half passed out or high as a kite.

  8. It’s probably one of the most well-liked nu-trek shows, tied with Lower Decks and Prodigy. Some around here hate it, some like it.

  9. Nobody was prepared "to hate" SNW. In fact, most had high expectations, including myself. The show managed to destroy all of that!!

  10. It's better than STD and Picard but not as good as Lower Decks, Prodigy and The Orville. And obviously it's nowhere near as good as the old shows.

  11. I actually detest it, it's overly sappy and emotion driven like all the new trek shows, with flashy effects. threw in the towel at the alien rip off episode

  12. I do not know what I was expecting, but I found SNW terrible. Well, not STD terrible, but terrible nevertheless. Many of the traits that connect the NuTrek shows were apparent there. The most obvious is that NuTrek is not directed towards adults; it is targeting mostly teenagers. The dialog is just the teenager variety that one hears in Los Angeles malls: Valley-speak at its best. If the crew of the Enterprise is supposed to be a bunch of serious professionals, well, the 23rd century is, apparently, devoid of them too. The 23rd century is also devoid of men, apparently, as key crew roles and Federation officials' roles are all taken by women. Women, and diminutive at that, are the security contingent of the Enterprise. The two male characters are totally neutered. Pike apparently is as devoid of things to do in the principal starship of the Federation, he spends his time cooking. Spock, the chief science officer, spends most of his time contemplating his sexuality. Whatever technology is supposed to be in the 23rd century, hardly makes an appearance. In view of that, some of the plot twists are even funny. People get aboard the Enterprise on their say-so. Even today's security systems would have done much better. Then, to top it all, the show tries to revisit the best TOS episode, "Balance of Terror", and it really makes a mockery of itself.

  13. Doesn't take enough risks or creative boldness to differentiate itself from TOS or TNG. It's a very bland and inoffensive show that repeatedly acknowledges interesting routes to take certain characters, like Pike with future knowledge, but it doesn't.

  14. best Nutrek show, actually the only watchable show, the actors/actresses are quite good, except the Doctor. The writing has zero innovation, the writers just recycle ideas from previous science fictions shows. I won't renew my subscription for the second series. I feel that the creators just see NuTrek as a product and have little or no creative pride in what they are doing. I will watch the Orville instead, I have only seen the first season of the Orville and it's fantastic.

  15. I liked it. I have been reading about all the new shows on the various subs but didn’t have paramount plus. I finally bit the bullet and got a subscription on a prime days deal and have been checking things out. Picard was almost as bad as everyone seems to say and I can’t decide if I can stomach the second season or not. Discovery left me cold 3 episodes in and I haven’t gone back. I just did SNW and was pleasantly surprised. I appreciate that a lot of the show felt like old trek, just with a lot more 21st century snark and catch phrases. I wasn’t planning on keeping P+ past the discount time (unless I decide to binge DS9 again) but I’ll come back to watch SNW season 2. I’m going to try LD next.

  16. It's not bad. Definitely better than STD or Picard, but not as good as Lower Decks and the jury is still out on Prodigy. Not even going to compare the the classic shows.

  17. SNW and LD are the only new shows I watch. SNW is pretty solid, but it's not perfect by any means. It's much better than Disco and Picard, though to be fair, that's not exactly a high bar being set.

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