1. I like it and am interested in where they're headed. That said there are parts that felt cheap or underwhelming. Episode 2 was fantastic for lore and world building.

  2. Episode two was as good as or even better than anything we got from Mando. Episode 3 was just meh with that lackadaisical "high speed" chase.

  3. The train had a very western heist/ Lawrence of Arabia feel, the part where the tusken guns the speeder in reverse and screams was hilarious

  4. Really!? They sound so similar I thought for sure it was Pedro. Very close to each other! Thanks for the real scoop!

  5. Can we all agree though that Black Krrsantan is quite possibly the coolest Wookiee ever? I mean, Boba stabbed his gaffe stick into his back and he still kept fighting. And he has electric brass knuckles. This guy is hardcore.

  6. Makes you realise how terrifying a wookie would actually be. Like I've always seen them as being sorta cute, as they're normally the good guys, but that fight seen really brought home the fact they're 7 foot tall units who can rip your arms off if they want

  7. I'm sorry, but I've never liked the character. Basically, he's what Boba Fett used to be: a dude who stands around and looks cool, but never really does anything (his live action appearance didn't help). I mean, sure, he menaces the heroes a little, but not effectively enough to be worth the reputation he's supposed to have. He just started showing up fucking everywhere and never managed to really do the jobs he was hired to. I also wasn't a big fan of the whole "evil dopplegangers" thing the comics had going on for a while, but ehhh.

  8. the chase scene was pretty awful. I didn't dig the cyberpunk kids and their shiny bikes either. Felt way out of place.

  9. I agree. The only thing I really like out of 3 was the rancor and krsantan (or whatever) tackling gamoreans down the stairs.

  10. It is also infinitely better than growing up without any new Star Wars content. You know, when being a Star Wars fan wasn’t cool and popular so they didn’t make a new show every year.

  11. I like that there is some lore stuff (tuskins fleshed out)to attempt to make Tatooine something more interesting to justify its constant overuse...

  12. He’s taken some Ls. I do like the show a lot. As others have said, motorcycle gang super underwhelming but hopefully it goes somewhere cool. Gotta start somewhere if you wanna be good at being a crime lord.

  13. The theme song is really growing on me. Episodes 1 and 2 were solid. 3 not so much. I’m hoping the change in directors going forward will alleviate some of the problems so far

  14. My problem with the series is Bobas motivation. He doesn't really have one. He wants to hold onto and control Jabbas territory, but he has no personal reason to want to. I'm just not invested in the character, it feels likes he's at the end of his arc rather than the beginning.

  15. I assume he wants to do it out of some sense of responsibility for what happened with the Tuskens. I suspect we will find out why he wants to hold it in episodes to come.

  16. This is kinda where I'm at as well. They are trying to make Boba Fett into too much of a good guy. Everyone knows that Boba Fett is a cold blooded bounty hunter without a moral code. Now we're getting all this "we are building a family" and "let's just let these big threats go so that they can come back and bite us in the ass." He's being portrayed as a softie, which is really off brand.

  17. We need at least something more than a hint as to why he wants to be a crime lord in Tattoine. The connection is so vague. Probably has something to do with the tuskens? But as of now, the writing has been so pedestrian. What the fuck does Boba want? No clue.

  18. I’m imagining the more we see of the flashbacks the more we’ll understand why he wants to do this.

  19. This nails my feeling. Couldn't say what it was, but it really feels like an ending. Maybe it is constructed that way. To have a good, happy ending for the character Boba Fett.

  20. I don’t hate it. I just am sitting here waiting for something to… happen. And the “slow”er race through town was just painful to watch.

  21. The premise so far just seems so flawed. Back in ROTJ Jabba's palace felt alive, like the true home of a crime boss with an extensive criminal network attached. There were hanger-ons, bounty hunters, guards, slaves, musicians etc.

  22. I mean isn't part of the point that the criminal empire he's now the head of is not what it used to be and he's essentially had to start again from scratch and that's what we've been seeing?

  23. Yeah. I also don’t mind a more diplomatic Fett but… he looks like a weak bitch. Like OT Fett who gets his jet pack hit and screams as he hilariously falls to his “death”.

  24. It's pretty slow and I wish we were getting more and longer episodes but I still enjoy it. His new gang though is awful. Steampunk hipsters on Vespas? Like a super soft power rangers.

  25. I’m loving it! Last episode had weak scenes but I don’t think it’s deserving of most of the hate it’s getting.

  26. I swear Star Wars fans need to touch media grass every once in a while and look at what other fandoms have to slog through. We are eating like kings while Jurassic Park and DC fans starve. Sure it ain’t perfect but man for a franchise as old as Star Wars the fact that the stuff is as good as it is is nuts to me.

  27. He takes his helmet off too much. I can’t figure out why he’s gotten softer. He was a hired goon for Vader and Jabba. I imagine he was a man of few words and made tougher than nails. I don’t see him hiring the biker gang and not disintegrating the twins.

  28. It’s so damn boring is my problem with it. And nothing is compelling. His intro into the Mandolorian was brilliant, but that 30 second scene of him kicking stormtrooper ass has been better than everything combined from his own show.

  29. Him in Mando was the Boba Fett I was hoping for and expecting. Not "I let teenages talk down to me. and get beat up by shitty assassins while I have a fucking jetpack."

  30. I don’t know why I thought Boba Fett was famous in the Star Wars universe but it confused me that people didn’t do anything he said for a while. He’s the stuff of nightmares.

  31. I’m not. Unlike The Mandalorian or pretty much any Star Wars show that isn’t CW, the main characters aren’t original. It’s a legacy character that’s been around for decades. No matter what they did, no matter what take on Boba Fett they took, there would be people disappointed. Being as ambiguous a character as he is, EVERYONE has their own mental visualization of who Fett is as character, wether based on past media or their own imagination. Even as a big fan of the series so far, I’ve had to get past my own personal perspectives and accept the very different but just as valid perspective Favorou has. There was no possible way this could have pleased everyone.

  32. Don’t be surprised, it’s mediocre. I like it, but it’s not the original trilogy. Hoping for more screen time for Fennec because Ming-Na Wen is seriously underused so far

  33. It appears to me that everybody liked it until the speeder chase, then they forgot everything that was good about it. I’m enjoying it all so far. Some people are far too dramatic and have such high hopes that they can only be left with disappointment.

  34. It’s boring. They took a badass bounty Hunter and made him into a humanitarian. They took a badass assassin and neutered her. The ridiculous vespas were ridiculous.

  35. Setting nostalgia aside: the pacing is terrible, the story isn’t focused and is playing out like a bad RPG, the choreography is a joke, the visuals aren’t up to par with even The Mandalorian, the CHASE SCENE, the out of tone “biker” gang, I don’t care about these other characters and can’t remember anyone’s name other than Fennec and Boba. All that being said it’s not a terrible show but it’s not very good, “fantastic” isn’t the word to describe this show and surely you would’ve expected better for such an iconic character...and the chest plate should be bigger, it’s like 3 sizes too small but thats just me

  36. Episode 2 was alright but the show has no respect for visual details, the character and in turn the fans. He has those Gammorean guards then they disappear when he's attacked until after the attack. Dudes surround Boba and trap him with sheilds while he's wearing a jetpack this kind of goofy stuff is happening left and right.

  37. Doesn't his attempt at brokering a peace and failing after the entire Tusken tribe is slaughtered prove the futility of bargaining and politics on Tattoine? There's zero motivation for Boba to be doing anything but GTFO Tattoine and doing anything else. Not sure what obvious character development you're talking about.

  38. Well the flashbacks are teaching us how he got to the point he is at when he isn't having flashbacks. So technically we won't know why he is there still until the last flashback.

  39. My issue isn’t Bobas character. That’s dumb to complain about he barely had a character before this show besides as a kid in clone wars. My issue is basically everything else.

  40. Like Boba taking a super charged metal knuckle punch straight to his face from a massive Wookiee who is buffed up to the point where it can sustain multiple stabs and now care, and taking less damage then when I stub my toe.

  41. This renown ruthless bounty hunter doesnt even like to kill people. He just befriends everyone and excuses their actions. Like, what the hell are they doing with the character?

  42. I've been struggling to put my feelings into words regarding this show and you just hit the nail on the head for me. It feels like they nerfed Boba. I expected him to be ruthless bad ass, but he's forgiven way too many things. He should have been wading waist deep through dead bodies, but he's too busy trying to win hearts and minds instead of napalming the desert...

  43. You gotta admit, if after this season, Fett takes over Tattooine's crime syndicate, and begins some kind of dirty war with the Hutt's, it could get interesting. And, while it would start on Tattooine, it doesn't have to stay there... Unless it's only one season.

  44. Modern Star Wars has a real problem with just letting cool characters be cool. Boba can't just be a badass killer, he's got to be a super nice guy who gets his ass kicked all the time. It's the same problem as the sequels, which are all about how the OT cast actually suck.

  45. If they wanted to make him rule with respect and not fear, then they should've just made him a political figure. They made him a CRIME LORD. I don't think they checked what the definition of a crime lord is.

  46. I still think of Boba as being all scarred and grotesque from the stomach acids. I wanted a story about a mercenary, a classic bounty hunter chasing after targets. I'm not crazy about Boba Hutt and his castle. Anyways, to each their own.

  47. I like it. It's picking up steam. I don't feel like neon speeder bikes are a bad thing, either. They're punk kids. They act like punk kids. Something different.

  48. Tbh I'm not surprised and my dislike isn't really him being more calm or less shooty (although just going the helmet-wearing John-Wick-style action piece was certainly an option for the character) rather I'm not really feeling much of the built-up or immersion. Like I'm 3 episodes in and I still don't really get Boba's drive as a character here - like 99% of the time he feels like he has no real interest or desire to be daimyo, no understanding of what the position even is and just stumbles from vaguely interesting action piece to action piece. Same really for the side characters:

  49. It is just really dull and not exciting. I would totally be down for a non vital story within the universe as a short, but not a fan favourite character..

  50. Here’s the problem. People were hyping up for an S Tier product. What we’ve gotten was more low B Upper C (Episode 3 drops it from a solid B in my personal opinion).

  51. Hold up you "loved" the power ranger bike gang!? Like... that is a high point of Star Wars television for you? And the chase? You unreservedly loved it?

  52. I think it’s alright. It definitely has some good moments (like the things you mentioned in episode 2). But at the same time there’s stuff that weakens the show.

  53. I couldn't agree more. Not to say that this show is perfect, but it's heading definitely in the right direction. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for episode 4 and how big of a threat the Pykes will become. It's also cool to see how the New Republic, nor the Empire is present in this series. Many people think it's getting old that Star Wars is basing a lot of it's shows episodes on Tatooine, but since it's an Outer Rim planet, it just happens to be a good place for Mando to look for work or for Jabba to set up a crime syndicate that eventually Boba Fett will take over. All in all, I'm very much pleased with this show and I think Dave Filoni and Robert Rodriguez are doing great.

  54. A lot of people are saying that this isn’t the Boba Fett from before, but it seemed to me like being eaten by the Sarlacc and then joining the Tusken Raiders changed him as a person?

  55. There’s always going to be salty fans out there that will dump on anything outside of the OG trilogy. Is the show perfect? No, but we are getting a build up to a great story and world building. Even in the OG trilogy Boba was never a shoot first ask questions later. We didn’t even see him fire a shot until the sarlack pit in episode 6.

  56. I like the show and I enjoyed the first two episodes, however, it’s been all flashbacks with barely any forward momentum so I still don’t know exactly what this show is even about or what it’s trying to achieve.

  57. Has it been the best Star Wars we’ve ever gotten? No, but it’s a very enjoyable series so far and has potential to get much, much better in these next four episodes. Until I see a bad show from Filoni and Favreau I will not say anything negative.

  58. What do yall think about his biker gang? I both love and hate it. He has a group of motorcycle vigilantes that can help him, and it was a turning point for his character. However, they are kinda lame, partially because there is little character development, and they ride mopeds lol

  59. A show is only as good as it’s central character(s) and this incarnation of Bobba Fett is as dull as they come.

  60. My problem with the show is that they dont seem to have any idea what they want to do with this show. Boba fett just seems to go with the flow, but really having any plans or prospects. They introduce characters and plot points, just to throw them away when they become interesting. You say you liked ep. 2, but while I enjoyed the train action, it was so extremely uninspired writing. What was he supposed to learn from the tuscans? They were absolutely useless and he had to teach them how to do everything before the train. And just when they seem to establish that he has their respect and he assumes a sort of leader role, where some actually interesting character/story development can happen, they are killed off screen in the next episode.

  61. I am the most avid Star Wars fan. I consume all the media, want to like it, have a childlike gleam for the universe.. but this series just reeks of a budget cash grab. The fight scenes are out of Xena, the plot and dialogue is flat and boring. And let me just say it, let me be that dude.. I dont think Morrison is doing a good job, or he has absolutely nothing to work with. Not that he has anything to work with, but man, that is not how i pictured Boba as a child. A meek, pacifistic, patient killer?

  62. It´´s a bit boring. Yeah the backstory is somewhat interesting, but its nothing new we haven't seen. Also almost all action is fucking slow, like too rehearsed. The bike chase scene in the last episode was fucking awkward.

  63. Episode 2 ALONE was better than the 3 Sequel movies. They made me care about the Tuscans more than I ever did of Rey or Finn.

  64. I've found it quite dull, to the point that I turned the third episode off after ten or fifteen minutes. I'm just not that interested in a faux-mafia crime drama, Star Wars set or not.

  65. My only problem has been episode 3. The first two were great. Episode 3 just disappointed with the whole chase scene and space vespa business.

  66. Episode 2 was absolutely incredible, best of the best of star wars. Ep 1 was a decent setup, and 3 kinda missed the mark for me.

  67. Poor bastard went from the bounty hunter Vader had to single out for his ruthlessness and quickness to violence, to becoming a nonsensical passivist with a shitty extortion business.

  68. Boba fett is my favorite character since childhood and I love seeing his post Sarlacc antics. It’s all just candy for fans and I’m loving it.

  69. I said it a long time ago, star wars fans have heralded the people who do the star wars shows as a second coming, and they were inevitably gonna be disappointed. No one trashes star wars more than star wars fans. Simple as

  70. Once the series is over everyone calling it boring we'll come back and say they liked it. Same with the Mandalorian. It's 'boring" until you can see the whole story. Then it becomes "good" when you can binge watch it.

  71. I’m talking about a thread I read on the front page here. Some article about it not getting as good of ratings as the Mandolorian and the comment section had a lot of people trashing it. Was just wanting to offer my opinion on the show as sort of a counterpoint to a lot of the things I saw folks complaining about. Me and my friends are really enjoying it.

  72. It's getting the typical Star wars fan base reaction. In 10 years it will be considered one of the greats and people will make a post talking shit on the newest Star wars entry only to repeat the cycle again. When ep 1,2,3 came out people hated it calling it an abomination and Star wars is forever ruined.

  73. Star Wars is boring now. How can I still possibly care about any of these characters? Nothing of note will happen. It will always be safe and boring.

  74. People ARE digging it, its just a vocal minority group of people. Also, let's be honest, star wars fans are some of the most critical fans there are.

  75. I was kind of just referencing the article I read on the front page here about its ratings and the comments section was pretty negative.

  76. If you can't understand why people arent a fan then you're probably one of those people that liked the sequel trilogy, and if that's true then there's probably simply no hope for you

  77. Wouldn't call it fantastic. It's okey overall. Episode 1, and 3 were decently average enough, but I thought episode 2 was fantastic, and I loved it. So hopefully we get back to episode 2 levels next week.

  78. I am very much enjoying it. The problem stems from the way Boba Fett was portrayed in the now non-canon expanded universe. Because the writers went another way they hate it.

  79. Lol if you like seeing nothing happen in three episodes, this show is for you! Does drying paint entice and excite you? Then this show will amaze you!

  80. They completely changed boba fett character and doesn’t seem like the most elite bounty hunter he was. The power rangers are the worst thing ever. As soon as I see them it takes me out and totally doesn’t feel like star wars. This is a old western setting and then these four bikes that are over the top futuristic

  81. It’s jarring, very poorly told story (so far,) action and chase sequences I’m convinced have been put into slow motion.

  82. Agreed. If anything he should be coming out of the sarlacc starved and bony. Morrison is too slow at moving and speaking. Everything is so deliberate with him.

  83. Yea it's pretty garbage tbh. This isn't Fett, this is Disney princess Fett. This is the Fett that flew into the side of the barge Fett. This Fett is completely incompetent and needs saving every fight. Not the expanded universe Fett. Disney Princess Fett.

  84. Huh? He killed a monster with a chain, beat the fuck out of a gang in the cantina, he took down a high speed train with people who’d never done anything like that ever. Not sure you even watched the show.

  85. To me, it’s the writing. Jon Favreau should not be writing this. The dude can dance (swingers reference) but he shouldn’t be in charge of Star Wars canon.

  86. That’s not very cool. Just offering my opinion and I think I stated some really valid points about his character development to support my opinion. You like watching a straight killing machine, that’s cool. Id probably enjoy that version of him as well. You’re more than entitled to yours and I completely respect that. We enjoy different things, doesn’t mean you have to call me an idiot.

  87. What they did with sand people in 1st 2 episodes is legit some of the best starwars content around. It would just be another old reading of the classic trope, but all the history built into the sand people causing problems over almost...45!? years as painting them as lower beings, just really makes it a such more meaningful arc.

  88. I could swear it was the mayor but someone on this read said it was Robert Rodriguez. I’m usually pretty good at picking out actors voices, like really good. I’ll take dudes word for it though.

  89. I really enjoyed everything with the Tuskans and the train, but I don't like the cyberpunk vespa gang, just seems kind of lame

  90. I’ve enjoyed most of it, the weirdly low speed chase scene in episode 3 was laughable though. They needed to re-work that before calling it a wrap.

  91. I’m gonna be honest, I just don’t give a fuck about the whole sand people story. I’m far more interested in the present day story to the point that everytime they flashback I’m just annoyed.

  92. I've really enjoyed it I just think episode 3 was really weak, I don't have any love for the power ranger bikers and the 2 mile an hour car chase but other then that I've really liked it.

  93. From what I’ve gathered, it seems everyone was enjoying it until colorful speeder bikes showed up. I still haven’t figured out why, but it doesn’t take much to make a SW “fan” foam at the mouth in rage, so who knows.

  94. I personally love it and have really enjoyed watching watching Bolbafett grow up/ evolve as a character. He went from a Cool costume in a background to possibly the richest character in the Starwars Universe.

  95. I don't care for the flashbacks to the Tuskens and his actions in the present day don't make any sense. Why all of a sudden does he what to be a crime boss? How many people work for him? Why should anyone care that he says he's now in charge?

  96. I've been really enjoying it except for the the cyber Mod Squad in the last episode. Everything else has fit but them. And the slowest speeder chase ever made. It just felt off to me. I'm hoping they meet a fitting end and we can move on.

  97. I’ve liked all of it except the city kids and they’re bright, slow biked and the fact that Boba hasn’t done anything cool and just gets his ass beat in a lot of the fights

  98. I love it! There is more story than action right now but I think it’s leading up to some hardcore fighting and action. And Fennec Shand is amazing! I can’t wait to see her go off

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