1. I mean it's still employees of a company owning moderation power of a non official subreddit without proper disclosure, it's still bad even if the mods stepped out voluntarily

  2. Not supporting this horrible forced mass moderator removal, but he literally said the reason in that screenshot (we wanted to give mods non-public data). Still, I think this excuse doesn’t justify what they did at all, and I’m extremely disappointed to have seen more and more unbelievable actions the SD developers have done recently, who I used to think are heroes that stand together with the community.

  3. I like how EMAD is pretending he is passive participant finding out about these events rather than participating in them. The exclusion of references to himself or his own actions and perspectives and the passive nature of experiencing rather than participating in any of this are classic hallmarks of dishonesty.

  4. Meh. Guys listen. We have SD 1.4, we have WD 1.3 (and older) and we have our brains. We have everything and more (finetune/dreambooth/textual inversion/gradients*) to make SD even better than a cut ver. with tons of artists opt out and legally better...

  5. We do... But we need new models, which is the biggest issue. The current model is fantastic, but we can't perpetually be stuck on 1.4. These private companies can continue to build their models, train them better, better resolution images, less cropped. We'd need to organize a huge crowd funded project and train our own model. Shit gets dicey

  6. Out of curiosity, stable diffusion seems to require internet to run, as of right now. Could they remove access to 1.4?

  7. Fuck Emad, This reddit was not run by them, it was run only by people for people, so what right he had to introduce nda for mods on unofficial reddit?

  8. And besides that, when he says "some mods say yay, some mods say nay", well, where are the mods that went along with it? My understanding is that they're all replaced by new mods, so despite yay or nay, they're all gone.

  9. Because he’s an ex hedge fund manager who doesn’t really understand how things work or public relations. He understands money.

  10. So all these heroes of open source are turning out to be just your standard coven of devs using a community to test their software so they can turn around and make a buck. Q’uell surprise!

  11. RJ Palmer? Is that the Pokémon photobasher guy? I’m sure he has licensed them with Nintendo, given he’s selling them on his website :)

  12. I've noticed a lot of people involved in IT and tech development have some difficulty understanding when other people are lying to them or being disingenuous. It can then be very alarming to them when other people detect this behavior and begin reacting to it as though it's problematic.

  13. I honestly don’t understand how so many people on this sub have taken a stance about this whole situation and are acting like the sky is falling when in reality none of us still don’t know what’s really happening yet. Whatever happened to monitoring a situation and withholding judgment until more complete information is available? This preemptive kneejerk backlash is pretty disgusting imo.

  14. Reminds me of the time I wanted my neighbour to sign a contract but some family members refused so I kicked them out of their home like I owned the place :)

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