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  2. What did I ever do in this world to deserve a full-headed fcking smartfck like John Morgan to go on national television and go into business for ourselves?

  3. He does a pretty good job in the booth. Before his comeback he was commentating for Cage Fury FC all the time.

  4. If I didn't watch wrestling I'd think that was a disheveled Christian Bale method acting for a new role as an MMA announcer.

  5. I was thinking that too. They look similar and seem to be difficult to get along with. Both guys have family issues too. I could just hear Rodgers ranting about being old, tired, hurt, and working with children before retiring lol.

  6. Bc he lives in the shadow of someone his generation better than him and he’s had a bad mustache

  7. “Punk, his guard looks a little weak he looks vulnerable to takedowns at the moment. How would you handle this?”

  8. As much as we love to crap on all the sheer stupidity he's pulled off in the last few months, a small fraction of me hopes he manages to pull himself out of that hellhole of an ego this one last time. I've been a big fan of his character for years and it's just disappointing that he's burned the bridges to his two biggest legacies.

  9. I hate crapping on him . I definitely acknowledge that he has serious ego problems but him returning to pro wrestling a year ago is legit a top 5 moment for me. It just meant so much to me personally because I absolutely love the guy. Hopefully he’s able to change and make it work somehow but if not I’m sure gonna miss him

  10. If, and it’s a huge, unlikely if, he manages to put his ego aside, apologize to the entire locker room, and ends up coming back, it could propel AEW to a new level. Punk (potentially with FTR) vs The Elite would be the biggest draw AEW has ever had imo

  11. Yeah. If he manages to pull himself out of that ego and work together with the Elite, that storyline would be money. I don't think this would happen but a man can hope.

  12. He still could pull out of this very easily. It would literally take 5 words. "I'm sorry, I was wrong." Done. But his ego won't allow it.

  13. some people grow hair really fast. I think Kevin Nash said he hated having to dye his hair because he has to redo it by the end of the week due to hair growing so fast that he had to redo it to dye all the new hair.

  14. “Let me tell you a little something about Blake Smith, the man in the main event. He owns a bank account with his mom!”

  15. Maybe a career change will do him some good. It’s obvious by his actions he could use a change of scenery at least temporarily. If he wants to come back, I’m willing to watch if his peers are happy with how he mends fences.

  16. I'll never forget that UFC spotlight where he was spending time with a Make A Wish Kid buying him comic books. I see people like MJF and Danhausen that CLEARLY looked up to him, and he clearly cared about. I don't think he's a complete piece of shit. But I understand some trauma and the way people lash out and I hope he finds what he's looking for.

  17. I wonder if stuff like this was allowed in his contract or if he is just saying f it and just taking his own bookings without a care

  18. As someone who was starting to dislike him around his AEW drama, I’m happy to see him doing something else and enjoying it.

  19. When he returns it's going to be like the old Simpsons episode where Lisa rails against Malibu Stacey, but no one cares in end. "It's CM Punk, AND HE HAS LONG HAIR / A NEW HAT!"

  20. He looks AWESOME!! Reminds me of his ROH heel run. I miss him so much honestly. I hope he returns as heel Punk with that exact look

  21. As much of an asshole Punk has proven to be, I always just hope he’s happy. He seems so complicated and angry, I hate that he’s become this disliked figure when a few months ago he was so beloved…even if it is his doing.

  22. Why do I feel like punk is the kinda guy to get triggered by a random fan yelling out "colt cabana" this man would be pissed about that for like a week, you'd think at some point he'd move on and maybe even make jokes about it like Bret hart does with Goldberg

  23. Phil Brooks with expert commentary as only someone with his lengthy MMA career can provide. Truly a wealth of knowledge.

  24. Can anyone actually explain what punk did? The last thing I read was the elite busting his door and the door hitting his dog. Can someone explain why he’s getting the hate please?

  25. He said on commentary the hair is for a movie. He's clearly living just fine while the high school children can't keep him off their minds.

  26. Tony Khan, get an actual writer to come up with better material for your bots and trolls. They are more repetitive and boring than the rest of your programming, and about as good at approaching conversations productively as your EVPs. The trolls aren’t making you look good, they just make your fan base look toxic.

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