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  2. Yep and I think it's where AEW is going wrong with the TNT title. You could've had so many feuds with Black, Andrade, Darby, Christian, Jungle Boy and then add guys like Dante, Moriarity, Starks, Hobbs. Instead it's just been stuck in a bad rivarly and now stuck on Wardlow who they don't seem to want to let beat any of the better guys so everyone just seems to end up in limbo.

  3. People seem to forget that bonafide legends like Jake Roberts and Roddy Piper were never world champion and are remembered more fondly and with more reverence than some multi-time world champions

  4. I honestly feel like a lot of the legends from the 80s and 90s were more fondly remembered partially because they weren’t World Champion.

  5. He's right. It's only a problem when they decide that a person will never be champion and then refuse to change their mind if that person gets really over with the audience. Imagine if they made up their mind about Austin in 1995 or The Rock in 1996?

  6. He’s right though. It’s part of makes being in the IWC so frustrating in my opinion. The midcard needs to be developed, the tag division too. And while we love certain guys, not everyone can be at the top of the mountain

  7. I don't think it's an IWC thing. There are wrestlers who say that if you don't want to be world champion, then you should get out of this business, rather than recognizing the importance of different roles.

  8. This sub needs to read this again. And again. Wrestling isn't the place for your equity bullshit

  9. Not everyone can be the top guy. Hell not everyone can be the top midcard guy. The business wouldn't work if there wasn't guys to take the fall.

  10. Ever since Roman signed that new contract and won both titles that percentage of people that won't get a title shot went up significantly.

  11. Roman has defended the titles quite often, not weekly but enough where he isn't Brock Lesnar and he still feels like a big deal

  12. It’s not the end of the world for a guy to retire and have fans go “that guy should have been a world champion” it’s like being a world champion in the court of public opinion. Lots of people retire in wrestling and can hang their hat on that.

  13. He's not wrong...but if someone gets hot and is absolutely killing it...there's no reason they shouldn't get a chance to prove themselves.

  14. I totally agree with this sentiment, I hate the whole “you deserve it” participation trophy attitude towards world titles.

  15. Scott Hall (then known as Razor Ramon). One of the best wrestlers in the WWF(E) to have never had a world title run and in fact spent most of his time wrestling for the Intercontinental Title. One of the greatest feuds of all time was when he faced off against the 1-2-3 Kid (later known as X-Pac), another wrestler who spent his days in the mid card.

  16. Sadly if someone who really has no business being world champ isn’t in the title picture they’re wasted. The world champ is the main character. You can have a long career, and not be the main guy/gal. In the end it’s a TV show. Shows only have one protagonist, and antagonist for the most part. If they’re on TV regularly that’s a good career in my opinion. We’re seeing that now. Certain WWE people have gone to AEW, and people aren’t happy because not all of them are in the main title picture. There’s only so many spots. Just like not everyone in sports will be a starter, and win the big championship.

  17. Meanwhile, AEW has such a stacked roster, over half of them think they’re future champions. Hence all the damn belts, I’m guessing.

  18. Sometimes Booker uses Twitter to randomly spread his opinion. Nothing against him, it's how my entire family uses it too. Twitter is different.

  19. Not everyone is good enough to be the top guy/girl? Another diamond level contribution from Booker. Holy shit this guy. Next up, water and its 3 phases, Booker says liquid is the best, what about you guys?

  20. If you weren’t around to see Booker T (Harlem Heat) in the Monday night war era and only know him in like WWE or TNA you would know he would be a World champion in any era. Just because he has often completely wrong , terribly biased takes these days doesn’t take away that he was that damn good.

  21. It's not that it's wrong, it's that if you don't care for the current world title scene there's nothing of value for you as a fan since nothing else matters.

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