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  2. I wish they would have given that win over Cena for the US championship to someone like a Rene Dupree or back to Carlito instead of Jordan. I get why they did it storyline wise but Jordan was a huge flop, those 2 guys who had solid feuds with Cena in 2004 could have benefited from winning the belt from Cena.

  3. MVP's run with the US belt in the mid 2000 produced some good matches, especially his feud with Matt Hardy.

  4. I don’t know what they saw in him either, he was a decent stooge character for JBL and was an okay wrestler, but I feel like they wanted him to be a heel Shelton Benjamin at that time but Jordan didn’t have the same in ring ability and same in ring charisma that Benjamin had.

  5. I forget Mr. Kennedy was ever US champion. I do dig him, but I get what you’re saying. Though I would have loved for him to have won the WHC back in the day and give a good run.

  6. Can’t help but to find it funny that Del Rio pops up in people’s least favorite in all my questions for favorite and least favorite champions lol not saying it isn’t warranted ofc

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