1. Can someone explain to me again why Omos is on RAW? He can't even do what Dabba Kato did to Apollo lol.

  2. This is the first NXT show that felt like a pre-pandemic NXT show. The near falls in the NA title match almost felt like a call back, great match and hope Dijak heals that bitch on up. The tag match was a ton of fun but they kind of disregarded the legal man rules on the last third. Solid work and storytelling in the triple threat. Well paced main event. That crowd was hot and it really helped the atmosphere, just good fun all around.

  3. "Listen ya big nerd, I've always been a star, dunno why it took you so long to realise sitting from your mum's basement". He pulls off being a dick so well.

  4. If you dont know, that series is called Table for 3. Exactly what it sounds. 3 wrestlers (occasionally more than 3) who have something in common, have dinner, while reminiscing.

  5. I honestly hope they call up Melo and Waller first. Let Bron build a little more first before he gets too much too soon. He’s got potential, don’t wound him by overdoing it right now ya know?

  6. Waller does all the little things that Breaker needs to pickup before going to the main roster. He needs to play to the crowd more. Wrestling is a show. Make me care

  7. Melo smart to call his shot now . If he waits till Tuesday 5 other guys come out to interrupt and he winds up in another multi man #1 contender match

  8. So that means Carmelo is probably gonna be the one to take the title uh? That's too bad, that means we can't have both of them go to the main roster post-Mania

  9. Carmelo is ready but it would be a shame if he didnt win the NXT title at least once before getting called up. this feels like the right move to me

  10. Waller really should have won there. But I guess they're going with Melo. I worry what this means for Waller tbh. I don't see anything left from him in NXT unless it's a heel reign of terror. I guess maybe he can go after Wes. I'd call him up immediately honestly.

  11. Only if they do it on main roster. This era of NXT doesnt get the same treatment because people that watch it seem to know it’s back to being developmental and give it more of a pass (rightfully)

  12. I don’t watch the weekly show so I’ve only seen Breakker on the PLE’s but I don’t get the hype about him, he’s just a generic powerhouse with superman booking.

  13. He’s still really new to the business. We’ve basically seen him develop from the ground up. For being 2 years into training even, he’s pretty damn solid.

  14. ....kinda underwhelmed. That's it? Feel like there weren't many big spots or near falls. Bron handled him pretty easily and that little talking bit at the end was cringe

  15. I totally agree. That talking he tried to do was awful. Like he was trying to pull a Roman and shit talk but he’s no Roman for sure lol

  16. I got downvoted for saying it but the Women's match would have been a better main event. Aside from the superplex from the top of the cage that was an underwhelming main event.

  17. I knew Bron was gonna win because of the brawl in the beginning and because they weren’t gonna have 3 title changes in one night

  18. Could’ve been the “triple threat/2v1 handicap” instead. As much as I love Roxanne Perez, seeing TA implode kept my TV on. I knew damn well Rox was retaining, no chance we’d get LayCool 2.0. I have a feeling Zoey is getting a title shot at Stand and Deliver. I saw them beefing a little on Twitter after Roxanne won. The only way I see Zoey winning is if Roxy beats Cora in a title defense on a random Tuesday before S&D. Roxanne is gonna lose the title to either Nikkita, Elektra, Lyra, or some upstart on a Tuesday in an impromptu title match, think Paige beating AJ on the raw after WM. Bron def loses to Hayes at S&D.

  19. “YOU WANNA TALK TRASH ON SOCIAL MEDIA NOW?!?!?” … for some reason dropping social media in that just felt weird 😂

  20. Right? Especially cuz he clearly can’t talk shit on social media during a match but then immediately talked shit in person.

  21. Any time I see a superplex like that, all I can think of is Ric Flair yelling in pain when he got plexed off the ladder

  22. Bron is gonna end up carrying Brock or Roman’s luggage, then sit in catering the entire show, then bring the bags back to the car

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