1. Please be cautious and remember that this thread is spoiler-free; anyone posting sightings, betting odds or any other information that may spoil tonight's show will be met with action. Please be wary of others that want to go in spoiler-free.

  2. I still maintain the reason for the trial was a bit weak. It was an excellent segment for sure, but everything they used as reasoning for it was circumstantial at best.

  3. I can't believe Madcap is in there over Nakamura, Ali or Ziggler, or even Lumis, but I guess they need people for easy eliminations.

  4. Wait wasn't Johnny Gargano supposed to be injured for a few more weeks? Wondering if some of those faces on the graphic are placeholders

  5. Anybody have an idea of the card order? I haven’t watched WWE in forever and I just wanna watch both men and women’s rumbles

  6. Kinda interesting that Howdy could be involved in 2 matches tonight. It'll feel weird if there's no shenanigans in Alexa's match.

  7. I am very amused that Nick Aldis’s wiki page lists him at 7’4” and 340 lbs and nobody has bothered to visit his page to correct it. He’s THAT uninteresting.

  8. If Rhea isn't going to be the winner, I hope it's because of a Beth interference and program. But then do you have win? Naomi/Bianca at Mania could be fun.

  9. I agree, tag teams don't need to fill spots. I'm cool with it if a tag team has been around for a while and they announce they want to try singles stuff, but Profits and Alpha haven't hinted at that.

  10. Thought there were only like 19 confirmed so far. Guessing we'll see Riddle and Randy both return amongst a few legends/comedic relief.

  11. I just watch the Rumble and Mania anymore. Trimmed off SummerSlam a 2-3 years ago as that has clearly become a B-show.

  12. Alright Barret-Jackson goes to the small screen and Royal Rumble pre-show is now on the big screen😛

  13. And so it begins... I believe the last four standing will be Brock, Seth, Cody and Sami. If Vince were still in charge, I have no doubts that Lesnar would eliminate all of them and headline yet another WM. Having HHH as head of creative, I hope we can finally see his protégé have is WrestleMania main event. If not, the safe bet is Sami, he's been the very best of Smackdown for the past six months at least, and would give us an amazing storyline up until april.

  14. I wish there could be a second discussion thread where spoilers are strictly banned. I wanna discuss what's going on but without seeing folks spoiling stuff as if everyone already knows

  15. Spoilers are apparently banned in this thread, but I guess the mods don't consider leaked match order to be a spoiler. Which they really should. I didn't want to know the match order ahead of time and came here because I saw it says spoilers will be removed, but then I just see everyone saying the match order.

  16. I'd love Shane to be the comedy spot return just for HHH to prove a point that he's in charge. Shane comes in at #1, immediately is eliminated by Brock at #2. Brock just leans against the ropes waiting by himself for 3 minutes.

  17. The more you get into wrestling and the deeper into fandom you realize most of the disappointment is fan fantasy booking not happening. If you just take the show at face value and appreciate real workrate when you get it. The experience is soooo much purer and better. Everybody wants to hold the book. .

  18. The problem is the last years of Vince's booking has been terrible endings like that bullshit Demon Finn Balor rope break ending.

  19. Agree. If you just stay off the dirt sheets and don't really listen to outcasts it's actually a better product because you aren't disappointed in something that didn't happen

  20. Got a homemade deep dish pizza in the oven with some fries and a couple cold ones. Ready to have a good night.

  21. I think that if the Men's RR is the first match on the show, it can't be THAT big a winner. Or it would kill the rest of the show. I think a heel is going to have to win.

  22. A couple years ago I did a Royal Rumble predictions thing someone had posted on here, where it made a little game out of predicting the matches, surprise entrants, most eliminations etc.

  23. Binge in Australia now has a 24 hour WWE channel, and I'm watching the Table For 3 with Ziggler, Bryan and Ryback. I forgot how fucking funny that episode was.

  24. so hear me out. Minoru Suzuki comes out then the Great Muta and they recreate the 2008 Piper/Snuka spot, get eliminated and leave. Best Rumble EVER

  25. i wish these PPVs started a bit earlier, i probably won’t be able to stay up until 4am 😂 plus i will have to have the tv on real quiet as my dad is in the next room trying to sleep, jealous of all you american people who get to chill in your front room with a takeaway watching the wrestling at a normal hour

  26. Something I figured out when my kids were babies and stayed in our room cause it was easier when I was breastfeeding is that you can get a Bluetooth transmitter for like 10 bucks to plug in your TV and connect headphones.

  27. Need broody vignettes of Roman staring in a mirror asking of it matters that everyone else acknowledges him if he can't acknowledge himself.

  28. Anyone know the order of the card tonight? I won't be able to start watching until 830 or 9 and don't want to miss either of the rumbles

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