1. I kept searching for the Shiekie Tweet of: “F**K THE HULK HOGAN! LET HIM SHIT HIMSELF! I BREAK HIS SHIT SPINCTHER IF I COULD”

  2. I thought it was just a funny tweet until he deleted it, did he really mean to send that directly to someone lmao

  3. I feel like I am missing a lot of back story I need to understand this. Is it part of the Hulk Hogan lore somewhere? Anyone able to fill me in?

  4. Goodnight HULKAMANIACS and jabronie marks without a life that don't know it a wipe when you wipe a wipe and wipe yourself into a shoot,marks.

  5. Before the sex tape and subsequent lawsuit fiascos, when Hogan was still BFFs with Bubba the Love Sponge, he used to regularly call into the radio show in Tampa from the toilet and as you'd expect, it was magical.

  6. Not necessarily. You might be able to find some of it on Youtube. It's wild the stuff people save and post there.

  7. "Brother Booty, I need you to once again become the Man With No Shame! I just butchered a beefcake inside my toilet!"

  8. another great tweet from hogan, not a all time classic like shoot work shoot shoot brother or dont fuck with me and my dog, but its pretty good

  9. He is stuck backstage 2 days after Raw because he ran out of toilet paper, the screams of "brother" echo through the empty halls.

  10. His twitter pic where he is on a movie theater watching the new TMNT movie but he misspelled ninja with a g lol that one is underrated.

  11. clearly he was hacked or somebody else found a device with his twitter logged in and tweeted that. still funny asf tho

  12. Vince with dollar signs in his eyes, knowing he can strap a rocket to it and turn that shit into a superstar!

  13. This is going in the wrestling Twitter hall of fame. It’s up there with Rey beating his kids, Nick Gage not understanding what Squirtle is, and Earl Hebner’s wanting some bj’s.

  14. I have a theory on what happened to his tweet; he may have accidentally wiped shit on his phone, and the shit stain accidentally deleted the tweet.

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