1. Genuine question, I’m seeing a lot of jokes here — do we really not know who the ‘mystery queen is’? I hear some saying it’s Cameron Diaz.

  2. Itt Raven. She going to lead them to the runway where Naomi Campbell going to show up for small runway thing or Raven just there for announcing new season of her makeup show.

  3. Are we exited for Friday Chacharinnas?❤️ Finally our talented wig artist and amazing drag icon will come back as a secret contestant to snatch that crown as she should 💋

  4. I can only imagine what it must be like to walk in that room as Raven knowing that you were SO CLOSE to winning, only to lose it to a queen who has quit drag altogether. Like, it coulda been Raven in that competition... Time is weird, man.

  5. It’s definitely Carmen Faralla winner of drag race spain under that hat. Same hands, same pose in other photos and she sews her own clothes and likes that cut of top.

  6. Nah Ru's skin is too dark and I can't imagine her wearing an outfit like that. Didn't she even say she doesn't tuck anymore?

  7. I need her entrance to either be “In my mind, I am a winner!” Or “THIS fits with my French vanilla fantasy!”

  8. It's Raven doing a bit about being a perennial runner-up that leads into the Naomi runway walk off on stage. Naomi is not a judge. Just doing a pop in mini-challenge tease.

  9. I think if they were doing a perennial runner up gag theyd use Jujubee, plus it would be a hilarious fake out that she was being cast YET AGAIN.

  10. This sneak peek really reminded me of how many winners there have been with uncomfortable/cringeworthy crowning taglines

  11. I was confused originally by her being in AS6 because I am not sure if it was done because Ru or production likes the Muppets (I mean who doesn't) and the last time I had heard anything relevant about them was that mockumentary sitcom from like 2016.

  12. Ahaha. I was at Bianca’s show yesterday actually and she said that she actually had a moment when they were pulling the screen up of panic wondering if they were going to try to flip the joke on her instead and ask her to lip sync to that bloody song.

  13. How could it possibly be raven as a secret contestant, she can’t do two people make up for every runway day lol

  14. If it is an actual secret contestant and isn't just Raven, the only winner who's as small as that that I can think of would be Angele which would of course be an absolute gag, but would still be kind of shitty to not have had any promos done.

  15. Put Raven on All Stars like they did with JuJu and let her keep missing the crown. I stan Tyra, and I will still see her as a queen despite WOW’s shenanigans

  16. I don't love the idea of it being Raven. I get people not loving Tyra but putting raven on an all winners season feels like a slight unnecessary slap in the face lol like 'we got it wrong the first time'

  17. I would be highly disgusted with Ru and the production team if they did that. Not only is that a slap in the face to James (fka Tyra Sanchez), but that decision would validate fans on why they bullied that poor girl.

  18. The guesses from the YouTube comments are sending me 😭 They’re guessing Tyra, Priyanka, Angele, Naomi Smalls, Naomi Campbell 💀💀 Will somebody tell Raven to stop tanning? 😂

  19. And I love her but like how it would be a gag to have Priyabka as a surprise contestant wheb she is probably less known than 80% of the american winner

  20. If SDR doesn’t know then I’m assuming the entrance was a joke. Seems weird the sub has this season all figured out and they missed out a queen

  21. Messy boots if they pulled that stunt! The only reason why I think it may not be her is that someone has to do Ru's makeup, and unfortunately, Rachel Dolezal herself is in charge of that.

  22. If Raven walks in and is like ‘oh wait, I don’t qualify’ - that’s not disrespectful to James imo? Bc it’s reinforcing that Raven didn’t win, James did

  23. Seems like a POC. Probably is the queen of Wakanda, the black girl magic, the 50 shades of darker tan of drag: Raven.

  24. I know we joke about Raven brown fishing all the time (rightfully so), but I legit thought it was a black queen before realizing it’s Raven.

  25. That make this so funny. Like production know shes black fishing so they tease us cause they know we cant tell if shes black or white 🤣🤣. Like I know someone on the production meeting probably pitch this idea !

  26. And then she starts: 'YOU shedevilbynight, from all queens..." and starts tanning herself with a darker shade

  27. like we already know it's raven but the headpiece reminded me of icesis's entrance look(and she's actually a person of colour) so i just made myself sad she's on CAvTW instead of an AW season :(

  28. They said “look we WILL be crowning you for S2 so you might as well just do this all winner thing while we wait for it to air”

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