1. Surprised no-one has said it already but Guitar Hero. Imagine bringing that franchise back with a Slipknot Special, Custom Mick & Jim's Charvel and Jackson controllers, double pedal, nonagram plastered drum kit, Headless bass controller, A custom DJ hero turntable controller for sid, other custom drum controllers for Clown and Pfaff and then the Game itself spanning across every era from '95 to 2022... Just think it would be cool tbh

  2. I feel like it wouldn’t sell too well but bringing Gutair Hero and DJ hero together like that would be so much fun. They could also throw in other nu metal bands like Bizket and early Linkin Park or even Tallah in the mix as well

  3. I remember the petition me and a few people created for this.I posted it on this subreddit and it got like 300 upvotes so I'm so glad people see the potential of this.

  4. I think it would be really neat, Payday 2 has a lot of wackier crossovers like Goat Sim and having Jacket from Hotline Miami, so I think Slipknot X Payday 2 would be fine.

  5. Maggot power. Has the ability to leave maggots that Corey, Clown or Sid can use to spy generators, however they pulse for a survivor when they are being watched. A real "Pulse of the maggots" if you will. Lol they can then stomp the maggot and it sends a sound alert to the killer.

  6. There is a mix already, this guy has done quite a few mashups and even done one one with linkin park, slipknot and Eminem. I actually prefer it to the original haha. Here's the link

  7. It happened in nxt couple years back, All out life was the theme tune for a good while. Corey even showed up at a show and slapped Baron Corbin lol

  8. I’m glad to see someone else mention music when you hear “collab”, I was confused seeing every reply be about games.

  9. I'll probably get downvoted for this lol but I actually would love slipknot fortnite skins and emotes haha. (No I'm not 12)

  10. all i can think of with this is that it would look exactly like corey's mask cameo from You Make Me Feel Like It's Halloween by Muse

  11. Lowkey I hate the game but honestly seeing the members in fortnite i would buy lowkey even if they add the OG Debut versions.

  12. considering activison has got the rights to some mega block busters i think the corey and clown would like to be in cod, i think it would be sick if they added bundles that has the skins of all the 9 members, it would be super expensive to buy all of them tho so i dont see it happening.

  13. Similar to how they did with The Boys and Solway Firth, how awesome would it be if the H377 music video was a collab with the new Hellraiser series?!

  14. Seriously, the theatrics of the two bands are second to none alone. Plus it would give Ghost a reason to go back to their darker sounds of their first two records.

  15. Is it weird if I say that I want to see a Disney and Slipknot collab? Obviously that would never happen, but imagine the possibilities. The classic Disney characters (Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck, etc) wearing the masks and jumpsuits

  16. As someone else said here i would really like to see them in fortnite lol Again im not 12 Only risk here is kids potentially calling slipknot as "those guys from fortnite" But other then that itll be really cool

  17. Dead by Daylight would be sick, with different mask options. I’m a saddo and would really like Fortnite skins too

  18. I may be ridiculed or downvoted for this. I used to work in music videos for big time artists. I would like to see Slipknot and Brittany Spears cover "Acid Queen" much like The Who and Tina Turner. I think it would be a cool juxtaposition.

  19. Slipknot in The Division 2 would be amazing, I can already picture Mick Thomson going in the ISAC node and just saying “he’s got a fucking pit crew in here!”

  20. They should make an appearence in Sally Face 2! Maybe larry listens to them, or the masks appear throughout the game. It would also be cool if they wrote some songs for the soundtrack! They could make sum spooky shit I bet.

  21. I haven’t seen it said anywhere but I think beat saber would be an amazing game to have slipknot colab with :)

  22. As a NIN bro, Corey has said in past interviews he really admires Trent Reznor. Would be an awesome collaboration

  23. days ago i was thinking about exactly this and i think it would be great to see some music or a concert together with rammstein

  24. First, that picture is awesome. And I have to say Bring Me the Horizon. In terms of bands that have released truly heavy shit and yet still seen large scale success, they both really are the torch bearers of their generations. I’d be fascinated by them playing off each other.

  25. Anyone remember the game Brütal Legend? I'd love to see a sequel to that made, but bring in Slipknot as some main characters.

  26. Destiny 2 would be badass. The masks could work well with the Halloween event or standalone event

  27. Fortnight wouldn’t do something this cool,they give streamers all the clout, I guarantee the next big skin on fortnut is gonna be Jack Harlow bc why not

  28. Fortnite skins would be so good because I gurantee they'd look very good, and edit styles for each album cycle would just make it even better

  29. i'd like a dota2 collab, maybe it'll be too similar since it and smite are both moba's, but, it's my favorite game so... i can dream. Besides dota already has 2 music packs to make the in game music metal, so why not a 3rd one

  30. How about Jonathan Davis? KORN collaborated with Corey back on 2016 with “A Different World”. What if Jonathan Davis is a guest star in Slipknot’s new song in the future?

  31. I think a collab between Slipknot and Loathe would be cool, especially considering that the latter is inspired by the former.

  32. Not a video game but I love when metal bands collab with rap artists. Play with me by korn ft NAS is one of my favorite songs ever.

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