1. The other day my 6 year old spawned a thousand donkies in Minecraft and was systematically massacring them because he liked the noise.

  2. I feel this, not the killing part but I kind of regret showing my little bro the spawn eggs. Kind of in that it sometimes causes issues in the game, but is also hilarious and chaotic. The kid spawned so many he could hardly move then his game crashed.

  3. You have no idea how much I appreciate this comment letting me know my 5 year old might not be a psycho. He keeps spawing animals and pushing them off cliffs in minecraft. I wasn't too worried though considering how I used to play tombraider.

  4. I try to make friends with pretty much everything in games. If it doesn't attack me first, we're cool. The second they want to start some shit though, the murder hobo in me takes over, and peace is no longer an option. Even if they try to back pedal and become friendly for like a quest, it's too late. I need what's in those pockets now.

  5. I used to merc the hell out of beavers in assassins creed 3 because the sound haunted my wife. There was a short period of time (about a week) I was #1 in the world at killing animals in that game. Specifically because I would stop whatever I was doing to kill those damn beavers if she came in the room. Rabbits too if I ran out of beavers.

  6. Not really. There are a lot of games where you kill innocents. In god of war you can straight up snap a person in half while they beg for mercy lol.

  7. We consider innocence and life when feeling this way. This is why killing a baby is worse than killing a man. The baby couldnt possibly have provoked the murder, couldnt possibly defend themself, and never had a chance to live.

  8. So how does this makes sense when contextualized in the situation of our reality? The mass murder of animals for their meat and byproducts is the murder of billions of innocent lives each year.

  9. Exactly. If you see a dead person on the street you might assume that they were on drugs or in some way deserved it. While a dead animal you’d probably assume got hit by a car, which they were too naive to prevent

  10. Except with some animals that are known to kill with almost no provocation because they are territorial like hippos, I wouldn't feel terrible if I had to kill them, not that I'd actively go to where they are and I'd avoid them if possible.

  11. Don't worry, your diet since then has most likely contributed to animal cruelty beyond anyone's comprehension, you just haven't been there to witness it.

  12. They can also help you as si the case with the dogs in Breath of the Wild. Feed them meat and they'll lead you to treasure. Hopefully we'll actually get to pet them in the sequel.

  13. I’ve called people an NPC before. It does not go over well. An animal would never have been insulted, it doesn’t have the illusion of not being an NPC. Irl we all know at least one person who is legitimately an NPC.

  14. Yeah but what if that dog was part of the mafia and cold blood murdered the kitten left to you by your dead hot wife?

  15. This is the first thing that came to mind to. Like how it's such a lazy and overused means of showing... This guy is bad in movies. John Wick gets a pass because the dude was already a dick and the dog was just one more evil thing, but most movies it's just like... You think he's bad well look he shot a puppers now he is REALLY bad

  16. I'm not sure how that works for some people. It's always way more upsetting to me when a human gets killed in a videogame or in a show/movie.

  17. Level one quest: kill 10 boars, 5 bandits. Me, an elderly man in a potato sack holding a stick: “here we go again.”

  18. I've been angry enough to think about wanting a person dead. I've never wanted an animal dead. I think I might break the system.

  19. Well.. Someone's gotta point out that if you eat meat or dairy, your actions show that you are happy to kill an animal for the sake of temporary personal sensory pleasure.

  20. What are you talking about. It’s pretty evil to shoot a dog in either scenario. It’s not evil to shoot a bear that is trying to kill you in either scenario.

  21. Killing someone in self-defence if they are trying to kill you (be it human or animal) won't feel evil. Killing a human or animal minding their own business will both feel evil.

  22. Context matters. And in general, killing things in real life SHOULD ABSOLUTELY feel more evil than killing anything in a game. But animal and human should both feel pretty awful if under similar circumstances.

  23. Whaling and hunting are so fun tho, like I feel bad but I can't stop driving the ecosystem into extinction

  24. Why can't it be equally fucked up irl? It really just says something about what we're used to seeing. In video games we usually kill humans, while irl we usually kill animals.

  25. Alongside other answers here, I think it's a case of moral purity. When a dog dies, everyone, consciously or not, chalk it up to the circumstances it was put under by people; the dog hasn't done anything wrong. Whereas people are thought of as morally ambiguous, unless portrayed otherwise, and the thought of "did they deserve it?" pops up. This is never a question for dogs.

  26. Not so much a good vs evil question more than just some of us still have PTSD from accidentally killing that damn chicken in Riverwood.

  27. I disagree (to a point). If you were forced to choose between shooting a puppy and Jeff Bezos, would it really feel more evil to kill the human?

  28. But is it the other way around? Pretty sure I could kill a person with less guilt on my conscious than if I killed an animal, especially a house pet. Guess it just depends on which animal vs. which human.

  29. I disagree, I'd probably prefer to kill a person rather than an animal unless I planned to eat that animal. It's just illegal to kill people. I would feel more morally justified in reducing the population of the most destructive species on the planet rather than a creature that isnt capable of reason, and therefore cannot hold malicious intent.

  30. nah i prefer animals. they are just slaves to instinct while humans could easily not be that bad but chose to

  31. So according to you, eating meat is worse than murder? Because based off that logic it would be worse to eat a chicken sandwich than to kill someone.

  32. Depends on the human and the animal. I know of a few humans around here that I would quickly take out before I would kill an innocent dog. If it’s my dog we’re talking about, the human body count’s gonna go way up. Most dogs are better than most people - and bad people don’t deserve sympathy from anyone.

  33. I've never understood this particular point of view and I have learned I'm in the minority apparently but I could not care less about fictional animals getting hurt or killed and IRL it is definitely not more sad than a person if an animal is injured or killed. But to be fair I also grew up on a farm and learned early on to be detached emotionally from animals because they are going to be killed and eaten eventually.

  34. That’s because games generally have you contending with humans in a fight or war. Self defence, kill or be killed, the scenarios call for it. It’s not evil if you’re just trying to survive.

  35. I wonder what soldiers think and feel about this....obviously there will be opinions here too, and a US soldier killing Taliban may feel different to a Ukrainian killing a Russian, but I reckon that scenario/environment impacts the "evil" of the kill substantially.

  36. Given there’s a lot of people saying they prefer to kill a human over an animal, I wonder how their response would change if that human were their significant other or loving parent/sibling or a close friend. Would they justify killing their close friend to save a stray dog?

  37. Logically it's the other way around but animals don't call me a cunt at a bar when they don't like the prices and throw a tantrum because they don't understand last orders.

  38. Is it? I don’t think it is. If you look at public outrage, people are pretty desensitized to human violence, but if an animal is harmed there is an immediate mass reaction.

  39. Speak for yourself. And btw, it only “feels” more evil in real life because you’re constantly conditioned to disregard non-human animal life in most human societies.

  40. By animals, you mean domesticated dogs and cats right? Because otherwise mmorpgs and rpg games like world of Warcraft would not be as popular as they are right now.

  41. Alongside with “Does this game have fall damage?” and “Does this game have fire damage?” is the video game question, “Can I kill this chicken?”.

  42. I don't feel even remotely bad or guilty for hunting in rdo. Even killing the horses. It's just a game. I wouldn't kill a person or a horse in real life though. Real world living beings and all.

  43. I don't know. I can handle humans with severe injuries and I can handle seeing people die but seeing animals in pain and dying just feels worse

  44. I’ve only been in shock when my pets die. The only time I’ve been in denial is when my first cat died. When people die, I immediately start grieving.

  45. It's definitely not. People treat it like it is sometimes, but think about it like this. How many people exist in the world that you want dead. Now how many ANIMALS do you want dead? If you're like me, you might list a few species of parasites and bugs and such. Like yea I want all the fleas to die. However animals mice and up, I don't want any to die.

  46. There are plenty of good reasons to want a dog or cat dead, if they killed or hurt someone. If someone elses pet attacks yours.

  47. 7th day in a row a pair of cats are basically fucking or fighting behind your house, next to your window, at 3am in the morning, and you need to go to work at 5am.

  48. Really depends on the context I guess, but I feel like killing an animal is more evil than killing a person because they usually have no chance of defending themselves, it’s an unfair advantage.

  49. Cuz both irl and in games animals are cute and no one wants to see a cute thing die even if it is just a video game. Whareas irl, humans arnt really cute but we do value human life over everything else, but in video games unless u develop an emotional attachment to a character, their lives don’t mean anything.

  50. Yeah we kill them off at a fraction of their lifespan merely because we take pleasure in consuming their flesh. It truly is awful. I wish the world would go vegan already.

  51. I disagree. Killing animals in real life is easy to get away with and the animal can rarely do anything about it. I think thats way more evil than killing a person.

  52. It feels extremely rewarding to kill an animal irl. Hunting is a very rewarding experience because unlike regular work the fruits of your labor are imedeate

  53. I disagree. I'll kill anything and everything in a game except my wife and that's mainly cause of friendly fire. The amount of times she's walking around with an arrow through her dome on 7DTD xD

  54. Nah, animals in real life are still innocent so it feels more evil or cruel. Fuck humans, you guys suck!

  55. It isn't the other way around in real life... its definitely more evil to kill animals than to kill another human, in my eyes it isn't evil to kill another human😂 obviously expecting downvotes here, but personally I don't believe any of our race deserves the existence we have, we're destroying not only each other over such petty shit but destroying the planet that supports billions upon billions of life forms. The action of killing something evil cannot be evil, the way in which said action is committed can be evil such as torture, but the actual killing isn't evil.

  56. Tbh the average person doesn't kill animals in real life. I don't think this really applies well. Most people I know, given the choice, would rather kill a human than an animal.

  57. Animals are naturally innocent, they work on instinct and drive. Humans make a choice to do things, It's purposeful and actions have intent behind them.

  58. You've been watching too many Disney movies dude. Nature is brutal and merciless, there are species of animals who kill for the sake of it and others that rape their female members when is mating season.

  59. To me the first one is accurate but I feel pretty equally about humans and animals in real life.. except bugs fuck those guys (excluding bees)

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