1. I would suggest you get XCOM Enemy Within. It's the first XCOM and takes Enemy Unknown but adds a lot more through DLC and extended campaigns. Will you be playing this on PC or a console?

  2. Personally xcom2 is a better version of the first xcom however while I have played both I’m not too hardcore into it.

  3. I've only played XCOM 2, but I would thoroughly recommend it. There is a level of depth to the combat that just feels great. Sometimes it does feel like there is a huge luck factor though. Overall, its basically army man v. alien chess!

  4. I found XCOM Enemy Unknown quite a frustrating game because your characters can die and the game gets quite difficult near the end. It's upsetting to lose very long-term characters.

  5. I love Into the Breach (which I lovingly call "Pacific Rim Chess"). I also love XCOM and have played them since the original series. If you end up liking XCOM, check out Shadowrun Dragonfall and Shadowrun Hong Kong too. They're cyberpunk RPGs with XCOM-style combat. Some of the art reminds me of ITB too.

  6. The Main difference between EU and 2 would be that the first one has far fewer options to mitigate RNG. Guns have a percentage to hit or miss, and in EU, managing that percentage is the main focus. In 2, it still works that way, but since there are many more options for tactical play, for example small guarantueed damage skills or melee attacks. So while 1 becomes about bunkering yourself in and whittling the enemy down with dice rolls, the second game becomes more about juggling all your skills to the biggest effect.

  7. If you aren't tired of giant robots, I'd recommend taking a look at Battletech. XCom games are great, but sometimes they feel incredibly punishing. You take one step too far, because your mission had a time limit, and now you alerted an enemy squad, and all your soldiers are out of position, and they get wiped out, and you fail the mission, and you fall behind in the strategic layer, and you're a dead man walking, but it will take you 5 hours to realize that. And as the community says, "That's XCom, baby!"

  8. Thank you, that is an extremely helpful take. I will probably only play one due to time constraints.

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