1. As a conservative, I wonder if these “iMpEaCh BiDeN” lunatics understand exactly what would happen if we did impeach Biden (and have him removed from office). The next 18 people in line for the presidency are Democrats, some of which would be arguably worse than Biden lol

  2. That reminds me of a few years ago. I always wondered if the democrats knew that impeaching Trump would make Pence president. And his ideas are even more right leaning than Trump's. Granted the next in line after the VP is the Speaker of the House, but still.

  3. Ikr, it was the same with trump, so many people wanted him out of office and voted for biden, but then he ended up being 10 times worse and a lot of people ended up regretting their votes

  4. You see the craziest shit at Home Depot. Once saw two guys making out in the garden center with another guy videotaping them.

  5. I think we need a new sub for stuff like this. I come here to look at pics of ridiculous camber and crappy autozone accessories, not to read whingy comments about political statements.

  6. God can’t they listen to their elected republicans. Boebert clarified it’s spelled “IMEACH”!!! Fuck reich wingers

  7. Comparing right wingers to Nazis when the left is censoring opposing opinions, destroying the economy and forcing people the take a vaccine or they lose their rights...the left sounds way more Nazi than the right, but you can keep shaking your fist at them or whatever makes you feel like a good dog for the government.

  8. All the Repubs mad that Don got impeached twice. They want to impeach Biden in retaliation. It’s a good thing that Biden didn’t attempt to have a foreign country interfere with our election or overthrow a valid election. Damn good. Shows you how smart those Repubs are

  9. I look at this person the same way I looked at all the people who had hate Trump all over their vehicles. They are angry with the world because things didn’t turn out the way they wanted to in their life. Hate is just what they do! On the other hand Joe Biden is a horrible president!!!!

  10. It would be a shame if a customer had just purchased some paint thinner and accidentally spilled it all over the truck

  11. Isn’t it ironic that these displays aren’t on new vehicles? It’s always a barely-running Dodge Dakota, ‘99 F-150, or old Silverado with a twisted bed frame.

  12. I’m on the right side and I don’t understand these retards. Like why paint your truck like this? I’ve seen it on newer ones and it makes me absolutely cringe.

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