1. I've only played with airships a couple of times, but yeah, they were a bit underwhelming and work not at all like what I expected. I thought they'd be purchased at midgame like a dreadnought in Twilight Imperium, and would then wreck shit, but they usually don't even do much in combat.

  2. We play a house rule where the winner of the previous game gets to pick both of the airship tiles. It helps a bit but the airships still feel a bit flat.

  3. If enough of your players are experienced with, I like the suggestion in the rules about everyone getting their own 2 tiles for their airship.

  4. We attempted this a couple times but found it to be too stressful keeping track of all different airship rulesets (in a game of 5)

  5. I've played all of the content for this game + fan content. I used to like the variety of the airships pre fenris; however, they were instantly replaced by the modular expansions in fenris. We played through 50% of fenris with airships and the other half without them. they really dont have much impact.

  6. Why not set the cost at $25. As in.. if you don’t think the airships add more than an aesthetic (and different end conditions) why buy expansion at all?

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