1. I am legitimately dissapointed about this. There are people I really want to like in aew, page included, but The combination of Tony khan not being able to book, and no one strong enough to tell these dumb fucks to get over their ego they got from getting over to the same people that loved a dude that forced people to grab and sell his dick means it'll stay sucking until papa khan decides to stop draining his bank account over this.

  2. Regal did bring this up months ago on his podcast. That him and Bryan would come early to get in the ring together and give advice to anyone who wanted it but people either wouldn't come or would just sit on their phone. There's so many people on that roster who should be taking any help they can get

  3. Who'd have thought the regularly injured wrestlers that risk breaking their necks for moves nobody even remembers the next week wouldn't be listening to some of the most knowledgable minds in wrestlers. Wrestlers who've had long careers.

  4. Also, when the Punk/Page/Elite stuff started up, Regal made some comment about THEY (BCC) try to be professional as possible (i.e. others there aren't pros)

  5. Think back to all the stories you hear about the rough and rugged training in pro wrestling. Then think about going from that environment to a bunch of dipshits on their phones while you try to impart some much needed wisdom.

  6. I remembered Regal said something about the roster not trying to get better, but after finding the quote and reading it, it’s pretty damning. He went off on needing to shut the trainer part of his brain off and how people don’t take advantage of resources they have and would rather fuck off on their phones, but it goes even further than that in his criticisms.

  7. I've been checking out interviews from a bunch of NXT guys from 2.0 and dudes like Melo and the Creed Brothers are two of the main ones I hear talking about how much they're CONSTANTLY looking to learn new shit/ways to do stuff and what a surprise. They're two of the best acts in NXT right now. I can only imagine Regal helping these new guys out.

  8. My nosy bitch self is wondering which of the women was always asking for help and advice. I can bet I know a few who it wasn't...

  9. The podcast is great for learning, I'm not a wrestler and was fascinated by the insight, and that was a free listen. If Regal didn't want to work in a major company, he could come in and clean up doing seminars.

  10. Regal has said before “if you didn’t hear it from me it’s BS” about the sheets so people are acting like that means he’s said literally nothing about the situation.

  11. If I was a wrestler, I’d kill to pick Regal’s mind and only ten out of like 200 did it? These people are STUPID.

  12. I knew this would happen when Regal signed. How the fuck do you not take the advantage of William Regal in your company?! HOW?! Like a young dude wanting to move up in the wrestling world and you have a great mind right there and just ignore him. Would be like a football player not taking advice from Bill Belichick.

  13. I'm not a fan of Pullman but good for him trying g to improve. More respect for him than most of the backyard wrestlers in the dub that know everything already.

  14. He comes across dumb as a box of hair and kind of like a doormat, but at least he's trying. Then again, he's already pushing 30 and should be way further ahead than he is.

  15. Imagine if the 4 Horsewomen, Shield etc all ignored Dusty back in the FCW/NXT days, absolutely stupid mentality to have when you have experience in front of you just standing there while you're recovering from your fifth neck break and concussion from your unsafe wrestling

  16. Punk is the most miserable piece of virtue signaling cunt this side of an anime twitter profile pic and I legit wish he'd disappear but my fuck does the Dubbalo Gang make it easy to support his side

  17. The thing with AEW is that it's filled with people who just don't think they already know everything, they think they know better than the entire industry.

  18. God dammit why is it CM Pepsi being proven correct? But seriously: you’re a young wrestler and a vet like Regal shows up offering to teach you things, why would you NOT take that?

  19. I had no doubt in my mind that what Punk said at that scrum was correct. I pretty much assumed that from day one, bunch of people think they're 'over' and know it all, etc etc

  20. I don't care how good you think you are at your job, when there's people who've been doing it longer and are well respected in your field, at least take some time to listen to them and keep your mind open.

  21. The visual of Danielson and Regal in the ring while every Angelico, the whole women's roster, Private Party or any of those shitty jobbers on their phones , chilling quite funny.

  22. When dub goes out of business, you'll know which ones were listening based on if they're in the ded fed or the Indies.

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