1. It means "Queen of the Wave." It's the top title of one of m'Joshi promotions called Pro Wrestling Wave.

  2. Thought of a new belt, The Family Restaurant Championship. Kevin Owens v Eddie Kingston. They could have a worked shoot promo where Kevin says he'll win the title and when his contraxt expires, he'll take it over to Golden Corral.

  3. Seriously. Basically the single most obvious encapsulation of how their women's division will never, ever, ever get better.

  4. The one fed bad complaint I was on board with was that fed has too many titles that serve similar functions and it devalues the championships.

  5. Just Google it man. That’s why we invest hours a week into watching AEW, so we can Google these titles we’ve never heard of so we can feign interest in them.

  6. Someone in the basement was defending this saying the other 2 women's titles were tied up in storylines, so this is ok. The lesson here apparently is every match needs a title and to just keep bringing new ones in when the others are tied up.

  7. Ridiculous, when did Shida even win that title and where is it from? Can someone help Tony Khan book a proper show? This shit is getting ridiculous now

  8. This should be a title unification with the TNT title. Don Stevens Aubrey Edwards should really have counted to three when Jade didn't lift her shoulder.

  9. Apparently Shida has had this title since August 14 but she's barely on AEW programming this is the first time ever seeing it. lol

  10. Give every wrestler on the show their own belt at the beginning of the year. Every match is a title match for a while. By the end of the year one wrestler has all the belts. It's somehow your tribal chief. Acknowledge him.

  11. We haven't seen the AAA Mixed Tag Titles defended in a while, I wonder when that one comes up in the rotation?

  12. Holy shit I only just now saw the name of the thread is "women's title match set for rampage" and it's on the fucking front page and the mods let that title go. Jeepers creepers guys this one is something else.

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