1. I live in a tourist area and my Verizon jetpack doesn’t even work at time after 10am until 11pm. When it does work between those hours it is really slow. But at 5 o’clock in the morning I get 50x5. The same thing happens with our phones or sometimes it drops a call or you can’t even make a call. While talking to Verizon one rep admitted I was being deprioritized 42% of the time. I called them back and I got 40% off my bill for that month then I’m going to do it again next month and the month after that until it does work correctly. We have five phones and paying on a couple of them yet and the jet pack, so 40% was like $120. It’s worth being on the phone for a short while.

  2. I was doing the same thing you were as far as a Verizon jetpack. I switched to a 3rd party company that offers stronger cellular routers. Much better! Also, try buying a large antenna and running on top of your house

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