1. Everyone already gave some good advice, I just wanted to pick one out to emphasize. Train with powerslide for tight turns. Especially on this level the gameplay is still not really fast so you have more time to train it during games. Don't hold powerslide, but tap it repeatedly whilst turning. You'll see a big difference immediately.

  2. Lmao! I'm maybe some small percentage Dutch, but I'm basically a European mutt born in Texas. My actual name is Dutch though, and me and my friends had a good chuckle at the idea lol :) Thank you for the advice, I'll try it out!

  3. You should probably post a loss for replay analysis rather than a win because winning a game generally means you played well enough to.. win :)

  4. Right on thanks for the advice :) I first played rocket league back in 2017, and played off and on for funsies. Just about 3 months ago I saw some cool vids on YouTube and was like " oh shit, I wanna do that!"

  5. Asking for a loss is overkill here. If a replay reviewer can't see significant fundamental habits in one's play from this game and needs another game of them losing then I wouldn't trust anything they had to say tbh.

  6. play more practice mode, to improve your movement and shooting because a lot of the time its awkward, and play more passive, that's really all there is to it.

  7. As a plat there a few things I would point out- 1- passivity. Don't play off your teammates to much. I would try and play faster use boost more. A lot of the game you were above 70+ boost meaning you weren't rotating quickly aka using it. 2- don't worry too much about rank right now. I would increase your speed and learn 2 things. First, how to recover after getting bumped, and how to do diagonal flip. Those two will make your gameplay faster and get you to plat. 3- silvers/gold's dont care about rotating, obviously that's in the back of your head. Use that knowledge later once your get to platinum.

  8. From what i have seen i can say a few positive things. I liked how you were staying back while your team was attacking. I liked how you were atleast trying to control the ball. The only thing that is stopping you from reaching the next rank is

  9. Right on, that's helpful to read. My overall impression I'm getting is that a lot of folks seem to think I'm playing too passively, so that may be a habit I need to break

  10. Basically keep your eye on the ball and your car in your peripherals, as your team or the other team approaches the ball, position yourself so that you're in the ball trajectory it's about to take

  11. 0:10 - Use flips instead of boost. You're taking forever to rotate. Don't use boost unless you're closer to the ball than the enemy or if the ball is in IMMINENT risk of going into your goal.

  12. ok so small pointers to help out when moving up and down the field if you need boost leave ball cam line yourself up with a big pad and then hit ball cam again then keep driving following the play until you hit the big pad. Second ONLY flip if you have to when you are getting from point A to B otherwise you might flip into things and land awkwardly. Try jumping up for the ball in the air the more you try it and figure out air movement the more comfy you will fit with it so you will become more familiar. Last advice aim for the goal practice makes perfect even if you have 3 defenders at goal the better you get at shooting at the net the more chances at goal harder hits are sometimes too much for silvers golds sometimes so it will carry you to gold safely.

  13. If you are silver or gold, then you should just grind free play instead of playing ranked. You will build up a lot of bad habits playing in those ranks and your mechanics will improve very slowly. If you want to improve and climb ranks the most efficiently do this:

  14. I can almost dribble! I've actually been watching a LOT of Flakes road to ask with no mechanics and have been basing a lot of my game sense based on that stuff. I can play better than I showed here, but also have played way worse too. What's different about SquishyMuffinz presets? I currently have dar left and right to square and circle respectively, boost to R1, and power slide/air roll to L1

  15. Just as a caveat: you need to spend a long time doing "slow aerials" before you're ready to fast aerial. Fast aerial isn't really a thing till like mid diamond.

  16. Squishys controls for directional air roll is garbage. He has arl on square which blows my mind when he has boost on circle. Idk how the how he feathers boost while using Arl.

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