1. He went to my school and we ran into each other a lot at the gym. I remember he wanted me to spot him benching. It was 185 and he said it was his 1 rep max and made a huge scene pumping himself up. When he finally started, It immediately dropped and he couldn’t get it up resulting in me honest to god lifting 80% of it.

  2. The D&C article from two weeks ago stated that he "did not suffer injuries to the head or neck" which you would expect would have obviated the need to induce a coma ..

  3. He came into my job in 2017 when I was working at Five Guys in Greece. I immediately recognized him, took his order like anyone else, and I kid you not he continued standing at the register with this pompous grin as if he expected us to congratulate him for existing.

  4. Massive racist too. He used to yell the N-word for fun because he knew he'd get away with it.

  5. I mean... he's autistic. I know it doesn't excuse the behavior, but being an asshole can go with the disability.

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